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SingStar and Audi action for PS Home

Now downloaded over 7.5 million times.

Andrew House, president of SCEE Europe, has been announcing new doodads for PlayStation Home left, right and centre during his keynote speech at gamescom.

First up were the cold, hard stats. Home has now been downloaded an impressive 7.5 million times globally now, with 3.5 million of those happening in PAL territories. This, according to The House, is all down to "the increased quality of the content available". Which follows, really.

He also broke news of a new SingStar Home space, which we can only imagine will have a mandatory two-drink minimum. Hang around in there long enough and you're likely to spot a couple of the bolder EG staffers shilling their vocal wares - just remember never to accept duets from strangers.

New partners for Home were also revealed in the shape of Audi, who'll apparently be running an Audi TV service. Hopefully this will be a repeated loop of Michael Schumacher's reversing over Jeremy Clarkson's face in an R8 fitted with snow chains. The Home cinema will open with some content, with a proper Home space opening later.

There'll be new moves and animations too, in case you're bored of the ones available now, meaning that ball rolling, coin flipping and dice rolling can be a spur of the moment excitement for anyone online. Bit like The Wire.