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Bill Clinton immortalised in Guilty Gear Strive's new Digital Figure mode

Following violence in gaming speech from 1999.

Bill Clinton has been immortalised in Guilty Gear Strive, after remarks against the series made in 1999.

As reported by Gamespot, then President of the United States Bill Clinton gave a speech condemning violence in video games, specifically violent messaging in advertisements.

He held up a number of examples, which included "kill your friends, guilt free" from Guilty Gear, the 1998 first instalment in the fighting game series.

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Fans at the time took Clinton's comments honourably, especially considering its niche appeal as a Japanese game.

Now, over two decades later, Clinton has been included in the latest game in a free update from 28th March that added a Digital Figure mode.

Here, players can create their own diorama from a combination of characters and scenes from the game.

And in the background? A portrait of Bill Clinton. He's blurry, but recognisable.

The new game update added the White House Reborn stage, as well as the Digital Figure mode and Testament - the final first season character. Fans have applauded developer Arc System Works for its use of they/them pronouns in Testament's bio.

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