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For Honor is a terrific, brutal mix of Ubisoft-brand third-person game design and proven fighting game principles.


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Hero balance! Disconnections! Honourable play! More!

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Great on console, but the 60fps PC experience is a cut above.

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For Honor outlines third year of updates

For Honor is still trucking along - Ubisoft just announced a raft of updates coming to the melee combat game during its third year.

Four seasonal updates themed around the Year of the Harbinger are planned. These updates include new heroes, new maps, gameplay balance updates as well as seasonal in-game events.

This all kicks off 31st January 2019 with the new season, Vortiger. This adds a new Knight hero to the game as well as a new map. Here's how the roadmap looks:

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For Honor's Marching Fire expansion includes 'graphical enhancements' to lighting, weather, and textures

For Honor's Marching Fire expansion includes 'graphical enhancements' to lighting, weather, and textures

And all without inflating size or detrimentally affecting performance.

For Honor's upcoming Marching Fire expansion will include a huge graphical overhaul.

The "Graphical Enhancements Showcase" segment of a recent livestream illustrates exactly what's been improved, which includes a major update to global illumination, updated sky tech, plus new tone mapping and colour grading, too.

Ubisoft - which started the upgrading process just after the multiplayer brawler was released - has also reworked all textures in the game.

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For Honor's Marching Fire expansion is getting a free "open test" weekend

Ubisoft's melee-focussed multiplayer brawler, For Honor, is hosting a special free "open test" weekend for its upcoming content expansion, Marching Fire - starting next week on September 6th.

More specifically, the open test will run from September 6th to September 10th, and will be available to everyone on PC, regardless of whether they currently own For Honor or not. Players can download the client ahead of time, from September 4th via Uplay.

Those that participate in the open test will have access to all 22 of For Honor's heroes, including the four new Wu Lin fighters (that's the Tiandi, Jiang Jun, Nuxia, and Shaolin) introduced as part of the Marching Fire update. Duel mode and the brand-new 4v4 PvP Breach mode - which sets opposing teams the task of either defending or storming a fortress - will be available, and all three Breach maps will be playable in PvP, PvAI, PvP, and Custom Matches.

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For Honor is free all this week on PC

And its "biggest and most ambitious update so far" arrives in October.

At its E3 showcase, Ubisoft announced that the Starter Edition of its melee-focussed multiplayer brawler For Honor, will be free on PC via Uplay from June 11th to June 18th.

For Honor's Season Six update is out now

For Honor's Season Six update is out now

Adds a new map, limited-time event, and more.

Melee-focussed multiplayer brawler For Honor's sixth season of content is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing with it a new limited-time event, hero overhauls, and more.

Top of Season Six's additions, however, is the new map, Beachhead - a picturesque "grand fortress of solitude and respite" that's built into a mountain. "Invaders can only arrive by boat on the banks of this fortress," explains Ubisoft, "making it an extremely defensible position, a desirable stronghold for any army hoping to gain the upper hand in battle." You can see what that translates to in-game in the video below.

Elsewhere, Season Six pushes onward with Ubisoft's overhaul of the core For Honor experience that began in Season Five. This time around, heroes Orochi and Peacekeeper get all the attention, with the former receiving changes to help "players be more successfully able to counter-attack and parlay that into a sustained offence", while Peacekeeper's adjustments are designed to encourage players to use moves that are often ignored.

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For Honor re-review - a troubled wargod finally gets into its stride

Sometimes the best parts of a game aren't where its heart lies. If you want to experience For Honor in its prime, make a beeline for duels. Here, you're free to savour the meaty wonderment of the game's weapon-based combat system without distraction, away from the chaos of the team-based modes. A quick overview of the basics, for newcomers: fighters switch between left, right and top stances to launch or block attacks from those directions, as indicated by a three-segment shield icon. Each move burns stamina, and draining the bar will leave you as helpless as a kitten, so knowing when to ease off and catch your breath is key.

For Honor

Developer: Ubisoft

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For Honor gets a big new update and an impressive training mode

For Honor gets an impressive-looking training mode later today.

As someone who put a lot of time into Ubisoft's unique multiplayer-focused melee combat game at launch but drifted away a few months later, this new training mode is welcome. I can also see it being pretty useful for newcomers because For Honor has quite a lot of hero characters to contend with and plenty of mechanics that govern the combat to wrap your head around.

The new tutorial includes basic apprentice training and more advanced warrior training, which come complete with their own set of rewards. Usefully, the training includes timing feedback for opponent moves, which should help you master execution. There's also a media section, where you can watch tutorial videos.

