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Fallout's second season will be out as "fast as humanly possible"

The Ghoul Monty.

Lucy in her Vault Dweller ensemble and Maximus in his Power Armour in Amazon's Fallout adaptation
Image credit: Amazon

Fallout's showrunners say they want to get the second season of Amazon's adaptation out as soon as it is possible.

The first season of Fallout made its debut back in April, with all episodes releasing on Amazon Prime in one go. Soon after it was released, the show received scores of praise across the industry. Our own Fallout review called it "a lovely, if blood-spattered, surprise", while Fallout's original creator Tim Cain had nothing but praise for the adaptation.

It ultimately came as no surprise when the series was quickly picked up for a second season, but just when could we see the likes of Walton Goggins' Ghoul on the screen again? Well, according to showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, the Fallout team is "going to be pedal to the metal to get season two out as fast as humanly possible".

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When asked about a release window for the show's second season by The Hollywood Reporter, Robertson-Dworet and Wagner noted the "internet has an interesting habit of making non-binding statements binding", so they refrained from giving any specific dates. However, Wagner stated the team was "going as fast as we possibly can".

"We've got a lot of heavy lifting from season one already done. We have sets, assets, visual effects, that are already done," Wagner said. "We are hitting the ground running this season."

Robertson-Dworet added: "There are so many things we wanted to do in season one where we were like, 'That would be amazing, let's do that in season two'. So it feels like we're so much farther along and it's honestly really exciting and we're just really grateful to have the opportunity to bring to the screen all the things that didn't quite fit in season one.

"We're excited to get to now do those now."

Ella Purnell and Aaron Morten on the set of Fallout
Ella Purnell and Aaron Morten on the set of Fallout season one. | Image credit: Amazon

The first season of Fallout saw 65 million viewers tuning in over its first 16 days of release. This in turn led to droves of players venturing into one or many of Fallout's video game wastelands, with Bethesda's Todd Howard recently stating: "Depending on the Fallout game, you're looking at a 4-6x increase in daily players."

This uptick in popularity saw Fallout 4 become the best selling game in Europe at one point in April, while Fallout 76 recently welcomed over one million players in a single day, several years after its initial release.

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