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Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess to launch on Android in 1080p

Nintendo will launch a selection of its most popular Wii and GameCube games on Nvidia's Android-powered Shield tablet in China.

Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Punch-out!! will all arrive for the device, remastered with 1080p visuals.

The announcement, reported by industry insider ZhugeX, is the end result of a long-in-the-works deal inked between Nvidia, Nintendo and Chinese distribution company iQiyi.

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VideoVideo: See a rundown of our Games of the Generation

The top 50 of the last eight years running before your eyes.

If you've been anywhere near the site, you've likely seen our series on Games of the Generation - a rundown of the very best games of the last eight years, as voted for by Eurogamer contributors. Well, if all those words sent your head spinning, here's the full list in easy to digest video format, which is fully compatible with a hazy Sunday morning head.

New Nintendo Selects titles announced

New Nintendo Selects titles announced

Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess go budget.

Two of the Wii's finest first party titles are the latest additions to the budget Nintendo Selects range, the platform holder has announced.

As reported by Nintendo Life, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy will drop to 19.99 from 16th September. US Wii owners also get Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged Football and Punch-Out!!.

Nintendo launched the Selects line back in May to conincide with a Wii price cut. Wii Sports, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers Charged Football and Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City were the first titles rebranded in Europe.

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E3: New Wii Fit, Mario for Japan this year

Report spills Nintendo's E3 beans early.

Japanese news service Nikkei is reporting that a new Mario game and Wii Fit title will be out in Japan before the end of the year, adding weight to Macquarie Research claims made last week.

Call of Duty 4 takes three BAFTAs

Mario Galaxy crowned Best Game.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare won three BAFTAs last night, including the publicly-voted GAME Award of 2008, while Super Mario Galaxy was crowned Best Game by the panel of judges.

FeatureSuper Mario Galaxy Star Guide

Part 3 of our spectacular guide to all 120 stars.

Hello again. I'm assuming that, if you're reading this, you've already drained all the syrupy goodness from parts one and two of this star-hording extravaganza, and are now ready for the final push against that evil sod Bowser. I hope so, because things get trickier from now own.

FeatureSuper Mario Galaxy Star Guide

Part 2: Reach for the stars.

Welcome back, moustache fans, to the second part of the lovingly crafted Eurogamer Super Mario Galaxy Star Guide. You have, of course, already savoured the first part and we're now ready to get stuck into the next two observatories full of galactic gaming greatness.

EGTV: Mario takes flight

Galactic tactics and treats.

So, how many Stars have you got? It's not like there's a shortage of other good games to play; we just can't put the plumber down. (Well, except for Kristan - he blames an excessive workload, but we all know it's because there's no Gamerpoints in it for him, the whore).

FeatureSuper Mario Galaxy Star Guide

Part 1: A short time ago in a Galaxy waiting for you at home...

So, Super Mario Galaxy is here. You've bought it, of course. What do you mean, you haven't? Can't find a Wii in any shops? What sort of excuse is that? Why do you think God invented burglary? Get out there, get a Wii, get Super Mario Galaxy and get back here.

So, so close. In just a few more hours, European gamers will legally be able to snap up Super Mario Galaxy (unlike the 60p pirated version we found on the high street in Shanghai last week).

Mario Galaxy romps Japan

Ace Combat does well, too.

Super Mario Galaxy has unsurprisingly trampled all over competition this week in Japan, selling over three times more than its closest competition.

FeatureWii: 12 Games of Christmas

My true love gave to Wii.

The nights are so long these days (sorry, nights) that you could dress them up in angry forum posts and call them the delay between major Wii releases. Of the 12 Games of Christmas features we've done so far, this line-up saw by far the most chins stroked and calls placed in search of suitable candidates.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

All's right with the Super Mario world.

Super Mario Galaxy is an embarrassment. It's an embarrassment for platform games. It's an embarrassment for adventure games. It's an embarrassment for Nintendo and an embarrassment for the Wii. What have we all been playing at in the ten years since Super Mario 64 came out? This is what gaming ought to be like.

Bright, bold, unrepentantly loony, Galaxy is everything you wanted it to be. It's beautiful and inventive. It's pure-blood Mario without being a retro indulgence. It's a stiff platforming challenge and a free-wheeling romp. It's the best thing on Wii, and the best traditional game Nintendo has made in a decade. The only thing about it which dulls your enjoyment is the memory of all the mediocre games you've had to play in the meantime.

