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PS Home gets real-time multiplayer

And better graphics, thanks to new dev tools.

Sony will release new tools which will allow developers to create real-time multiplayer games for PlayStation Home.

Version 1.5 of the Home core client is scheduled to launch this spring. According to Sony, it will allow for the creation of "fast-action" online first-person shooters and racing games within Home.

Such as Sodium 2: Project Velocity, which Sony showed a brief demo of during an update briefing. It looks like a futuristic racer set within desert landscape - WipEout meets MotorStorm, in other words. Expect customisable vehicles, a "pounding" soundtrack and a spring release date.

The update also features a revamped physics engine, said to allow for more realistic collisions and other physics elements. Plus there are new animation tools for better graphics and improved frame-rates.

Making the announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment America Executive Jack Buser said the new update is part of Sony's strategy to offer new gaming experiences within Home. "It's evolving from a social network into a world class gaming platform," he added.

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