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Tim Curry to star in Dragon Age: Origins

Let's do the medieval times warp again.

Tim Curry, Hollywood legend and object of Eurogamer's erotic affections, has signed up to star in another EA game.

Curry will play "calculating villian" Arl Rendon Howe in Dragon Age: Origins. Apparently he is "cultured and charming, with an insatiable lust for power, who never hesitates to harm anyone who gets in his way". Bit like Frank N. Furter then, though probably with less pearls.

The Rocky Horror Show star is no stranger to videogames, having previously appeared in Red Alert 3 and recorded a voiceover for Brutal Legend. He was kind enough to give us an interview last year, during which we barely held it together.

Also joining the cast of Dragon Age is Captain Janeway out of Star Trek, who will play a powerful witch. She's accompanied by Tim Russ, who was in Voyager too, and Stargate's Claudia Black.

Dragon Age: Origins will launch on PC and Xbox 360 on 6th November, with the PS3 version to follow.

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Dragon Age: Origins

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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