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January 2023 Archive

    1. Iron Galaxy's "brawler royale" Rumbleverse shutting down in February
    2. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor delayed to April
    3. Here's a first look at Warzone 2's new Resurgence map Ashika Island
    4. Street Fighter: Duel is a free-to-play RPG heading to mobile in February
    5. Fortnite U-turns on time-limited weekly quests
    6. Forspoken PC tested: a confusing, deeply disappointing port
    7. Where to find Capsule Corp locations in Fortnite
    8. The Crew Motorfest takes Ubisoft's open-world racer to Hawaii this year
    9. How to get the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite
    10. Nearly 100 staff axed from Halo developer, report claims
    11. Original GoldenEye 007 developers weigh in on new remasters
    12. Get an ultra-light gaming mouse for just £20 at The Game Collection
    13. Dead Space Leviathan Remnant boss fight strategy
    14. Monument Valley developer's Desta: The Memories Between headed to Switch and PC
    15. Konami PVP mystery game Crimesight will shut down after just one year
    16. Dead Space comms array puzzle solution, how to fix comms array with satellite dishes
    17. Mycologist seeks to calm fungal worries from The Last of Us TV show
    18. 40 staff stage strike at Ubisoft Paris development studio
    19. Activision exec thinks Sony's Last of Us TV success means Microsoft buyout should be fine
    20. Coral Island's Spring Update to include bathing suits and a tree planting festival
    21. Blitzle 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Blitzle in Pokémon Go
    22. I'm pretty sure Tchia is going to be a classic
    23. Dead Space fans translate mysterious New Game Plus message, which may hint at future locations
    24. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to skip E3 2023 - report
    25. Where to find Dead Space Peng treasure location
    26. What's in a look: the comic appeal of Hi-Fi Rush
    1. Get a free sound card worth £69 when you buy a Sennheiser EPOS headset
    2. Xbox Games with Gold February titles announced
    3. Dead Space tech review: this is what a best-in-class remake looks like
    4. The Last of Us Part 2 walkthrough, collectibles and items locations guide
    5. Nintendo Switch exclusive Sports Story scrubs game development criticism hidden in secret room
    6. Save an extra 20% on discounted gaming Accessories at Amazon Warehouse
    7. Tomb Raider film and TV series reportedly in the works at Amazon
    8. Original Life is Strange team share first teaser for new project
    9. XCOM director doesn't know "anything" about series' future right now
    10. Seth Rogen's Donkey Kong and Cat Mario spar in latest Super Mario Bros Movie clip
    11. Dead Space graphical fixes on the way
    12. Microsoft claims Sony "briefing people in Brussels" in fresh COD parity drama
    13. Inkulinati review – deep and daft tactical play
    14. Actress Annie Wersching, who played Tess in The Last of Us, has passed away
    15. Let's discuss The Last of Us episode three
    1. Blizzard admits Overwatch 2's new Ranked mode "suffered from poor comprehension"
    2. Phil Spencer says Halo remains "critically important to what Xbox is doing"
    3. PUBG publisher Krafton "remains steadfast" in its plans to "secure and expand powerful game-based IPs"
    4. DF Direct Weekly: Xbox's Developer Direct was the best games show in years
    5. Dambuster Studios says Dead Island 2's new skill deck is "even better" than a skill tree
    6. "Horizon Forbidden West alpha multiplayer" footage leaks online
    1. A chat with the creator of Birth
    1. Forza Motorsport reportedly delayed to 'Q3 or later' this year
    2. Kadabra returning to Pokémon TCG in June after two-decade absence
    3. HBO's The Last of Us adaptation officially renewed for second season
    4. Fortnite The Kid LAROI Wild Dreams event start time and rewards
    5. Battlefield 2042's class-style Specialists overhaul arrives next week
    6. Like a Dragon: Ishin! is shaping up to be a safe but crowd-pleasing trip to the past
    7. Dead Space weapon locations, best weapons, and where to find every gun
    8. Episode one of The Last of Us is free to watch on YouTube
    9. Dead Space trophy guide, from how earn every achievement and hidden trophy to the Platinum trophy explained
    10. GoldenEye 007 cheat codes won't work on Xbox
    11. Far Cry 7 and Far Cry multiplayer reportedly in development at Ubisoft
    12. Drop + Hifiman HE-R7DX review: these $99 headphones are worth buying
    13. Pokémon Go Registeel counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    14. This Fallout 4 realism mod makes introduction impossible to survive
