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TrackMania heading to Wii

DS developer doing honours.

Firebrand Games, the company that produced impressive versions of TrackMania and Race Driver GRID for the DS, has announced that it's heading into home console development with a version of TrackMania for the Wii.

Firebrand will be showing the game at next week's gamescom convention in Cologne, and will be touting it to publishers there.

"Firebrand has always strived to develop racing engines that make the current generation of machines do things that no-one thought possible 18 months ago," said Firebrand boss Mark Greenshields. "We altered people's perception of just what the DS could do with Race Driver GRID and TrackMania DS, and TrackMania Wii is no less jaw-dropping," he boasted.

It's not empty braggadocio, mind. "It's the best 3D engine we've ever seen on the DS," said Tom on his way to awarding TrackMania DS 8/10.

There's no word on the feature set for the Wii version, so keep your eyes peeled for more info from gamescom next week.