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Streamers say Guilty Gear Strive is "unplayable" because of hackers

Hard strive.

Guilty Gear Strive players have deemed the game "unplayable" following the discovery of a security exploit that allows hackers to target streamers.

The "R-Code exploit" not only enables hackers to crash their systems and forfeit matches, but it also sees unscrupulous users take control of direct messages and create untenable memory leaks (thanks, Vice).

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"Whoever is using this r-code exploit can now use this vulnerability to cause the GGST client to have some sort of leak, slowing the game to an unplayable crawl," tweeted hotashis.

"This occurs even in training mode, and doesn't happen with steam in offline mode."

There's been no formal word from developer Arc System Works about the problem - something troubling streamers who want to get some practise in ahead of the upcoming online competition - but producer Zack Shini recently tweeted to confirm that they were "looking through all the reports". We'll keep you posted.

In other hacking news: Nintendo has quietly patched a security vulnerability that could give hackers access to compromised Switch, 3DS, and Wii U games.

Remember when Nintendo released its first update for Mario Kart 7 in 10 years? Well, it turns out that was to address a critical exploit that "could allow an attacker to achieve full console takeover".