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April 2020 Archive

    1. 505 says Indivisible's surprise Switch launch down to tool error, after dev airs concerns
    2. Yes, Switch's Streets of Rage 4 port is just as good as PlayStation 4
    3. Apex Legends' next hero is master thief Loba Andrade and she's out for revenge
    4. Microsoft to show Xbox Series X games via livestream next week
    5. Nintendo will delay its typical E3 Direct broadcast in June
    6. Burnout Paradise Remastered hits Nintendo Switch in June... for a cool £45
    7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla reshapes the series' RPG storytelling by giving you a Viking settlement
    8. Watch the Assassin's Creed Valhalla trailer reveal here
    9. Meet the Elite Dangerous players helping others beat the grind during lockdown
    10. Darkborn development put on hold, dev promises something new
    11. Intel announces specs and features of 10th-gen Comet Lake desktop CPUs
    12. Williams sisters, Naomi Osaka competing in charity Mario Tennis tournament
    13. Call of Duty: Warzone players discover mysterious Access Cards, ditched bounties, and an anime truck
    14. Trials of Mana and Final Fantasy 7's fine remakes also show us what's been lost along the way
    1. Wadjet Eye's vampire urban fantasy adventure Nighthawks gets teaser trailer
    2. Looks like Fortnite is getting a new island map for a no combat mode
    3. Streets of Rage 4: How a classic brawler was revitalised for modern hardware
    4. Animal Crossing crafting, how to get DIY recipes and DIY workbenches in New Horizons explained
    5. Animal Crossing house upgrades, from getting your first house and loan to expansions, in New Horizons explained
    6. Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny: How to upgrade Nook's Cranny, Hot Item and Drop box in New Horizons explained
    7. Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are May's PlayStation Plus games
    8. Animal Crossing kitchen furniture: How to design a kitchen and get the ironwood kitchenette in New Horizons
    9. Dying Light to get Hellraid DLC this summer
    10. EA forced to put popular FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promo on hold
    11. UK devs are giving free games to NHS staff
    12. Animal Crossing Blue Marlin: How to catch a blue marlin and find the pier location in New Horizons
    13. Animal Crossing Tuna: How to catch tuna and find the pier location in New Horizons
    14. Contraption builder Scrap Mechanic's very long-awaited Survival mode finally out in May
    15. Gears Tactics review - brains and brawn join forces as the fight against the Locust goes turn-based
    16. Pokémon Go Investigating Illusions quest steps, rewards and price explained
    17. Epic asks for two-factor authentication to claim free games
    18. V-Rally 4, Sensible World of Soccer lead a low-key month for Xbox Games with Gold in May
    19. Someone should make a game about: The Etienne Terrus Museum
    1. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Alatreon update delayed due to coronavirus
    2. EA bringing FIFA, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and three other titles to Stadia
    3. DICE shifts focus to next year's Battlefield
    4. Predator: Hunting Grounds review - a naff waste of great material
    5. Gears Tactics best skills and build recommendations for Support, Vanguard, Sniper, Heavy and Scout explained
    6. Deadly Premonition 2 has a July release date
    7. Destroy All Humans revival lands in July
    8. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order drops to a new low price on PC
    9. Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet boss strategy
    10. Get 20 per cent off on monitors, Switch Lite and more tech at Ebay UK today
    11. You can now raid in Pokémon Go from your sofa
    12. Someone's started an Animal Crossing weed removal service
    13. Fortnite's eye-popping live concert hits 12.3m all-time player record
    14. Why a massive fan Pokémon tournament could change competitive Pokémon forever
    15. The Witcher books are just £5 each
    16. The Last of Us Part 2 gets new June release date
    17. Watch out, huge The Last of Us 2 story spoilers are spreading online
    18. Gears Tactics release time in GMT, CEST, EDT and PDT explained
    1. Gearbox's WW2 shooter Brothers in Arms is getting a TV adaptation
    2. Save a third off this 3TB Western Digital external hard drive
    3. Minecraft players recreate Brummie nightclub to raise money for NHS
    4. Borderlands 3 Cartel mansion puzzle: How to solve the puzzle in the Villa Ultraviolet during Revenge of the Cartels explained
    5. Bethesda, Zenimax pledge $1m to pandemic relief
    6. 2K announces arcade-style WWE 2K Battlegrounds, addresses sim series concern
    7. Gears Tactics: state-of-the-art tech powers an excellent PC strategy game
    8. Best graphics card 2020: every major Nvidia and AMD GPU tested
