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For Honor Assassin's Creed crossover kicks off today

For the Creed.

The world of Assassin's Creed collides with For Honor from today.

The For the Creed in-game event runs from 20th December to 10th January on all platforms.

It includes a variation of the four versus four Dominion mode called Assassini e Templari in which you capture zones to spawn Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Cesare Borgia out to battle.

If you kill a commander your team gets 300 points. The first team to hit 1000 points and defeat the opposing team during the breaking period wins.

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There's more to the crossover: maps in the Assassini e Templari mode include iconography and Animus glitches, and soldiers are themed around unique factions tied to Assassin's Creed games. All drop attacks include a Leap of Faith and air assassination animation, and the game menus are displayed through the Animus. Some game modes are narrated by Warren Vidic, the director of the Animus Project at Abstergo Industries, too.

There are loads of customisation items, including the Odyssey of the Misthios, a new Haystack emote and a hidden blade execution. This stuff doesn't come free - Ubisoft said For the Creed bundles cost 35,000 steel per hero.

According to Ubisoft, the in-game explanation for all this is the Animus from Assassin's Creed is used to plop players into an age where the Knights, Vikings, Samurai and Wu Lin wage war on each other. It happens. It happens a lot.

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