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Here's three minutes of footage from a cancelled Prince of Persia project

Lost in the sands of time.

10 years ago, Ubisoft Montreal was working on an unannounced Prince of Persia game subtitled Redemption.

Eight years ago, footage of this game was quietly posted to YouTube. And there it lay buried, under the sands of time, largely unnoticed - until today.

Today, this footage was noticed and promptly popped up on Resetera, where it quickly sparked interest in Ubisoft's long-dormant series.

The video shows a reboot of sorts, with arcadey wall-hopping gameplay and what looks like fun combat with the series' trademark time-manipulation in place.

It was in early development around 2010, following the launch of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - the series' last new big-budget release.

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Writing on Twitter, former Ubisoft developer Jonathan Cooper confirmed the footage as a pre-rendered game pitch which Ubisoft ultimately cancelled.

"Amazing work from animation director Khai Nguyen (For Honor) and team," Cooper wrote. "This target game footage (pre-rendered game pitch) inspired our own pitch for Assassin's Creed 3 as they did such a great job making it look like real gameplay."

Speaking of For Honor, it is perhaps not a coincidence that Ubisoft's Prince has finally been given a return (sort of) within the game. Last month, For Honor hosted a Blades of Persia crossover event starring the character.

Watch on YouTube

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