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Fallout 76 to add pets

You can't eat them.

Pets are coming to Fallout 76, Bethesda has said.

Project lead Jeff Gardiner and lead designer Ferret Baudoin held a Reddit AMA yesterday, and in it revealed some new features coming to the post-apocalyptic MMO.

"Edible ones?" Gardiner joked when asked if pets were coming to the game. "I kid. Now that we have our companions system in the game, we are looking to add pets as well."

The recent Wastelanders update added a raft of companions to the game, some of whom can be romanced. And the Fallout series has a history of pets as companions, with Dogmeat being a particular favourite. I expect dogs will be top of the list when pets arrive in Fallout 76.

Other highlights from the AMA include word a Mole Miner NPC similar to fan-favourite Murmgh will hit the game soon. And Bethesda teased the arrival of The Brotherhood of Steel, which is pretty exciting for Fallout fans. "Let's just say the Brotherhood is now watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely..." Gardiner said.

Redditor KATheHuman made a useful roundup of everything of interest said in the AMA over on the Fallout 76 sub.

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I wrote about my experience with Fallout 76 after the Wastelanders update went live - I had some fun, which is a remarkable thing to say about a game I recommended players avoid at launch. Fallout 76 still has issues, of course, but the arrival of NPCs certainly improves the experience.