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3D is the new stereo sound, says Ubi

"No one wants to go back to mono."

Ubisoft Montreal boss Yannis Mallat has said the company is confident the future of gaming lies in 3D technology.

"3D is to pictures what Dolby Stereo was to sound," he told the Financial Post. "No one wants to go back to mono."

Ubi's first 3D game is Avatar, based on the new James Cameron film of the same name. To play the game in 3D you need a telly which projects polarised light and special glasses. According to Mallat, Ubi wouldn't have bothered putting in the option if it didn't think lots of consumers will end up buying the gear.

In the future, he added, Ubi will use console technology to render images in real-time to the same standard as high-def TV programmes. "That might mean [Ubisoft] releasing movies and video games at the same time," he said. "Why not?"

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game will be released on 4th December. For the full lowdown visit the gamepage.