    15. Hasbro lays off 15% of staff to cut costs
    16. How to beat Leviathan boss in Dead Space
    17. How to get Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space
    18. Here's where to buy the Dead Space remake
    19. Pokémon Go Mega Aerodactyl counters and weaknesses explained
    20. Pokémon Go Electric Cup best team recommendations
    21. Bungie explains Destiny 2 outage this week
    22. Pokémon Go Crackling Voltage field research tasks and spawns
    23. Dead Space accessibility options include content warning feature
    24. Annapurna published The Pathless out on Xbox and Switch next week
    25. What we've been playing
    26. Save £400 on this top of the line 2021 MacBook Pro at John Lewis
    27. The SteelSeries Arctis 7X wireless headset is £60/$50 cheaper right now.
    1. Acclaimed narrative adventure Road 96 is getting a musical prequel
    2. The Day Before dev insists zombie MMO is not a scam following latest delay
    3. Get a new Switch OLED with Mario Kart Live Home Circuit for free
    4. Why does GoldenEye 007's iconic watch music sound different on Nintendo Switch than on N64?
    5. Classic city builder remake Pharaoh: A New Era gets February release on PC
    6. Xbox Series S vs ray tracing: the story so far
    7. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and City of Gangsters next free Epic Games Store titles
    8. How to activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space by attaching Clutch Generator Modules
    9. Dead Space remake review - a horror original re-engineered as a franchise prequel
    10. Amazon Prime Gaming February line-up includes The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind GOTY Edition
    11. Season: A Letter to the Future review - a thoughtful premise with some minor snags
    12. Save 51% on this powerful AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor from Amazon
    13. Tray Racers is riotous, simplistic fun
    14. Naughty Dog "moving on" from Uncharted, open to The Last of Us Part 3 if it has a "compelling story"
    15. Activision is making Warzone 2.0 more like Warzone 1
    16. Six months after becoming a publicly traded company, FaZe Clan could be at risk of being delisted
    17. How to get into the Kloros Guild in Forspoken
    18. Activision details improvements for Call of Duty's awful user interface coming with Season 2
    19. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is now in Minecraft helping to redesign Croydon
    20. EA confirms Dead Space New Game Plus, secret ending
    21. All Destiny 2 Security Drone locations
    22. Warzone 2.0 DMZ's brutal AI to get nerfed with Season 2
    23. Skate's latest playtester build reportedly adds loot boxes
    24. Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location this week, how to get Tincture of Queensfoil and Toland location
    1. Xbox Game Pass' next few weeks bring GoldenEye, Age of Empires 2, and more
    2. Everything announced at Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct
    3. Tango Gameworks' exuberant rhythm adventure Hi-Fi Rush surprise-launches today
    4. Redfall launches in May
    5. Here's a look at Minecraft Legends' cross-platform PVP mode
    6. Join us for the Xbox Developer Direct
    7. A new golden age for JRPGs
    8. Twitch set to offer streamers more ways to make money and update ads incentive programme in 2023
    9. Forspoken Trophy guide, every hidden achievement and unlock requirements explained
    10. Get a new Xbox Wireless controller for under £40
    11. Our takes on the indie games nominated for the IGF 2023 Awards
    12. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life launches outside Japan in June
    13. Grab our top 60% mechanical keyboard pick for 46% off today at Amazon
    14. GoldenEye 007 comes to Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Game Pass this Friday
    15. Football Manager 2023 will launch on PlayStation 5 next month
    16. Forspoken Partha Dice, how often you can play and rewards explained
    17. Risen rises on to consoles and receives Steam update
    18. How to complete Labyrinths in Forspoken and rewards explained
    19. Genshin Impact Paper Theatre puzzle solutions
    20. Super Stardust Portable first PS Plus classic to add trophies retroactively
    21. The Day Before developer forgets to trademark game, delays release for nine months
    22. Minecraft armour customisation being tested on PC
    23. Fallout TV series leak shows Red Rocket gas stations for the first time
    24. Blizzard studio cans plans to unionise due to "confrontational tactics"
    25. Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, Hardcore Royale and rewards explained