    9. Riot exploring "long-term solutions" to Valorant toxicity as devs face sexist harassment
    10. Pokémon Go Souvenirs list and how Souvenirs work explained
    11. XCOM: Chimera Squad review - a generous and inventive spin on a tactical classic
    12. Cloudpunk review - a stylish neo noir adventure that can't quite deliver substance
    13. Brace yourself for another big Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch download
    14. The brilliant Alien: Isolation is just £1.50 for Alien Day
    15. Moving Out review - removals get the Overcooked treatment
    1. Sega wants to give you Total War: Shogun 2 for free as a thank you for staying at home
    2. Apex Legends' next LTE Battle Armor drops you into the action with armour and a P2020 already equipped
    3. Fireteammates of Destiny 2 cheaters may be banned, says Bungie - even if they didn't cheat themselves
    4. Oh no - Nintendo has nerfed money-making bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    5. DF Retro takes on the epic Final Fantasy 7 saga
    6. Help bring Wolfenstein: The Board Game to life with this Kickstarter campaign
    7. Super Mario Maker 2 proves Mario is always better with a world map
    1. FIFA 20 nailed Sergio Agüero's shock at missing a sitter
    2. This stunning Minecraft city was created by a team of professional builders
    3. Video game cheating is back in the headlines
    4. Evercade review: the cartridge-based retro handheld that works
    5. The curious case of Call of Duty: Warzone crossplay
    6. Google to reveal new games during Stadia Connect on YouTube next week
    7. PES 2020 Stay Home tournament includes some genuine football superstars
    8. Final Fantasy 7 Remake save editor makes Red XIII briefly playable
    9. Games and dolls' houses are an interesting mix
    1. GTX 1660 Ti vs GTX 1060: Which is best for 1080p gaming?
    2. GeForce GTX 1060 vs Radeon RX 580: which is best for 1080p gaming?
    3. RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 and RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 Ti: 1080p, 1440p and 4K benchmarks
    4. Ryzen 5 2600 CPU hits £122 ahead of AMD's 3000-series launch
    5. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 benchmarks: chronic underperformer
    6. Digital Foundry's recommendations for the big Ebay sale
    7. Asus Week deals: hundreds off gaming laptops, monitors and more
    8. I bought Puma's £80 esports shoes so you don't have to: Active Gaming Footwear review
    9. Eve's crowd-designed display may be the first 1440p 240Hz IPS monitor
    10. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is 50% off
    11. Borderlands 3 drops to £20 on console
    12. Borderlands 3 True Vault Hunter Mode explained
    13. Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0: Mayhem Mode difficulty and Modifiers list explained
    14. PUBG adding bots to public matches on console
    15. Nintendo confirms up to 160,000 accounts accessed in huge privacy breach
    16. Torchlight 3: The big interview
    17. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting a fancy art book and poster collection
    18. Classic Final Fantasy games are 50% off on the PSN Store
    19. Win a custom Xbox One X with Deliver Us The Moon
    20. Fallout 76 to add pets
    21. Five of the Best: Jumps
    22. There's a Tintin game in development for consoles and PC
    23. Elijah Wood visited an Animal Crossing player's island to sell turnips
    24. WWE 2K21 canned after disastrous WWE 2K20
    25. I might be the world's most boring Animal Crossing player
    26. TF2, CS:GO source code posted by disgruntled modder booted off Portal fan project
    27. The Double-A Team: Destroy All Humans offered a lovely bit of light anarchy
    1. Prison Architect's Cleared for Transfer expansion is free and out next month on PC
    2. DICE to move on from Battlefield 5 after summer update
    3. Nintendo lowers Animal Crossing: New Horizons bank interest rate
    4. Minimal Affect is a cel-shaded mix of Family Guy and BioWare
    5. The brilliant Lonely Mountains: Downhill has a Nintendo Switch release date
    6. Days Gone for £34 and other top PS4 game deals
    7. PSN Mega Discounts sale cuts the price of Witcher 3, Rage 2 and more
    8. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, Nioh and God Of War 3 Remastered join the PlayStation Hits lineup
    9. Save 10% on all PS4, Xbox One and Switch console bundles at eBay
    10. Latest Humble Bundle features Crusader Kings 2 and all DLC for £12
    11. Devil May Cry 5 is down to £24.99 in the Gamesplanet Summer Sale
    12. There are some big savings on VR titles in the PSN Summer Sale
    13. Get up to 70% off in the July Savings sale on the PlayStation Store
    14. Save 30% on the Corsair K95 Platinum mechanical gaming keyboard
    15. Get over 30 Jackbox games in the Humble Jackbox Party Bundle 2019