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For Honor's Season Five launches next month, introduces long-awaited dedicated servers

UPDATE 8/2/2018: Ubisoft has announced that For Honor's long-awaited dedicated servers will be introduced to PC on February 19th. Dedicated servers will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 “soon after”, with exact release dates to be revealed later.

The publisher hopes the new dedicated servers will result in better matchmaking, and smoother, more stable matches. ”This implementation will remove the resyncing, session migrations, and NAT requirements that players currently have and deliver stable connectivity on all platforms", Ubisoft stated previously.

ORIGINAL STORY 25/1/2018: Ubisoft has announced that For Honor's fifth season, known as Age of Wolves, will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15th.

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FeatureThe year in loot boxes

The empire strikes back.

The great Star Wars debacle - and I'm not talking about The Last Jedi's second act here - dominated video game headlines in the last quarter of 2017. But in truth the year was packed with depressing stories about loot boxes, so many in fact that it has at times felt like our beloved hobby was more about the chance to win a rare item than it was about the chance to play.

For Honor Season Four update adds two new heroes

For Honor Season Four starts on 14th November and it adds two new heroes to Ubisoft's multiplayer-focused melee combat game.

The Order & Havoc update adds the Aramusha, a ronin-like Hybrid for the Samurai faction, and the Shaman, a lightning-fast Assassin for the Vikings.

The Aramusha is inspired by historical samurai Miyamoto Musashi, Ubisoft said, and wields dual katanas.

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Wide-ranging For Honor update kills controversial "unlock tech" exploit

Ubisoft has killed the controversial For Honor exploit one player used to cheese his way to victory at a recent tournament.

Unlock tech, as it was dubbed by For Honor players, involved making some attacks unparryable if unlocked at just the right time.

It was a technique some within the community frowned upon, and certainly didn't go down well with creative director Roman Campos Oriola.

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For Honor player exploits his way to tournament victory

And the creative director does not sound impressed.

For Honor is a great fighting game marred by technical issues. That's a sentiment that has dogged the game since it came out - now thrust once again into the public eye by a recent Ubisoft-backed tournament that ended in farce.

Big new For Honor patch goes a long way to making the game better

Ubisoft has released a big patch for For Honor that goes some way to addressing many of the concerns of the community.

Patch v1.05, out now on PC and soon on console, makes a huge number of balance changes to the game, but the headline tweak is a nerf to the controversial Peacekeeper, a hero considered so overpowered she was recently banned from tournament play.

Peacekeeper's Zone Attack, which was considered a very low risk and very high reward opener, even on block, has been tweaked to no longer give you a frame advantage on block. Other moves have increased recovery and decreased damage.

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FeatureSay it in less

On the joy of leaving your mic off in multiplayer.

"Two prisoners whose cells adjoin communicate with each other by knocking on the wall," goes an aphorism penned by the French mystic and political activist Simone Weil. "The wall is the thing which separates them but is also their means of communication. It is the same with us and god. Every separation is a link." I doubt Weil would have been very pleased to see this sentiment applied to a video game like Rainbow Six: Siege - in which the only god is line-of-sight, and tapping on walls is a great way to get yourself shot in the ear. But I like to think she'd have appreciated how creatively players of such games reach out to one another through the simulation's constraints, especially once you remove direct speech from the equation.

Face-Off: For Honor

Digital FoundryFace-Off: For Honor

Great on console, but the 60fps PC experience is a cut above.

As console comparisons go, a Face-Off between PS4 and Xbox One versions of For Honor would be pointless to an almost spectacular degree. In every way that matters, these two versions of the game are essentially identical - to a degree we've not seen for some time. We'll cover off the details of that, but there is a game-changing experience amongst the For Honor line-up. It's not PS4 Pro - although Ubisoft has done a great job here - but rather the PC release. For Honor is a superb fighting game, but it's pegged to 30fps. On PC, the sky's the limit.

On the face of it, For Honor does indeed look like some kind of hybrid of the Dark Souls games, merged with crowd-level brawling of Dynasty Warriors with additional, MOBA-like overtones. But as Wes pointed out in his impressions piece, it's better to think of For Honor as a third-person Soul Calibur.

And with that in mind, there's a certain air of frustration and uncertainty around the control mechanics of the game. There is weight and heft to the weaponry, which almost feels like an overly intrusive amount of input lag. But it isn't really - the game is designed like this. It's intrinsic to the mechanics, but the difference with the PC version is that running the game at 60fps serves to remove the doubt. There's a reason that fighting games are usually designed to refresh in line with a 60Hz monitor - it's to ensure a low latency interface, and crisp response.

