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More than five years on, For Honor is getting crossplay

At last.

After years of waiting, For Honor fans are finally getting crossplay.

Ubisoft is set to release a slew of new content as part of For Honor's upcoming sixth year, but crossplay is without a doubt the most eagerly anticipated feature to be addressed. "Crossplay will be deployed in 2 Phases in For Honor," the developer revealed in a blogpost. The first phase will be released on 17th March for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, alongside the launch of Y6S1 (more on that in a mo).

The second phase is currently in development and will launch on an unspecified date in the future.

So, what is actually in store with this first phase of crossplay? Well, it will introduce matchmaking for For Honor's PVP and PVE modes by, "unifying the three player pools for all PC, PlayStation and Xbox players".

As such, players should see a reduction in their matchmaking times, and therefore an overall improvement to each online gaming experience.

In the second phase, players will see this new crossplay functionality extended to group play, with Ubisoft promising that, "Your friends' platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together". Nice.

In addition to crossplay, the For Honor team also aims to "dive into" the mythology and story of Heathmoor this year.

As such, each of the upcoming seasons for year six will focus on one of four relics, each with a story to tell. For Honor's product manager Michael Porrazzo says this year, "the fantasy is really coming to another level we have never seen before."

This year will additionally see the introduction of more Outlanders (No, not Sam Heughan and co). These mercenaries have joined the fight "for their own personal reasons" and will be featured in season two and season four.

You can check out For Honor's full Year Six taster trailer below.

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