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It looks like FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042 are on their way to Xbox Game Pass

A Microsoft store update hints both games are heading to the subscription service.

An update on the Microsoft store intimates that Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 may be on the way to Xbox Game Pass.

Whilst not formally confirmed by Microsoft nor Electronic Arts - so treat this as a rumour for now - both games now sport the Game Pass logo (thanks, XGP, via NME) on the former's online store, suggesting they may get their debut on Microsoft's subscription service next month.

As FIFA 22 was released in October 2021 and Battlefield 2042 in November, this means both games will only be around six months old should they indeed be joining Microsoft's library of games soon.

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At the time of Eurogamer’s review of Battlefield 2042, Martin posited that it is the weakest of the series, stating: "Battlefield 2042 feels like the most muddled, compromised and confused entry in the series yet - a more existential problem than faced by the likes of Battlefield 4 through its similarly troubled launch". However, while even EA itself admits the game flopped, it has seen significant improvements since its original release.

Wes wasn't much more complimentary about FIFA 22, either.

"So, here's to another FIFA 22, much like the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that - a game that would be so much better for the soul were it not dragged down by the clawing hand of capitalism. Much like real football, I suppose," he wrote in Eurogamer's FIFA 22 review.

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