    16. Here's your chance to win one of ten PC games from Games Planet
    17. Get free PSN credit when topping up your wallet at ShopTo
    18. Anthem for £15, Devil May 5 for £21 and other console game bargains
    19. Here are the best Amazon End of Summer Sale gaming deals
    20. This LG 55-inch 4K LED TV is under £500 right now
    21. Massive EA sale drops Battlefront 2 to £4, Dragon Age: Inquisition to £8 and Titanfall 2 to £5
    22. Get Days Gone, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Collection of Mana for under £30
    23. Dirt Rally is free right now at the Humble Store
    24. The best Labor Day gaming deals 2019
    25. Devil May Cry 5, Man of Medan, Wolfenstein Youngblood and more for under £20
    26. Borderlands, Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny feature in the Humble RPG Bundle
    27. The Big in Japan sale returns to the PSN store
    28. The Last of Us 2 Collector's Edition includes a 12" Ellie statue
    29. PlayStation's Retro Sale offers up some old school savings
    30. Sony is launching a new PlayStation VR Mega Pack with five games
    31. These shiny new PS4 controller colours are now just £40
    32. Here's where you can get that Death Stranding PS4 Pro
    33. God of War, Uncharted: Lost Legacy and GT Sport join the PlayStation Hits lineup
    34. Anthem is now only 10 quid
    35. There are loads of great offers in the PSN Store Games of a Generation sale
    36. Sony announces a pair of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 bundles
    37. Here's where you can get the Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves Edition
    38. PS Plus deal takes 25% off a 1 year membership
    39. These PS4 Pro bundles with Call of Duty, Fifa 20 or Death Stranding start at £250
    40. The Outer Worlds for £30, Red Dead 2 for £25 and more console game deals
    41. PS4, Xbox One and Switch bundles drop to Black Friday prices once again
    42. There's 20% off at ShopTo, The Game Collection and many more eBay sellers
    43. Vodafone is chucking in a PS4 with the Sony Xperia 5 in its Winter Sale
    44. Death Stranding is now £30
    45. Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man and more cheap PS4 game offers
    46. Here's a round-up of the best prices for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
    47. Fanatical's Lunar New Year sale slashes the price of Monster Hunter, Civ 6, Bloodstained and more
    48. The PS Classic is now £40 at Amazon
    49. The Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition is coming to the UK
    50. Get started with The Witcher novels now The Last Wish is on sale for just £3
    51. EA Digital Sale cuts the price of The Sims 4, Madden, NFS Heat and more PC games
    52. Here's a look at some of this week's best game deals
    53. Grab yourself a bargain on some top PS4 games in the PSN Critics' Choice sale
    54. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare receives its biggest discount since launch
    55. The classic Doom games are currently just £1 each
    56. Red Dead Redemption 2 replacing GTA 5 on Xbox Game Pass
    57. 80 Days dev inviting community to submit "campfire stories" for upcoming Arthurian adventure Pendragon
    1. Splatoon 2 pitting ketchup against mayo again in special one-off Splatfest next month
    2. Dead Cells' latest free update adds six new enemies and a crowbar, is out now on PC
    3. Activision's Crash Bandicoot mobile auto-runner has soft-launched across select regions
    4. Mario Maker 2's World Maker explained: How to access the map maker, change themes, and play Super Worlds online
    5. Her Story dev's investigative FMV thriller Telling Lies heading to consoles next week
    6. The latest Pokémon animated short deals with Nessa's career
    7. Animal Crossing's Nook Miles Tickets have become a bizarre trading currency
    8. Ancient Enemy reimagines Solitaire and it works wonderfully
    9. Fallout 76 NPCs are looting player corpses, stealing their weapons and refusing to give them back
    10. Disaster Report 4 review - an absolute mess that's well worth playing
    11. Epic finally releases Fortnite for Android on Google Play
    12. Rare on Sea of Thieves' radical new Emissaries system and maintaining the PvE-PvP balance
    13. Here's the Xbox Series X logo
    14. Call of Duty cheaters versus cheaters awaits suspected hackers in Warzone and Modern Warfare
    15. Someone should make a game about: marbled paper
    1. Wild West tactical stealth sequel Desperados 3 gets June release date
    2. AMD announces Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X desktop processors, B550 motherboards
    3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold more at US launch than any Mario or Zelda since records began
    4. Death Stranding's PC release delayed to July
    5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' big character and event-stuffed update arrives this week
