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Death Stranding's Sam Porter Bridges arrives in Fall Guys tomorrow

BB please come home.

Death Stranding, one of video gaming's finest stomping-through-a-damp-valley sim, will be shoving a baby in a jar and walking grumpily into Fall Guys tomorrow, 18th July.

More specifically, developer Mediatonic's knockabout free-to-play battle royale game welcomes Death Stranding protagonist Sam Porter Bridges into its heaving dayglo bean orgy in the guise of a new costume styled after the Standard-Issue Bridges SDT Suit.

It features exactly the kind of gear you'd want if you had plans to march through rain capable of instantly withering you into an aged husk, complete with Odradek Terrain Scanner, and your very own Bridge-Baby-in-a-jar which is also bean shaped, naturally.

Death Stranding is part of Fall Guys' Season 4, which introduced a stage editor earlier this year.Watch on YouTube

The Sam Porter Bridges costume arrives as part of Fall Guys' latest battle-pass-style Fame Pass, available from 10am tomorrow, 18th July, to 22nd August, for 600 Show-Bucks. Other rewards include the Charming Capybara, Cow Juice, Cosy Croc, and Beebot costumes, plus emotes and more. Additionally, the new Spike costume can be unlocked via the free progression path.

Sam Porter Bridges is presumably putting himself about a bit to drum up awareness of Death Stranding ahead of its eventual sequel, revealed by creator Hideo Kojima during last year's The Game Awards. And then, of course, there's the Death Stranding movie, which was announced shortly after and apparently "on the fast track with development underway".

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