PlayStation Home


Feature | Five years ago today, Sony admitted the great PSN hack

The one where 77m users' personal details were put at risk.

It's over: PlayStation Home has closed

Time of death: 8.02am BST.

PlayStation Home is shutting down next year

Will cease letting EU players download content in December.

PlayStation Home is getting an update

UPDATE: New Trophies revealed.

Feature | The story of PlayStation Home

From pub to hub to home - but where next for Sony's strange service?

PlayStation Home updates to cease in Japan, UK unaffected

New content still headed to Europe and North America.

Video | PlayStation Plus trailer unveils revamp

Always 10 free games offered, 45 per year.

Sony mulls free day-one releases for PlayStation Plus

Free COD Elite subscription also an option.

Former Sony man Phil Harrison made boss of Microsoft's European Game Studios

UPDATE: MS insists Harrison hasn't replaced Molyneux.

PS3 software maintenance next Tuesday

Home offline, Killzone 3 affected.

Major PlayStation Home update tomorrow

Update 1.55 detailed in full.

Video | Mysterious PlayStation 3 teaser

Sony video promoting new PS Home?

PS3, PSP title maintenance Sunday am

Killzone, MotorStorm, Home offline.

PlayStation Home set for redesign

Sony creating hub for social games.

Watch Sony Gamescom event in Home

Next Tuesday, 6pm UK time.

Video | 2011 EVO World Finals trailer

Watch via PlayStation Home.

Home users "the most hardcore" on PS3

Some "literally spend their lives inside."

E3 causes PlayStation Home stampede

Half-a-million flood virtual show floor.

PS Home experiencing record traffic

Sony employees "dancing in the streets".

Feature | PlayStation Home: What's new?

"You'll be pleasantly surprised."

Video | Sony execs mingle on PS3 home

Jack Tretton, Kaz Hirai chat at E3 2007.

Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony London, Liverpool and Evolution hit.

PlayStation Home downloaded 19m times

But Sony quiet on figure for active users.

PS Home gets real-time multiplayer

And better graphics, thanks to new dev tools.

Sony: Give PS3 Home another chance

"It has come on in leaps and bounds."

Sony: Virtual item sales keep Home free

Microtransactions its "bread and butter".

PlayStation Home played by 17 million

Sony compares now and then.

MS: PlayStation Home "a nice chat room"

And "not an awful lot more".

Home gets Plus exclusive Members Club

Multiplayer space combat game added.

Buy boxed games from inside PS Home

GAME opens virtual shop with real home delivery.

PS Home gets LittleBigPlanet paintball

As beefy patch 1.4 arrives.

PlayStation Home has the builders in

New group feature, wardrobe tweaks.

Sony: "Home has been a huge success"

Virtual items going like pretend hotcakes.

PlayStation Home update 1.35 live

New Navigator interface arrives.

Lucas store sells Star Wars stuff in Home

Costumes, T-shirts, lightsabers.

PS Home announces 10 million users

Ain't no place like it.

PS Home erecting Santa's Grotto

Stay elfy this festive season.

PS Home gets Red Bull Flugtag

Launch wacky fliers into the sky.

PS Home gets game launching today

US launch of version 1.3 confirmed.

Sony reveals PS Home for PSP

Room is out this year in Japan.

SingStar Rooms dated for PS Home

Avatarty on Sony later this month.

Killzone 2 throne room for Home

Plus post-apocalyptic apartment.

PS Home game-launching this autumn

Finally. Update brings other toys, too.

SingStar and Audi action for PS Home

Now downloaded over 7.5 million times.

Batman PS3 unlocks Batcave in Home

Well, it does in America anyway.

Home gets new MotorStorm functionality

Plus a Fat Princess mini-game with prize.

Home is beta until it hits "final quality"

Sony has "philosophical targets" to hit first.

Feature | Sony's Peter Edward

A chat with the head of Home.

Fight Night 4 Home space launching today

Along with the new Buzz! HQ area.

Number of Home users hits 7 million

Nigh on half of them are based in Europe.

Sony polling for PlayStation Home ideas

Fancy some stand-up comedy?

Euro Home gets Everybody's Golf space

US gets SOCOM, Ghostbusters and more.

PS Home update adds photo-uploads

First content-sharing feature so far.

