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Ubisoft working on 3D glasses games

Plus CGI films, books, and telly shows.

Yves Guillemot has said Ubisoft will be making 3D (stereoscopic) games as well as CGI films, books and a telly series in the future.

Movie tie-in Avatar will be its first foray into the cardboard-glasses world of 3D, although this will require a specific telly to broadcast the image - apparently these are already on sale in the US.

"The deal is to build a 3D experience on top of the normal experience. Avatar will have both. It's with glasses on a specific TV. I've seen it, it's amazing," Guillemot told GamesIndustry.biz.

"No. It doesn't work on normal TVs. It means we will see an evolution on the TV. They are already in Best Buy in the US. You can already buy these TVs."

The idea after that is to produce games in both 2D and 3D in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

This ambitious direction ties in with a fresh direction of creating CGI films, a move that will be handled externally at first but gradually move closer to the underbelly of Ubisoft so games can benefit from the art, animation, story and various other assets used for the projects.

Guillemot goes on to outline his goal as reaching a similar level to Peter Jackson's Weta studio, which made headlines for itself after its work on The Lord of the Rings films.

But films are not the only thing Ubisoft is branching out into, with Guillemot confirming that both books and a "small TV series" are already in development.

However, he was reluctant to talk about subject matter, and whether either will be based around the recently acquired Tom Clancy name.

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