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Lara Croft tumbles into Fall Guys with Tomb Raider crossover

Here are the arti-facts.

Famed archaeologist Lara Croft will join the bumbling beans of Fall Guys, thanks to a new Tomb Raider crossover.

"A Lara Croft bean is something you never knew you needed," Tomb Raider's Twitter announced last night. "All the obstacle course training at Croft Manor is going to pay off!"

As for the Lara Croft bean skin, it is taking inspiration from the classic Lara of old, complete with short shorts, tank top, dinky backpack and braided hair.

Lara Croft uses her athletic prowess to get the crown...?Watch on YouTube

When she will be arriving in Fall Guys, however, is still a bit of a mystery. The Tomb Raider account only says it will be "soon", while the Fall Guys account has said she will be coming with the next Fame Pass.

This is not the first time Lara has made the jump from Tomb Raider to another video game franchise. She has also shown up in fellow Epic Games' release Fortnite with both her rebooted Survivor timeline look and retro look.

Meanwhile, earlier this year fans were given the chance to hose down Croft Manor, including a rather imposing t-rex carcass and her ladyship's obstacle course, thanks to a Power Wash Simulator crossover.

As for Fall Guys, last month saw the arrival of the game's build-it-yourself Creative mode.

This all works pretty much as you would expect. It's a level editor that allows you to create custom Rounds which you can then share with your friends and the wider community to play.

Have you bean there and done that, yet?

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