    6. With its free service, Stadia is starting to make sense
    7. Doom Eternal composer distances himself from soundtrack album
    8. Nintendo "investigating" reports of accounts being breached
    9. Premier League kicks off star-studded FIFA 20 tournament to raise money for the NHS
    10. GeForce Now loses some publisher support, gains complete Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series
    11. The Flower Collectors review - a simple but full-hearted spin on Rear Window
    12. Mario Maker 2's final update lets you create your own world map
    13. Nintendo gearing up for increased Switch production following global shortages
    14. Apple Arcade: Beyond Blue gives you the oceans and everything in them
    1. Fortnite's latest live concert will be held over a series of dates
    2. PS Now is currently 25% off for new subscribers
    3. Games Done Quick pulls in $400k for coronavirus relief fund
    4. In Theory: Which PS4 games could benefit most from PlayStation 5 back compat?
    5. Animal Crossing datamine finds bushes, vegetables and diving references
    6. Facebook to launch game streaming app to try and rival Twitch, YouTube
    7. Save 10% on almost anything right now at eBay
    8. Logitech G mice, keyboards and headsets are up to 30% off at Amazon
    9. Sonic Mania joins the October Humble Monthly bundle
    10. The best Halloween game sales from Steam, GOG and more
    11. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal gets you 3 months for free
    12. BT is including a free Google Stadia with its fibre broadband deals
    13. The Humble Train Simulator bundle takes you on a direct route to deals town
    14. These Xbox One X bundles now start at £259
    15. Xbox One X bundles have fallen to their lowest price so far
    16. Animal Crossing book pours cold water on hopes CJ and Flick are lovers
    17. Minecraft's RTX beta is out now - and it's simply beautiful
    18. Pokémon anime put on hold
    19. Norwood Suite's weird, jazzy follow-up Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 is out in May
    20. Nintendo fans report spate of unauthorised account access attempts
    21. Industries of Titan has the potential to be one of the great management games
    1. Here's how you can help us get the Seinfeld point-and-click game we all deserve
    2. This Death Stranding-inspired anorak will set you back £1500
    3. System Shock 3 developer Otherside responds to confirm its "still here"
    4. Bethesda devs watch speedrunner complete Doom Eternal in just 27 minutes
    5. Bots are probably the reason you can't buy a Nintendo Switch right now
    6. Crysis Remastered: will the new game still melt PCs - and can consoles cope?
    7. The PC Engine Mini is an education in some of action gaming's all-time greats
    1. Call of Duty: Warzone console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters
    2. Jill Valentine has some great lines in Resident Evil Resistance
    3. With real-world football on-hold, EA reveals FIFA 20 FUT Team of the Season… So Far promo
    4. Here's a first look at the Nier mobile phone game
    5. Riot offers hackers up to $100,000 to find Valorant anti-cheat exploits
    6. The Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition Xbox One X glows in the dark
    7. Sony patents pet-like "feeling deduction" robot companion for gamers
    1. Paul Haddad, the voice of the original Resident Evil 2's Leon S. Kennedy, has died
    2. I'm on Pokémon Safari in my kitchen
    3. Animal Crossing tools: How to get an Axe, Shovel, Rod, Net, Slingshot and Watering Can in New Horizons
    4. Animal Crossing Able Sisters: how to open the tailor shop and unlock Able Sisters patterns in New Horizons
    5. Museum lets Animal Crossing players import its art collection
    6. Selena Gomez suing fashion game for using her likeness
    7. For the first time, I'm having fun with Fallout 76
    8. Total War: Warhammer 2 free to play on Steam all weekend
    9. Streets of Rage 4 comes out at the end of April
    10. Looks like the first Apex Legends season 5 teaser is here
    11. Five of the Best: Gardens
    12. The storm chaser of Red Dead Redemption 2
    13. Crysis Remastered revealed, coming to Nintendo Switch
    14. Pokémon Go Community Day returns next week with new Play At Home format
    15. The Double A-Team: infernal shiv-em-up The Suffering delivered lurid jailhouse shlock
    1. Riot Games snaps up studio behind promising Minecraft-like sandbox game Hytale
    2. Bloober's next-gen sci-fi horror remaster Observer: System Redux gets first trailer
    3. It looks a lot like Gamescom's physical show won't go ahead
