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FIFA 23 will reportedly include crossplay

Across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

This year's upcoming FIFA 23 will reportedly allow fans to play each other across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The move to crossplay has been a long time coming for EA's footy brand, and comes after numerous other big franchises have also taken the plunge.

Word that this year's FIFA instalment will support crossplay comes from Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson (via XFire). Men's and Women's World Cups will also be included, it was reported.

FIFA 22.Watch on YouTube

EA is yet to confirm these details itself, but we have contacted the company for comment.

FIFA has recently hit the headlines in the gaming world as EA considers dropping the brand name from its annual series of football titles.

Earlier this week, EA boss Andrew Wilson reportedly told staff that the brand had been "impeded" by its connections to the global sporting body, which was just "four letters on the front of the box".

"FIFA" was now more synonymous with EA's game than the group itself, Wilson said - a slightly odd argument therefore for dropping it. EA would also potentially earn money through its own sponsorships without the FIFA brand attached, Wilson continued, since FIFA has its own rules around licenses and advertising.

Another key question for FIFA 23 will be its inclusion of Russia, following the country's ban by both FIFA and UEFA. EA declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer about that.

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