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Guilty Gear Strive getting second character pass and crossplay

Newly-redesigned Testament is final Season 1 fighter.

Arc System Works has announced crossplay and a second character pass for Guilty Gear Strive, meaning four additional fighters are on the way.

These will arrive after Testament, the final first season character who has now been fully revealed.

Fans have welcomed the character's redesign and fresh moveset, and noted Arc System Works' use of they/them pronouns for Testament's bio. The scythe-wielding fighter will become available to season pass owners on 28th March, and for all players on 31st March.

A free update for the game on 28th March will add a "digital figure" mode so you can position characters - including their poses and expressions - plus furniture and effects to your heart's desire.

The additional stage "White House Reborn" will also launch then, and is included in the first season pass.

Finally, "Another Story" will arrive in late April and retell the game's narrative from other perspectives, featuring other characters.

Crossplay will arrive alongside the game's second season of content, allowing PC, PlayStation 4 and PS5 players to match against each other.

Guilty Gear Strive is the latest in a string of games adding crossplay with PlayStation platforms. Five years on, For Honor is getting crossplay as part of its sixth year of content. Borderlands 3 is also getting crossplay, one year later. It was recently announced that Fall Guys is finally getting PC and PlayStation crossplay, ahead of its long-awaited Nintendo Switch and Xbox release. And while not yet officially confirmed, it has been reported that FIFA 23 will also offer crossplay this year.

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