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Avatar game to feature 3D glasses?

Ubisoft has a "stereoscopic" version working.

Hollywood director James Cameron has revealed that Ubisoft already has a version of its Avatar movie tie-in game running in "stereoscopic" vision.

This means you can see a 3D image if you put on special glasses like the ones you might have worn at one a Disney theme park as a youngster. But a bit more futuristic.

Cameron made no mention of whether the game will require 3D glasses like his Avatar film will, but had plenty to say about the benefits of "stereo" vision.

"When you are viewing in stereo, which is what we do, more neurons are firing. More blood is pumping through the brain," said Cameron at the Microsoft Advanced '08 advertising conference (watched by News.com).

"Stereo production is the next big thing. We are born seeing in three dimensions. Most animals have two eyes and not one. There is a reason, I think."

The biggest area to benefit from this will be games, according to the Aliens, Terminator and Titanic creator.

"You are in the game. This is the ultimate immersive media," said Cameron.

Stereoscopic pictures needn't necessarily require 3D glasses, either; Cameron goes on to suggest that laptops, phones, Zunes, and even Windows should be capable enough of producing the three dimensional picture themselves.

Ubisoft was unavailable to comment, but will be pestered mercilessly at its UbiDays event in Paris next week.

Avatar takes place 200 years in the future, and is centred around an ex-marine thrust unwillingly into a colonisation project on an exotic planet. This new world is rich in things us greedy humans want, and will get - if our exploitation schemes go to plan.

But our hero soon finds himself with a conscience and ends up leading the aliens in a battle for survival. The same aliens that can apparently manifest themselves by possessing humans, hence the name Avatar.

Cameron has previously gone on record as saying he expects nothing but the best from Ubisoft with its virtual interpretation, and will certainly not settle for a typical movie tie-in affair.

The Avatar film is set to launch next year. There are no dates or platforms mentioned for the game just yet, but an Xbox 360 version is rather obviously in the works.