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For Honor review

It's a comeback for the ages. Well, almost. I'm standing at one end of a roofed wooden walkway in the grounds of a magnificent Buddhist monastery, health bar chiselled down to a stub, the sunset blazing at my elbow. That walkway is fast becoming notorious in For Honor's fledgling PvP community: it's all too easy, here, for a less civilised player to crash through your defences and shove you off the edge.

On the plus side, my adversary doesn't appear to be one of the latter. On the down side, my adversary is a Nobushi, a Samurai class equipped with a bladed spear whose basic tactic is to lacerate you with rapid, merciless prods, then retreat smugly while you bleed out - very effective indeed in a narrow environment. I'm playing an Orochi, a fencer who excels at counterattacks and darting footwork. Or at least, that's the idea. What I'm mostly excelling at right now is getting poked in the kidneys whenever I try to close in.

Among the things I suspect fighting game AI will never, ever capture are those moments when desperate players tap into unsuspected reservoirs of skill. In this case, it isn't so much a question of desperation as pride. What, was I going to let this broomhandle-wielding oaf polish me off with a status effect? Me, the very flower of bushido? I lurch forward suddenly like a drunk going in for a hug. The Nobushi retaliates with another flurry of jabs, but rather than trying to block I veer into them, my katana catching the point of the spear elegantly and guiding it over my head. An opening!

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Following an open and closed beta - and more trailers than you can shake a longsword at - For Honor is finally out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While it's safe to say its tricky combat mechanics have rubbed a few people up the wrong way, our Wes absolutely loved it, calling it the best fighting game he's played in ages

Watch: Five things to try in For Honor's open beta

For Honor, Ubisoft's bombastic medieval combat game, is currently in open beta, letting players murder one another as vikings, knights and samurai all weekend. Buzz around For Honor has been fairly strong for a while now and the beta certainly seems to be going down well, should you be interested in giving it a go yourself.

If you do decide to jump in and chop off a head or two this weekend, you'd do well to cast your eye over the video below first. In order to give you the best possible head start, I've compiled a list of five things you ought to try in the beta, as well as a fairly comprehensive breakdown of the different classes on offer.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on For Honor that you'd like to share, feel free to do so in the comments below. Especially if they're about the anachronism of vikings having horned helmets - I have a friend called Greg who does viking re-enactments and that drives him scatty.

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For Honor open beta starts next week

With For Honor's closed beta finished, it's time for the open beta.

For Honor's open beta runs from Thursday, 9th February to Sunday, 11th February, and it's available to all players on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

For Honor is Ubisoft's third-person melee combat game that pits Knights, Vikings and Samurai against each other. The focus is on multiplayer, but there is a single-player story mode, too.

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For Honor closed beta due later this month

For Honor will be receiving a closed beta from 26th through 29th January, Ubisoft has announced.

You can sign up for the closed beta here, which will be available across all platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) and various regions.

Players are asked to pick one of three factions (Knight, Samurai or Viking) and achievements of each faction across all platforms will net bonuses for those in the same tribe. Faction bonuses earned from the beta will transfer into the full game too.

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Right, me again this week. I've been having a bit of a think about Eurogamer's Weekly Podcast That We Do and how best to propel us to the next level. If I'm being entirely honest with you, I've got aspirations for an Audible sponsorship. All the big podcasts have one. How many listeners do you need for one of those? Actually, how many listeners do we even have?

I guess you could describe For Honor's single-player campaign as a training ground for the main event. A place to get to grips with each of the game's heroes and their distinct fighting styles, without the pressures of competition and voice chat. You could make that argument. But gosh, it's a boring place to be.

I've been watching For Honor with a mounting sense of excitement for quite a while now. Admittedly this is mostly because it reminds me very much of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a game I used to play rather a lot. Chivalry is absurd medieval sword swinging at its finest, so I'm very much hoping the similar impression I'm getting from For Honor isn't mistaken.

For Honor gets Valentine's Day release date and a campaign

For Honor gets Valentine's Day release date and a campaign

Watch the Viking story gameplay video.

Ubisoft's chunky sword-and-axe fighting game For Honor has been given a Valentine's Day - 14th February 2017 - release date. It's coming out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A year ago this game was multiplayer only but now there's a campaign, which you can play alone or in co-op. You're fighting the Blackstone Legion and some mean lady who wants war!

Ubisoft released a Viking campaign mission video you can see below.

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Ubisoft announces 4v4 melee game For Honor

Ubisoft announces 4v4 melee game For Honor

Vikings versus knights versus samurai out 2016.

Ubisoft Montreal is making a brand new knights-versus-samurai-versus-Vikings melee combat game called For Honor.

It's in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and is due out 2016, according to the game's website. It's playable this week at E3.

Wacky creative director Jason VandenBerghe introduced For Honor and a live 4v4 demo at Ubisoft's E3 2015 conference.

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