    4. Eurogamer readership survey 2020
    5. Star Wars Episode I: Racer arrives on PS4, Switch next month
    6. Little Hope welcomes you to a darker historical chapter for The Dark Pictures Anthology
    7. The best price for Temtem is at Green Man Gaming
    8. Control, Bayonetta 2, The Outer Worlds and more of the week's cheapest game deals
    9. PC component and peripheral highlights from Overclocker's Black Friday deals
    10. OlliOlli devs Roll7 just released a whole new game for free
    11. Infinity Ward pulls trios from Call of Duty: Warzone again
    12. Animal Crossing's answer to Amazon sells everything from fossils to villagers
    13. Konami postpones PES 2020 Euro 2020 update
    14. Dark Souls 3 is only £6 in the Gamesplanet Spring Sale
    15. Cooking Mama: Cookstar publisher in hot water for "unauthorised release"
    16. The No Man's Sky star system that offers normality to those who need it most
    1. Switch is getting its fourth Picross S game next week
    2. Elite Dangerous is lowering the astronomical running costs of its upcoming Fleet Carriers
    3. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's formidable new creature additions arrive next week
    4. Fans think Nintendo originally planned a Pokémon Pink
    5. The Long Dark, Gato Roboto lead latest batch of Xbox Game Pass titles on console and PC
    6. Here's how Pokémon Go's remote raiding will work
    7. Get Borderlands, Bioshock and XCOM for cheap in the 2K Humble Bundle
    8. War Child UK appeal makes Steam games cheap for charity
    9. Jalopy creator's next game Landlord's Super hits Steam Early Access at the end of April
    10. This year's F1 game lets you manage your own team
    11. Video game pioneer John H. Conway dies aged 82
    12. Pokémon Rumble Rush to shut down after just one year
    13. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 delayed until June
    14. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Journey free on PS4 later this week
    15. An introduction to Sakura Wars, the RPG series created to save the Sega Saturn
    16. Supermassive's second Dark Pictures Anthology horror Little Hope out this summer
    17. Someone should make a game about: The Capgras delusion
    18. Assassin's Creed 2 is free on PC until Friday
    1. Steam's Game Festival returns this summer with more demos of upcoming games
    2. XCOM: Chimera Squad is a standalone XCOM 2 follow-up due this month
    3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's ending explained - and what it might mean for Part 2
    4. Star Fox, Team Fortress voice actor Rick May has passed away
    5. UK games will now state if they let you buy random loot boxes and card packs
    6. Looks like Crytek is teasing a Crysis remaster
    7. Resident Evil 3 walkthrough: A guide to surviving Jill's campaign
    8. Nintendo Switch system update adds SD card data transfer
    1. Iron Danger is a cross between Lord of the Rings and Adobe Premiere
    1. New Resident Evil 3 Remake patch boosts Xbox One X performance
    2. I wish Call of Duty: Modern Warfare let me play the maps I want when I want
    3. Meet the Final Fantasy 14 players who marry in the game - and in real life
    1. As Fallout 76's big new Wastelanders update moves in, some player camps will have to move on
    2. Just Cause 4 is free on the Epic Games Store next week
    3. Infinity Ward adds trios back into Call of Duty: Warzone following backlash
    4. The old-fashioned joys of journalling, and the modern comfort of maps
    5. Square Enix warns coronavirus will "significantly impact" Final Fantasy 14's development schedule
    6. China bans sale of Animal Crossing: New Horizons after it becomes a haven for Hong Kong protesters
    1. Infamous 80s exploitation movie Cannibal Holocaust is getting a video game sequel
    2. Nioh 2 review - a vast and engrossing if dutiful follow-up to a landmark Soulslike
    3. Five of the Best: Destructible objects
    4. Let your mind wander with 40 of our best reads
    5. Gamesplanet Spring sale is now live with discounts on loads of digital PC games
    6. The Double-A Team: A breezy summer fling with Civilization Revolution
    1. Amazon delays launch of MMO New World to August due to coronavirus
    2. It looks like dystopian sci-fi horror Observer could be getting a next-gen makeover
    3. Bananas are coming to Stardew Valley
    4. Sunless Sea's nautical terrors seeping onto Switch and Xbox One later this month
    5. Pokémon Go Marill Day event date, time and rewards explained
    6. Pokémon Go adds online leaderboards tomorrow
