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PlayStation Home updates to cease in Japan, UK unaffected

New content still headed to Europe and North America.

There's no end in sight for PlayStation Home in the UK, despite an announcement today that Sony will discontinue updates for the service in Japan.

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The PlayStation 3 virtual gaming hub will receive its final drop of Japanese content in September 2013. Other Asian regions will see support for new content withdrawn in March 2014.

However, Sony made no mention of retiring PlayStation Home altogether.

Europe and North America will continue to receive new PlayStation Home content "weekly", Sony added.

"PlayStation Home in Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will continue to fully support their vibrant PlayStation Home communities with full weekly publishes, new public spaces, virtual items, and platform features.

"SCEI would like to thank our respective communities for many years of dedicated participation inside of PlayStation Home and look forward to their continued involvement."

So far there's been no word of PlayStation Home surviving onto PlayStation 4.