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Fall Guys update adds crossplay

PC Bean meets PS Bean.

The latest update for Fall Guys will add crossplay.

A post from Mediatonic has revealed the Fall Guys season 6 update will come with some of "our most-anticipated functionality". So, what does this mean? Well, in short, thanks to some "swanky tech" from Epic Online Services, Fall Guys fans will now be able to party-up and battle for the crown together, regardless of if they play on PC or PlayStation.

"Though you were previously able to form cross-platform lobbies in Custom Shows, this now means you can party-up and enjoy any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys-from Squads, to Duos, to Main Show and beyond", the post reads.

"As long as you and your friends have already linked your Epic Accounts to Fall Guys, you'll be able to play together by using the 'Invite Players' functionality. Don't worry if you, or others, haven't linked accounts yet; there'll be a prompt to do so upon launching the game".

Along with this new feature, the post also touches on the launch of Fall Guys on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox, albeit very briefly.

Mediatonic said it knew fans were eager to hear more news about the long, long-awaited Switch and Xbox versions of the game, but, alas, these ports just aren't quite ready yet.

On this, the post states: "We're finalising development, and though it isn't within this update, it's still coming!".

"Until then, we're super excited to enable this cross-platform functionality for our existing platforms as a first step".

Along with crossplay, the update will also add "a brand-new game mode called Sweet Thieves, as well as a whole host of bug-fixes for you to sink your wrenches into".

This latest Fall Guys update can be launched now on Steam and PlayStation consoles.

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