    26. Pokémon Go Tapu Koko counters, weakness and moveset explained
    27. Five of the Best: Bosses
    28. Sifu gets Cantonese dub in next update
    29. Rick and Morty co-creator departs High on Life studio he founded following allegations
    30. Xbox gaming revenue down 13% but Game Pass reaches "new highs"
    1. Journey to the Savage Planet heading to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in February
    2. Warhammer 40K: Darktide gets Xbox Series X/S delay as dev admits it "fell short" of expectations
    3. Desperados 3, Shadow Tactics dev unveils pirate fantasy stealth-strategy Shadow Gambit
    4. Riot Games "confident" no player data compromised in last week's cyber attack
    5. On Tess, tendrils and game changes in The Last of Us episode two
    6. The underappreciated Life is Strange 2 is headed to Switch
    7. DF Direct Weekly: are PC minimum specs out of control?
    8. Google is hiding a fun and fungal The Last of Us surprise that really grows on you
    9. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum won't release before April
    10. How to Fast Travel in Forspoken
    11. Elden Ring's Crumbling Farum Azula forged in Halo Infinite
    12. How to hide in bushes that you threw down in Fortnite
    13. Dead Space's Isaac Clarke now in Fortnite
    14. Bardcard's an ingenious spin on the roguelike
    15. Cyberpunk 2077 developer believes linear story criticisms are "completely justified"
    16. Sonic designer reveals early pre-hedgehog concept art of spiky-haired twins
    17. Ubisoft Paris unions call for strike on Friday
    18. Here are the best Lunar New Year game sales
    19. Tynamo 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Tynamo preview in Pokémon Go
    20. World of Warcraft lead departs Blizzard in protest at forced employee ranking policy
    21. Persona 4 Golden riddle answers, including 'Who's the Riddle Master' and 'Riddle Senpai Returns' answers
    22. Microsoft wants Sony to divulge confidential business details in FTC lawsuit
    23. Pokémon Go developer's NBA All-World launches today
    24. Unannounced Tango Gameworks game leaks ahead of Xbox Developer_Direct
    25. Lil Gator Game is a longer spin on A Short Hike, and just as delightful
    26. How to clear Monuments in Forspoken
    27. Forspoken Founts of Blessings locations
    28. Forspoken final boss tips and strategy
    29. How to upgrade gear in Forspoken, including Cloaks, Necklaces and Nails explained
    30. Forspoken Tanta Sila boss tips and strategy
    31. Forspoken Tanta Prav boss tips and strategy
    32. How to Craft in Forspoken, where to find more Crafting Materials and Crafting Benches explained
    1. The Last of Us sets new HBO record for "largest week two audience growth"
    2. Sega could be a teasing a Cosmic Smash revival
    3. Dark Pictures: Switchback VR won't make PSVR 2 launch, now due in March
    4. SteamWorld Build is 'SimCity meets Dungeon Keeper' and it's out this year
    5. SteamWorld Build is a very pleasant surprise
    6. What works and what doesn't in Forspoken on PS5
    7. What do you think about graffiti as storytelling in video games?
    8. Best USB sound cards for gaming 2023
    9. Grab this excellent Kingston Fury 32GB kit of DDR4-3200 RAM for £77 from Amazon right now
    10. Forspoken review - a slow burner that's not without its charms
    11. EA battling Dead Space remake leaks
    12. The Last of Us Part 1 sales soar thanks to TV series
    13. HBO's The Last of Us was originally set to delve further into Tess's backstory
    14. Mass Effect veteran Mac Walters leaves BioWare after 19 years
    15. Square Enix battles more Forspoken leaks
    16. Granblue Fantasy: Relink re-emerges with new trailer
    17. Let's recap The Last of Us episode two
    18. Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising announced for PS5, PS4 and PC, has a Fall Guys-inspired mode
    19. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 finally gets Hardcore mode with Season 2
    1. The Crew 2's latest free update, Season 7 Episode 2, is out now
    2. Phil Spencer admits Xbox layoffs were "painful choices"
    3. Physical copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available for new-gen consoles later this month
    4. Dead Space Remake is so terrifying even the dev team struggles to play it
    5. Here are the 7 best PSVR 2 launch titles to play if you want to make the most out of your new headset
    6. "Halo and Master Chief are here to stay," insists 343 Industries studio head
    7. The broadcast of Nier Automata Anime Ver.1.1a has been temporarily postponed
    8. Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty boasts the "biggest budget" ever allocated to a CDPR DLC
    9. A Fire Emblem retrospective: A history of RPG excellence
    1. Dead Space Remake's achievement list reveals that there's an alternative ending
