TrackMania Wii




TrackMania and Wii make for unlikely bedfellows, even if, as you launch off one of the game's gargantuan ramps, the console's name is the first thing your inner child wants to yell. It's an unusual match because TrackMania is a pretty harsh mistress: the finest of margins separates winners and losers, a single gentle nudge of the analogue stick often the difference between total success and complete failure. In other words, it's bloody hard.

Therefore it doesn't really seem like the kind of game your average Wii owner is going to be interested in. But then Nintendo's expanded audience is probably not the market Focus Home Interactive is aiming at. Believe it or not, some of us Wii owners actually relish a challenge, and those that do are in for a treat. Whether those same players will feel quite so pleased after their umpteenth attempt at Rally C5 is another matter.

If you've never played a TrackMania game before, you might be surprised to learn that it's not really a racing game in the traditional sense. You can see your opponents, sure, but they're ghosts rather than obstacles, simply representing the three times you have to better to achieve bronze, silver and gold medals. The idea is to beat them all in very short point-to-point races, get the gold and move on. Simple.

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TrackMania heading to Wii

DS developer doing honours.

Firebrand Games, the company that produced impressive versions of TrackMania and Race Driver GRID for the DS, has announced that it's heading into home console development with a version of TrackMania for the Wii.