PS Home downloaded 6.5m times

Sony not in it for a "quick buck".

Euro Home "is behind other regions"

But SCEE's working hard to sort it out.

Get a free house in PlayStation Home

Well, an apartment to be specific.

Star Trek movie stuff in PS Home today

Enterprising plans for rest of April.

Home gets Godfather space, user t-shirts

Former in US, latter in Europe.

PS Home gets Guitar Hero Backstage

Has mini-game for you and friends.

GDC: Three spaces a month for Home

"Our competition struggles with community".

Home gets Resident Evil 5 space

Still waiting for Warhawk and Uncharted.

Sony details Home update plans

Lots of stuff coming "in a few weeks".

Warhawk area for Home this week

Command Centre offers battle planning.

Number of PSN users hits 20 million

Plus: 4 million going Home, says Sony.

Sony boasts of big support for Home

24 companies licensed to create content.

Street Fighter and Resi 5 are Home-bound

Costumes, game launching, Africa.

New Café area coming to Home

No word on price for virtual Frappuccinos.

EA Sports to learn from World of Goo

Peter Moore quite addicted to indie title.

Sony explains 17 million figure for PSN

Includes website and PSP sign-ups.

Home downloaded by 3.4 million

And they're buying things, too.

Sony admits Home reveal was too early

At least as far as the devs were concerned.

EA Sports zone coming to Home

Multiplayer games, leaderboards and more.

Home to get Red Bull zone this week

Plus Killzone and Resi clothes for Americans.

Home has been hacked - report

Could be used to spread viruses.

PS Home C-931 patch on Thursday

The "first step" towards sorting it.

Feature | PlayStation Home

Where the heart is?

PlayStation Home now open to all

It's up and running at last.

Home is outdated, says Microsoft exec

"It feels like 2005 tech in 2008."

Home open beta to begin tomorrow

All PS3 owners invited.

EA founder questions PS Home goals

Worried Sony wants to take on WOW.

Harrison: Home is "brilliantly realised"

Online world will be "very successful".

PS Home open to everyone this year

Closed beta to finish soon, says Sony.

Over 100,000 PS Home invites sent

Even more to arrive next Thursday.

Sony to send Home beta invites soon

Only loyal PS3 fans on the list.

Sony dodges PS Home explanations

Fresh sightings start rumour mill.

Home 1.00 launching end October?

Along with firmware 2.50?

No video streaming for early PS Home

What will lifestyle friends do now?

Life with PlayStation temporarily available

They've shut it down again now.

European Home beta invites "shortly"

Assuming you're an active PSN user.

Home won't be an anti-climax, says Hirai

"I've been personally dinged many times."

PlayStation Home

No place like.

Euro Home beta simultaneous with US

This autumn, says David Reeves.

MS: Don't hold your breath over PS Home

Gosen and Lewis pimp Xbox 360 avatars.

Getaway PS3 was only in pre-production

As was Eight Days, says Sony man.

Moore "disappointed" by Home delay

"Let's go already," urges former Xbox man.

LittleBigPlanet coming in October

PlayStation Home also due in autumn.

PlayStation Home pushed back again

Beta expanded to make it better.

User-made content "Holy Grail" for Home

Moderation and quality are the issues.

Home is "best-looking multiplayer world"

Others garish and hardcore, says dev.

Warhawk enters PlayStation Home

Patch 1.3 to add other new stuff, too.

Feature | Coming Attractions: The Lost Levels

Wii Fit, Home, Rock Band and more.

Sony outlines Home changes

Based on beta feedback.

Hirai not happy with Home

Kitchen is messy, bin smells.

Home won't sell PS3 - NCsoft

It's the other way around.

Home delay "disappointing" - MS

Sony underestimated challenge.

TGS: PlayStation Home delayed

Next spring, says Hirai.

Home abusers will be banned

Sony discusses security.

Bits of Home heading to PSP

Sony US spills beans.

PS3 Home beta begins

Internal testing for now.

PS3 Home began on PS2

Until Sony realised what it had.

PS3 Home to launch in October

Loads more details in dev Q&A.

GDC: Sony announces PS3 Home

Virtual Changing Rooms.

PlayStation Home

E3 screens for your viewing pleasure.

PS3 "Home" rumoured

Harrison's GDC surprise guessed?