    2. The Callisto Protocol's latest patch introduces New Game Plus
    3. Monster Hunter Rise's PS5 and Xbox Series ports deliver PC-levels of customisation
    4. This mysterious Elder Scrolls Online letter has fans speculating about upcoming content
    5. PUBG Recap lets you show off the number of chicken dinners you won in 2022
    6. Looks like Stadia-exclusive Gylt is coming to other platforms "soon"
    7. Phasmophobia gets set for a progression wipe to "make way for an all-new levelling system"
    8. Shiny Larvitar evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Tyranitar best moveset in Pokémon Go
    9. Monster Hunter Rise's arrival on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation underlines its masterpiece credentials
    10. Marvel's Avengers reportedly announcing end of development "as early as next week"
    1. Can Steam Deck handle a range of PC's most challenging games?
    2. How to use the Peely's Plunder Augment to find buried treasure in Fortnite
    3. The Witcher 3's next-gen version getting physical release on consoles next week
    4. Genshin Impact Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears walkthrough and puzzle solutions
    5. How to tame a wolf in Fortnite
    6. Indonesian narrative indie A Space for the Unbound now available
    7. Fire Emblem Engage Supports, including romance options and how to unlock Support conversations explained
    8. Save up to £120 on tech at musicMagpie this month
    9. Destiny's Google Stadia Guardians offered free month of GeForce Now
    10. Which is the best video game adaptation for TV or film?
    11. Obsidian almost made an Avatar 2 game
    12. Fortnite Falcon Scout locations and how to use it
    13. Layoffs continue, as Google axes 12,000
    14. Grand Theft Auto trilogy released on Steam in sorry state
    15. Rocket League developer "investigating solutions" to trained AI bots used in competitive matches
    16. Majority of game devs see harassment from players as major problem, survey claims
    17. Ex-Sega developer highlights lack of credit for translators
    18. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 to bring back 1v1 Gulag
    19. Suicide Squad will have a battle pass limited to cosmetics - report
    20. What we've been playing
    21. How to change class to Advanced units and Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage
    22. Wizards of the Coast apologises for Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License fiasco
    1. Dungeon of the Endless spiritual successor Endless Dungeon out in May
    2. EA Sports PGA Tour out in March on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC
    3. Pokémon Go Weather Cup best team recommendations
    4. Marvel's Midnight Suns' Deadpool DLC gets January release date, new trailer
    5. Dead Cells' Return to Castlevania DLC gets first, brief gameplay trailer
    6. Here's PSVR 2's full 37-game launch window line-up, with 13 new additions
    7. Riot Games reportedly making layoffs
    8. Age of Wonders 4 coming in May for PC and consoles
    9. Study finds rating board loot box warnings inconsistently applied
    10. Get a 240Hz Samsung Odyssey monitor for under £200
    11. How to start Taxi Work in GTA Online, Downtown Cab Company missions explained
    12. NetEase smashes up giant World of Warcraft statue, as bitter divorce from Activision Blizzard continues
    13. Genshin Impact 3.4 Banner and event details
    14. Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2023 rewards and challenges for The Exquisite Night Chimes
    15. The Last of Us game director advocates unionisation following TV credit snub
    16. DF Retro Time Capsule: revisiting Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 3 on classic PC hardware
    17. The Last of Us nearly started with you playing as Joel, not Sarah
    18. I don't know whether to be turned off by the new Colossal Cave or charmed by it
    19. Yet more military documents leaked on War Thunder forum
    20. Telling Lies, Donut County leave Game Pass at the end of January
    21. The history of Cyprus is a problem in Pokémon Go
    22. Forspoken's opening hour leaks online
    23. Upcoming The Last of Us scene reveals new way infection spreads, and just how close Joel came
    24. Watch the moment Google Stadia died
    25. Ubisoft confirms Project Q cancelled
    26. Halo veteran Joseph Staten to leave 343 Industries
    27. Ex-Halo Infinite developers criticise "incompetent leadership" at Microsoft
    28. Pokémon Go Lunar New Year 2023 event Lucky Wishes quest steps, rewards and field research tasks
    29. As Apex Legends dev Respawn opens up about skill-based matchmaking, I wish Activision would do the same for Call of Duty
    30. Persona 4 Golden has not aged well
    31. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 2 delayed as devs promise "several changes"
