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Sony renews PlayStation Home trademark again

It's good to be Home.

Sony has once again renewed the trademark for its PS3-era social space, PlayStation Home.

The filing - which was reportedly submitted on 21st July 2021, according to a Redditor who's keeping a close eye on the situation - has secured the European trademark up until 1st October 2028. Though little else is available on the trademark application's webpage, it's still logged as "goods and services", and categorised as "computer game software".

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Though there's presently no official confirmation either way that Sony might be looking to relaunch Home - or at least some kind of version of it - it's the third such rumour to have surfaced in as many months, leading some to think it may have something to do with "a return to PSVR 2" (thanks, Comic Book) that would dovetail nicely into large-scale social events, such as those we've seen in Fortnite. Add in VR compatibility, and it could be a very exciting development indeed.

If you missed out on it the first time around, PlayStation Home was a virtual social hub where players could chat and hang out together and decorate their individual apartments - kind of like Second Life and the Sims, but fully Sony-centric.

When PlayStation Home closed for good on 31st March 2015, Sony - like many other companies - kept renewing its trademarks in order to protect the brand, but a flurry of recent behind-the-scenes action hints that this may more than just a bureaucratic paperwork exercise. Watch this (virtual) space, eh?