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EA unveils first Sims 3 expansion

World Adventures here in November.

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EA has unveiled a World Adventures expansion pack for the PC and Mac versions of The Sims 3, which ships to retailers the week starting 16th November. That, presumably, puts the European release as Friday 20th November.

World Adventures lets Sims travel around the globe to famous places, learning skills, searching for treasure and picking up new styles along the way. Your Sim might like to master martial arts in China, for example, or stare at landmarks in France. And everything you do can be recorded in a photo album or on film and shared with friends.

EA plans exclusive downloadable content for World Adventures in the future, and will offer buyers 1000 Sim Points to spend in The Sims 3 Store.

Additionally, World Adventures will be available on the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store early next year.

Our gallery for The Sims 3: World Adventureshas the first pictures.

The Sims 3 launched here last month and was well received. Head to our review of The Sims 3 to find out more.

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