    1. The Sims 4 does messy bathrooms and sexy pants in next two DLC Kit packs
    2. Microsoft set to cull 10,000 jobs
    3. Ubisoft CEO reportedly apologises for "ball is in your court" comments
    4. SteamWorld dev unveiling "what's next" for series in broadcast next week
    5. PowerWash Simulator is getting a free Tomb Raider crossover later this month
    6. Where to find Sand Grease Pupa locations in Genshin Impact
    7. How to mark enemies in Fortnite
    8. Sea of Thieves' first update of 2023 brings pet rocks, new limited-time adventure
    9. Returnal releases on PC next month
    10. How to align star sensors by damaging them in the correct order in Fortnite
    11. Shigeru Miyamoto said no to a Wario-style Princess Peach
    12. The Cantonese language (or the lack of it) in games
    13. Fan made Elden Ring GeoGuessr game tests your knowledge of The Lands Between
    14. Marvel's Avengers fans sore about Thor skin without helmet
    15. Stadia exclusive Gunsport reborn in Steam beta
    16. John Wick director making Rainbow Six movie
    17. Destiny 2 More than a Weapon quest steps
    18. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sells over 5m copies
    19. Unity lays off almost 300 staff
    20. Five of The Best: Relationships
    21. Ultimate Sackboy launches next month
    22. Persona 4 Golden test answers, including how to ace all exams and class quiz questions
    23. Persona 4 Golden Social Stats, best ways to increase Courage, Expression, Knowledge, Understanding, and Diligence
    1. Sony reveals top downloaded PlayStation Store games of 2022
    2. Stellaris' First Contact DLC is all about encounters with pre-FTL civilisations
    3. Industrial-Revolution-era city builder Anno 1800 heading to consoles in March
    4. Stadia's Bluetooth controller tool now live so users can connect to other devices
    5. Ubisoft Paris staff called to strike following CEO's "ball is in your court" comments
    6. How to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, best place to find and farm clay
    7. Leatherface won't be leaving Dead by Daylight
    8. Save up to £70 on a wireless headset in the EPOS winter sale
    9. Genshin Impact Xiao best build, Talent and Ascension materials, team, and weapon
    10. The Star Named EOS announced as next game from Behind The Frame developer
    11. The Last of Us was HBO's second most-watched premiere in a decade
    12. Forspoken demo updated due to feedback, PC requirements revealed
    13. Fire Emblem Engage review - a sideways step for the series that celebrates the classics
    14. Two days from death, Stadia fans battle to become Worm Game's number one
    15. Seedot 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Seedot in Pokémon Go
    16. Black Myth: WuKong launches summer 2024
    17. Take a look at Atomic Heart's brutal combat, open world and erotic robots in 11 minutes of new gameplay
    18. Activision Blizzard blames NetEase for lack of Chinese partnership extension
    19. Grab a PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller with FIFA 23 for under £70
    20. The accessibility charity helping Xbox and PlayStation: SpecialEffect
    21. Grab the solid WD Black SN770 1TB SSD for just £72 at Ebay with this code
    1. HBO's The Last of Us teases horrors to come in new The Weeks Ahead trailer
    2. League of Legends spin-off Mageseeker leaked by South Korean ratings board
    3. House of the Dead: Remake heading to PlayStation 5 this week
    4. Valheim dev shares first details of "volcanic" new biome Ashlands
    5. DF Direct Weekly: has Nintendo Switch hits its limits - and do we need a next-gen successor?
    6. Let's recap The Last of Us episode one
    7. Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal reportedly set for EU antitrust warning
