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Ubisoft gives Avatar a rough date

Calls Cameron film tie-in "wonderful".

Ubisoft big deal Yves Guillemot has promised that Avatar will be out in the middle of next year.

This is the videogame version of James Cameron's first film for 10 years, and the Hollywood director has said he will not settle for any old slapdash adaptation.

Luckily the Ubisoft boss has said the game looks "wonderful", but shied away from spilling any details on whether or not it will use 3D glasses, as Cameron hinted it would earlier in the week.

Avatar takes place 200 years in the future, and is centred around an ex-marine thrust unwillingly into a colonisation project on an exotic planet. This new world is rich in things us greedy humans want, and will get - if our exploitation schemes go to plan.

But our hero soon finds himself with a conscience and ends up leading the aliens in a battle for survival. The same aliens that can apparently manifest themselves by possessing humans, hence the name Avatar.

Check back for more information as the UbiDays event continues tomorrow.

Platforms are yet to be announced for the title.