    7. Cyberpunk 2077 on track for September release, CD Projekt says
    8. Minecraft Dungeons is an unexpectedly wonderful genre hybrid
    9. Nintendo Switch eShop Spring Sale drops hundreds of games by up to 80%
    10. Gunbrick: Reloaded - an ingenious platformer gets a new dimension
    11. Of course people are drawing the PS5 controller as an anime girl
    12. Animal Crossing fans find coffee shop, art gallery references
    13. Streets of Rage 4 gets soundtracks and 12 more playable fighters from previous games
    14. Final Fantasy 7 Remake review - a faithful retread, with a few missteps along the way
    1. Dordogne is a gorgeous narrative adventure about childhood summers with grandma
    2. Stadia Pro is currently free for two months
    3. Animal Crossing Island star rating: How to get a three-star island evaluation in New Horizons explained
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 has a gang that protects sex workers
    5. Sony unveils PlayStation 5's wireless DualSense game controller
    6. As Nintendo Switch sells out worldwide, third-party sellers list it for nearly double
    7. Borderlands 3 now lets you solve puzzles to sort poop and assist real-world science
    8. Twitch updates its nudity and attire policy with some very specific new guidelines
    9. Apex Legends was "negatively impacted" by solos, Respawn says
    10. The internet reacts to the PlayStation 5 controller
    11. Someone should make a game about: The Last Tycoon
    12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season three adds Warzone quads, vehicle skins and the dog from Ghosts
    13. Chinatown Detective Agency is a stylish, promising point-and-click sleuther
    14. Obsidian's bug-height survival adventure Grounded coming to early access in July
    15. Animal Crossing Cherry blossoms: How to find cherry blossom furniture recipes and catch cherry-blossom petals explained
    1. Sea of Thieves overhauling Trading Companies with new competitive Emissary system
    2. Acclaimed rogue-like action-platformer Dead Cells gets June release on Android
    3. Marvel's Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 coming to PlayStation Now in April
    4. Animal Crossing Terraforming: How to create paths, rivers and cliffs using the Island Designer app in New Horizons
    5. Classic Fallout re-imagining transforms its isometric style into 3D
    6. E3 2020 won't hold an "online experience" after all
    7. Microsoft clarifies report all its events will be digital until July 2021
    8. No Man's Sky is adding big stompy mechs for land and air traversal in today's update
    9. Dirt Rally 2.0's final DLC does the Colin McRae name justice
    10. Microsoft to show Obsidian's Grounded tonight via Inside Xbox livestream
    11. The Last of Us Part 2, Iron Man VR delayed "until further notice"
    12. Pokémon Go offers free care package of items
    13. Disco Elysium to rock out on Nintendo Switch
    14. Now a modder is attempting Dark Souls 3 with a Ring Fit Adventure controller
    15. Snowtopia is a tycoon game that feels like a cool breeze
    1. Last Oasis dev explains rough launch as survival MMO's servers finally go back online
    2. PSN credit is currently on sale at ShopTo
    3. Saints Row: The Third Remastered outed by rating board
    4. Fatal Frame/Project Zero producer says he's "never really given up on the idea" of a new game
    5. Blizzard slaps "big dick" Overwatch streamers with $1k fine
    6. In-game messages warn players: "Stay home, save lives"
    7. E3 2021 dates confirmed
    8. Resident Evil 3 Remake's most terrifying mod yet stars Animal Crossing's Isabelle
    9. Nintendo has "adjusted" Animal Crossing's much-maligned eggs
    10. Paper Beast review: a transformative VR odyssey
    11. Borderlands 3 devs say they won't get promised bonuses
    12. Reviewed: Amazon's £23 mechanical gaming keyboard
    1. Console crossplay is "important" to Apex Legends, says Respawn
    2. GameStop ordered to close in Massachusetts, USA, after retailer resisted closure demands
    3. Doom 64 - a classic N64 shooter gets a top-tier port for current-gen systems
    4. Building Xbox Series X: why Microsoft redefined the console form factor
    5. Inside gaming's least safe safe rooms
    1. League of Legends card game Legends of Runeterra launches end of April
    2. Someone's built the Eastenders opening in Cities: Skylines
    3. Sony battles to scrub leaked The Last of Us 2 footage from the internet
    4. Football Manager 2020 gives free in-game advertising space to mental health charity during lockdown
    5. The Batista Bomb is Gears 5's best execution yet
