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SEGA teases new RPG

Is it Phantasy Star Zero?

SEGA has launched a website to tease the reveal of a brand new role-playing game. The curtains go back on 20th August.

Let's look at the clues. To the right there's a big spinning white clock mechanism that may also be a classic wooden ship wheel, and behind the date there's a silhouette of a woman striking a ridiculous pose. A man with a spear has been spotted, too.

The URL - newrpg.sega.jp - suggests it's an RPG, if you ask us.

Eager SEGA forum members think all signs point towards a new Phantasy Star Zero game. One chap even pulled some HTML code out that contained the letters "pso" from "gxnovmwigswpsojqjwuf", which is a bit desperate.

It's probably not Sonic, though.

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