    8. F1 champion Max Verstappen dubs Le Mans Virtual "a clown show" after disconnects force him to retire
    9. This Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD for £263 is an absolute steal from Amazon
    10. Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $2.6m for Prevent Cancer Foundation
    11. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy rumoured to be coming to Epic Games Store this month
    12. NetEase's Blizzard team disbands following collapse of 14-year Chinese deal
    13. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle delisted this month due to licensing issues
    14. PSA: There's a timed trial of The Last of Us Part One on PlayStation Plus
    15. Elder Scrolls fan project Skyblivion out 2025 "at the latest"
    16. Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development, Ubisoft insists
    17. Sail Forth offers all the pleasures of the watery part of the world
    1. WWE 2K23 is reportedly set to release in March
    2. The Simpsons Hit & Run full original soundtrack is now available to stream
    3. WWE bundles come to Rainbow Six Siege
    4. Here are the 7 best PSVR 2 launch titles to play if you're new to VR
    5. Lost Ark vows to "make right" bans given out to lapsed players
    6. Here's Toto's Africa fully recreated in Minecraft with note and command blocks
    7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now officially the US' biggest-selling game of 2022
    8. Krafton's share price falls as The Callistol Protocol fails to hit its sales target
    9. Breakdancing ghosts and cowboy corruption - a Frog Detective retrospective
    10. Ranking a few of our favourite virtual racing cars
    1. Google will release a "self-serve tool" to enable Stadia's controllers to connect to other devices next week
    2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre horror game shares its mo-cap process
    3. Google thanks Stadia players with the release of the "humble title" it used to test Stadia's features
    4. Valve's "entire asset repository" leaks online, including cut content for Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life games
    5. God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West lead this year's DICE awards nominations
    6. PUBG: Battlegrounds improves map traversal in Update 21.2
    1. Ubisoft shows off Skull and Bones' "narrative gameplay" in new devstream
    2. Wizards of the Coast faces backlash over planned changes to how it monetises third-party content
    3. Xbox Series S vs PlayStation 4 Pro - the four teraflop face-off
    4. Get the Crucial P5 Plus 1TB SSD at its lowest price on Amazon
    5. How to do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0
    6. Save over 10% on The Last of Us Part 1 before it comes to PC in March
    7. Final Fantasy 7 mod adds voice acting to original game
    8. Did Assassin's Creed games get way too big?
    9. AMD's eight-core Ryzen 7 5700X CPU is down to £189 from Amazon right now
    10. Steam users upset at lack of The Division 2 Achievements
    11. Pathfinder publisher Paizo announces new Open Gaming License in wake of Wizards of the Coast controversy
    12. John Carpenter suggests Dead Space movie in development
    13. Persona 3 and 4 streaming won't be restricted, but will require spoiler warnings
    14. What we've been playing
    15. Google and Nvidia reportedly "express concerns" to US financial regulators about Microsoft's Activision Blizzard buyout
    1. New Skull and Bones release date due "very soon" following latest delay
    2. Rick and Morty, High on Life creator Justin Roiland charged with domestic violence
    3. GOG officially ends its Steam-import Connect service after years of inactivity
    4. You can get 13 superb Wadjet Eye point-and-click adventures for £8 right now
    5. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's next major update coming "late February"
