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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Mario goes Boo in Galaxy

New screens drop hints.

Scans from the latest issue of Japanese weekly Famitsu show off some new sections of Super Mario Galaxy, including a desert world and a haunted house - where Mario himself becomes a Boo ghost.

Screenshots also show Mario squaring up against (well, running away from) a giant mole boss that's dragging itself angrily out of the ground, while another shot on the same page sees him transformed into a bee.

You'll probably want to see for yourself - in which case you should spirit yourself across to the NeoGAF thread hosting the scans and join in the frenzy.

Super Mario Galaxy is due out later this year. You can what we've made of it so far by checking in with our Super Mario Galaxy gamepage, which also hosts all the news, trailers and shots you could want. Apart from those scanned ones, obviously.