    6. Amazon video game streaming service Project Tempo could be delayed to 2021 over coronavirus
    7. Remedy's Control vs DLSS 2.0 - AI upscaling reaches the next level
    8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season three lets you play as a soldier with a prosthetic leg
    9. Square Enix insists it will not release Final Fantasy 7 Remake digital version early
    10. Rocksmith DLC comes to an end as dev moves on to new project
    11. The pleasures of a game world you look down upon
    12. Here's a look at Elite Dangerous' long-awaited Fleet Carriers
    13. Stardew-Valley-inspired magic school sim Witchbrook gets a gorgeous new look
    1. Monster Boy dev shows off the DuckTales game it pitched to Disney
    2. There's something rotten about Animal Crossing's egg event
    3. Gone Home and Hob are currently free on the Epic Games Store
    4. Rust revamps farming system, adds horse poop
    5. Modern Warfare 2 Remastered: a campaign classic transitions beautifully to PS4
    6. Resident Evil 3 demo analysis: the game's brilliant but something's up with Xbox One X
    7. Five of the Best: Title screens
    8. Animal Crossing Grandma reacts to character named after her in New Horizons
    9. Platinum Games plots fifth reveal after April Fool's fourth falls flat
    10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer free for the weekend
    11. The Double-A Team: Sleeping Dogs lies on both sides of the law
    12. Outer Wilds scoops BAFTA's Best Game award
    13. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is janky as hell, but I absolutely love it
    14. Annapurna Interactive's apocalyptic coming-of-age visual novel If Found is out in May
    15. 80 Days dev reveals King-Arthur-inspired "strategic narrative" adventure Pendragon
    16. Acclaimed Castlevania-esque rogue-like platformer Rogue Legacy is getting a sequel
    1. Apex Legends gets permanent duos and a Bloodhound event
    2. PlayStation 5 uncovered: the Mark Cerny tech deep dive
    3. If you own Fallout 76 on, you can get a Steam copy free
    4. Boundary looks like the zero-gravity bits from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    5. Microsoft eyes impact of Xbox Series X software developed from home
    6. Animal Crossing's Zipper T Bunny doesn't deserve your hate
    7. Super cool Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Easter egg fixes nine-year-old No Russian continuity error
    8. Panzer Dragoon: Remake review - flawed revisit to an off-kilter masterpiece
    9. Someone should make a game about: Terrace House
    10. No, Scalebound isn't back in production
    11. Judge rules Call of Duty can depict Humvees without a licence
    12. Hands-on with the dual-screen, ultra-premium Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15
    13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered brings the series' confounding pinnacle into brilliant focus
    14. Sony sets up $100m COVID-19 relief fund
    15. Pong Quest is a "hilarious" dungeon-crawling spin on the arcade classic
    16. Intel announces 10th-gen Comet Lake H laptop CPUs with up to 5.3GHz turbo
    1. Uncharted 4, Dirt Rally 2.0 are April's PlayStation Plus games
    2. Someone tried to rob me in Animal Crossing
    3. Rayman Legends is currently free on PC until the end of the week
    4. Bethesda will skip holding digital event in June
    5. Humble launches the Conquer Covid-19 Bundle to support organisations fighting coronavirus
    6. Link's Awakening and other top Switch games get price cuts at Currys
    7. Flipnote Studio April Fool's ends in creator being harassed
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    9. Warhammer 40,000 aerial combat tabletop Aeronautica Imperialis has a turn-based strategy game
    10. GAME furloughs staff on full pay until end of April
    11. Risk of Rain 2 is free to play on Steam this weekend to celebrate a year of early access
    12. There's no No Russian in Russia as Sony Russia refuses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
    13. Infinity Ward brings down the ban hammer on 50k Warzone cheaters
    14. You could briefly play Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord as an actual baby and it was hilarious
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    16. Granblue Fantasy: Versus review: a new step for fighting games with old failings.
    17. Someone should make a game about: avoiding quests
    18. Valve says Artifact's reboot will no longer let players buy cards or decks
    19. InXile's post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 delayed until August