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Modern Warfare Wii co-op detailed

Plus: 30fps, Conduit-style controls.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Wii features a co-operative mode where a second player can pick up a remote and start brapping at any time.

Executive producer Daniel Suarez likens the Squad Mate concept to "Super Mario Galaxy's support mode" on Kotaku.

The second player can fire at enemies with the remote, pointing a different-coloured reticule to player one's, although he or she can't keep dropping fools when the main player is zoomed in for sniping.

Otherwise Modern Warfare for Wii, which is due out on 10th November, is a feature-complete port, including the requisite multiplayer modes and content. It even has host migration online and runs at a solid 30fps.

Controls are fully changeable too. "Since Conduit people want to be able to customise their controls," Suarez told Kotaku. "So we've given them the developer's toolbox. You can change everything."

Also out on 10th November, of course, is Modern Warfare 2, which we saw for all of two minutes during gamescom. Short but sweet.

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