    6. Get the PS5 Disc Console + God of War Ragnarok bundle with a free controller for £540
    7. What to look forward to in 2023!
    8. Legend of Zelda cartoon writers reveal D&D influences
    9. New story trailer for Season introduces key characters on bicycle adventure
    10. Bungie makes big Destiny 2 armour mods change
    11. Marvel Snap PVP mode arrives end of January
    12. Ubisoft stock falls following project cancellations
    13. Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event, challenges and rewards list
    14. Saudi Arabia increases Nintendo stake to 6%
    15. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Paldean Pokémon Form list, including Paldean Wooper
    16. How to unlock Good Boy Protocol in Destiny 2
    17. Vengeful Guardian Moonrider is a fine example of retro done right
    18. PlayStation Plus game catalogue gets Devil May Cry 5, Back 4 Blood, and loads more this month
    1. There's a new single-player MechWarrior game in the works
    2. Company of Heroes 3's playable multiplayer tech test now live on Steam
    3. Ubisoft cancels three unannounced games, delays Skull and Bones again
    4. Xbox consoles will soon be "carbon aware"
    5. Last year was a disaster for PC games - here's how things need to change
    6. Xbox and Bethesda showcase reportedly airing this month with Redfall, Forza Motorsport, more
    7. NES The Legend of Zelda recreated in VR Doom mod
    8. Genshin Impact Paimon's Starlight Expedition answers for web event
    9. Sky Atlantic users can watch The Last of Us at the same time as HBO's premiere
    10. Fortnite's long-lost plague doctor returns, missing since Covid
    11. Need some RAM? This ADATA XPG DDR5 32GB kit is going for £116 with this code
    12. YouTube's updated violence and profanity restrictions can retroactively restrict gaming videos
    13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge on mobile via Netflix now
    14. New Bayonetta 3 patch makes Witch Time easier for Viola
    15. Final Fantasy 16 producer confuses fans with PC release response
    16. Lost Ark's The Witcher crossover comes to the west in January
    17. Are achievements and trophies bad for gaming?
    18. Five of the Best is back for supporters, and today's is Reveals
    1. HBO's The Last of Us TV adaptation is getting rave reviews from critics
    2. UK government makes gigabit-capable internet connections mandatory in new England homes
    3. One Piece Odyssey demo now available on Xbox and PlayStation
    4. Live-action Dungeons & Dragons TV series in the works at Paramount+
    5. This entry-level 120Hz Lenovo gaming monitor is down to £104
    6. Razer's modular Naga Trinity gaming mouse is half price at Amazon
    7. How to slide for 30 meters continuously on ice in Fortnite
    8. Where to find Jueyun Chili location in Genshin Impact
    9. We Happy Few leaving Game Pass, as Microsoft announces January's first wave of new arrivals
    10. How to claim Capture Points in Fortnite and all Capture Point locations
    11. Video games made an estimated £4.66bn last year, biggest home entertainment industry in the UK
    12. Win big with this excellent Currys deal on the Logitech G Pro X Superlight
    13. Best gaming mouse pads 2023
    14. Fortnite deploys urgent bug fix patch as fans despair at array of issues
    15. Here are the games of 2023 we can't wait to play
    16. Developers left out of The Callisto Protocol credits accuse Striking Distance of "playing favourites"
    17. Meta ends support for original Quest VR headset
    18. Swirlix 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Swirlix in Pokémon Go
    19. Frontier share price plummets following F1 Manager 2022 flop
    20. Nyxi releases drift-less GameCube controller for Switch
    21. The Queen: a Dwarf Fortress story
    22. Pokémon Go Mega Salamence counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    23. Forza Horizon 5 creative director and several team members break away from Playground Games
    24. Pokémon Go Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge, field research tasks and bonuses
    1. Bitmap Books' Mega Drive Visual Compendium cancelled following Sega threat of legal action
    2. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Remastered is coming in 2023
    3. Dead Space remake pre-orders now include original Dead Space 2 on Steam
    4. DF Direct Weekly: is next-gen GPU pricing out of control?
    5. Pokémon Go Gen 3 Pokémon list: Every Pokémon from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald's Hoenn region
    6. HBO's The Last of Us will have "tendrils" instead of spores spreading infection
    7. AMD Ryzen 5 7600 review: at what cost?
    8. Xbox Oreo packs to unlock Halo, Sea of Thieves, Forza cosmetics
    9. Five years later, Pokémon Go finally completes Gen 3 Pokédex
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