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Sony announces digital reader for PSP

Begins with comics, more later.

Sony has announced a new "digital reader" service for PSP at its keynote at gamescom, with an on-message Marvel representative reckoning: "This service could eventually become our most significant."

The service will launch with hundreds of digital comics, with many more being added each month, before embracing other media. What the service might move on to encompass is something of a moot point at the minute, as Sony deferred from making any direct references.

Comics available on the service will range from household names such as Hulk to smaller, indie titles - perhaps even the work of our esteemed colleague Kieron Gillen!

Reading will be made easier by being mostly pictures of men in tights. Sorry, by a system known only as Autoflow. Details were not divulged but a good guess would be an automated page-turning system for those who find Power Girl a little bit too stimulating to read with both hands.

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