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Free PlayStation Home FPS Bootlegger

Shoot other avatars!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bootleggers - a completely free, use-your-own-avatar multiplayer FPS - has been revealed for PlayStation Home.

It'll be released when Home relaunches later this year.

Bootleggers will be found within the Action district of the new-look Home. Once found, Bootleggers puts you into a matchmaking lobby and gets the action quickly underway.

By ShackNews' reckoning, Bootleggers is a fairly rudimentry FPS. But the novelty of shooting avatar friends, coupled with extremely low barrier of entry and no associated costs, will provide a strong lure.

The new Home will benefit from another free game, a poker game, that will be located within the Sports district hub.

Home, a free PS3 application that launched in 2008, now has 23 million users.


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