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Here's a round-up of the best prices for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Fledgling hunters most welcome

Capcom are once again starting the year on a high with the PC release of Monster Hunter World's mammoth expansion Iceborne. The content is genuinely massive enough to consider it a sequel, which would justify the price tag, but fortunately you can make a bit of a saving from a few digital stores.

Green Man Gaming is your best port of call with 13% off the expansion, also applicable to the deluxe version, which throws in some bonus cosmetics and gestures.

New hunters also stand to make a saving with 12% off Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Master Edition, which bundles the base game with the expansion. Bear in mind that in either case, you'll need to have beaten the base game and reached Hunter Rank 16 before the Iceborne content unlocks.

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Of course, Iceborne first released on PS4 and Xbox One last September so there's also deals for console players. For PS4 players, you can take advantage of the PSN January Sale on right now and get either just the Iceborne expansion for £26.24 or the Master Edtion for £33.49.

While there's no digital discounts on Xbox, Argos is selling the Master Edition for £39.99 for both platforms. However, the base game is already on Game Pass so newcomers subscribed to Microsoft's excellent service can already get a taste for the hunt.

Switch owners also have reason to be cheerful as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is currently 50% off in the Switch eshop January sale. While the 'generation' in the title essentially means 'last-gen', it's nonetheless a brilliant summation of the series' legacy rammed full of even more content and challenging monsters than the latest iterations.

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