But after more than a year of puzzling over screenshots and pouring over previews, you're still probably at a bit of a loss about what on earth Mario Galaxy is actually all about, so here's a basic guide: it's Super Mario 64. Strip it back to basics, and what you find - those controls, that level structure - is the same blueprint. Forget that the castle is now a spaceship, forget that there's no longer an attack button, forget that Mario doesn't dream of spaghetti any more, this is a straightforward spiritual successor to the N64 classic. The controls are as tight and fluid as you remember, even though they're now split up over the Remote and Nunchuk. The sense of wonder and exploration is as mind-blowing as you remember, even if the setting is wildly different. The game remains the same: you'll go into each world, hunt out stars, unlock new areas, tackle Bowser and rescue Peach, dodging Thwomps, squashing Goombas and flicking switches along the way.

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The Eurogamer TV multiplex today draws back the curtains on four utterly joyous new trailers for Super Mario Galaxy. If the extended Japanese trailer, Japanese player demo, and TV spots 1 and 2 don't have you grinning like the proverbial idiot, then it's time you gave up on gaming and took that job in the funeral parlour. You're as dead inside.

Super Mario Galaxy

Ain't no Sunshine where he's gone.

"In one sense, this is the first worthy successor to Mario 64," bellowed a typically belligerent Reggie Fils-Aime at E3. We all knew what he meant. "We know you thought Mario Sunshine was a bit crap. We hope this one sells better," he might as well have said. Fine: we hope he's right. But in one sense, Reggie's remark does Super Mario Galaxy a disservice.

FeatureWii: 2007's Most Wanted

Something for the Wii-kend?

Of all Nintendo's various achievements, surely its most consistent is in simultaneously pissing off and delighting its faithful European customers. For twenty-five years the company has wowed us with innovative technology and wonderfully robust and inventive games, filling reservoirs of consumer goodwill in a way few other multinationals manage. In tension with this, interminable localisation delays, sloppy, bordered conversions and,- most heart-breakingly - an ever-slim line-up of releases has made it clear that Europe is literally the least of the Japanese company's global concerns.

Mario goes Boo in Galaxy

New screens drop hints.

Scans from the latest issue of Japanese weekly Famitsu show off some new sections of Super Mario Galaxy, including a desert world and a haunted house - where Mario himself becomes a Boo ghost.

Smash Bros, Mario on for 07

Zelda DS, too. Phew.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy and DS title The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass are all still on track for release this year.

Fils-Aime promises Wii games

In a reasonable timeframe.

If big first party Wii titles like Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy take longer to arrive than expected, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime could well be left looking a bit silly, after a transcript of an October interview emerged where he promised their swift release in 2007.

Mario, Metroid estimates

Plus VC timetable, online gaming and arrogance.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has said that American gamers can expect Super Mario Galaxy any time between the end of March and next Christmas.

Super Mario Galaxy

Star treatment.

Were you to have dissected my brain on the flight to E3 this year, you would have found many things. I suspect you would have discovered first of all where the air marshal was sitting. Having patiently explained that you were the unwitting protagonist of a preview introduction being written several months later, you might then have peeled back my scalp, levered open my skull and fingered your way past the layers of neuroses, the section dedicated to obscure '90s pop trivia ("aha, so it was Deep Blue Something who wrote Breakfast At Tiffany's"), and then arrived in whichever lobe played host to my main fear about Super Mario Galaxy: that it would, like many of the DS launch titles, struggle to feel like much more than the novel first steps of a toddler in an earthquake.

No Space World this year

Says Nintendo man.

Nintendo has scotched rumours that it plans to resurrect its Space World event in the run-up to the Wii launch later this year.

Miyamoto talks Mario Galaxy

And how the remote will work.

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed some more snippets of info about Wii title Super Mario Galaxy, including news of how it'll work with the remote controller.

Super Mario Galaxy

E3: Wii approve.

In the two days I've spent inside the Wii section of E3, nothing has been more stressful than having my badge ripped off me directly in the middle of it. Because, well, they won't issue you a replacement one. No matter what you do. As despite being a slightly well known games journalist (hey, I've been slagged off on people's blogs!) who is actually working at the show (not just having a nice time waiting in line) apparently I might have went outside and sold my pass for 'one and a half thousand dollars'. That is, naturally, insane. Literally anyone can buy a pass for three hundred as a general attendee. What, it's worth $1500 to get the most inedible sandwiches ever at 11:30a.m sharp and use a stupidly crowded media room, which seems to have bigger lines than the Wii booth?

Wii gets Super Mario Galaxy

Plus: Excite-Truck, Metroid, Wario, Fire Emblem, new titles.

Nintendo has finally shredded the wraps around Shigeru Miyamoto's new Mario game. It's called Super Mario Galaxy and it uses the Wii's freestyle controller to allow Mario to run, jump, catch hold of shooting stars using the pointer, and flick objects at enemies on rotating worlds.