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Someone's built the Eastenders opening in Cities: Skylines

You wot?

Apparently this is what I need today: Eastenders recreated in Cities: Skylines.

Using the Skyes Greater London map and a raft of mods, Cities: Skylines tinkerer vyers07 built a city inspired by London. vyers07 took to reddit to showcase the virtual city, which has now reached a population of 500,000 (thanks, PCGamesN). While vyers07's clip doesn't have the Eastenders music playing over it (I'm sure you can imagine it as you watch!), the camera does spin around a bit.

Presenting to you: The City of Eastenders, currently at 500k pop. from r/CitiesSkylines

The river that runs through the city is clearly based on the winding of the Thames, and I see some famous landmarks roughly where they should be (City Airport is about right, as is The Shard), but vyers07's London clearly isn't to scale or striving for accuracy. If you squint, though, it really does look a lot like actual London - through the lens of our nation's favourite cockney soap opera.

What's truly impressive is this is a virtual city that is running in-game - computer fans permitting, of course - and so needs to make sense for its hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. Sewage and traffic flow and all that mess needs to be accommodated for in-game. What a job!

Here's the actual Eastenders intro, just for fun.

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