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Chinatown Wars PSP dated

Late October for DS conversion.

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be released for PSP in the US on 20th October.

European gamers can presumably expect to get hold of it on one of the surrounding Fridays - most likely the 23rd, although we're checking with the publisher. (Update: Rockstar has confirmed it's out on 23rd October in Europe.)

In a tweet overnight, Rockstar said that 20th October would be the game's retail and digital download date.

All future PSP games are being released in both formats to ensure compatibility with existing PSPs and the new PSPgo, which launches worldwide on 1st October.

Chinatown Wars rocked our world on DS earlier this year, delivering a vast and inventive top-down take on most of Grand Theft Auto IV's massive Liberty City.

The PSP version will be adjusted for the PSP's larger screen, and promises new story missions to bulk out the content, along with improved visuals. It will be interesting, in particular, to see how Rockstar compensates for the loss of the touch-screen, which was the source of many of the DS game's sparks of invention.

Look out for our impressions soon.

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