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For Honor's Year 6 Season 4, Shattered Fates, launches next week

There's a new map "realisation", a new Hero Skin, and a new battle pass, of course.

Image credit: Ubisoft

For Honor's Year 6 Season 4, Shattered Fates, will launch next week.

The game's final Year 6 season, Shattered Fates goes live on 15th December and usher in a new map "realisation" along with a new Hero Skin for the Black Prior - it'll set you back 25,000 Steel or you can get it in a bundle with 7-Day Champion Status and three scavenger crates - as well as a shiny new battle pass, of course.

For Honor: Year 6 Season 4 - Shattered Fates Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

From 15th December you'll also get the "chilling Ice Brawlers game mode" Frost Wind Nights event. Available until 5th January, it will offer new lootable weapons and a free event pass, whilst from 22nd December, we welcome back the Testing Grounds which "focuses on the Jormungandr Hero".

"Shattered Fates concludes Year 6: Lost Horizons, marking For Honor's first fully crossplay season," Ubisoft explains. "The fabled relic introduced this season is the Celestial Sphere, guarded closely by the secretive kingdom of Arabia.

"Commander Ravier is tasked with finding the Celestial Sphere and stealing its forbidden prophecies. Armed with this knowledge, the Black Priors hope to conquer Heathmoor - and they will spare none who know its secrets. As a top lieutenant of the Black Priors, Commander Ravier cuts a fearsome figure, so an exclusive Hero Skin will be available to purchase for 25,000 Steel or in a bundle with 7-Day Champion Status and three scavenger crates."

Year 6 Season 4's Battle Pass will be available at launch with "100 tiers of different rewards reflecting the season's theme". If you don't want to level up the old-fashioned way, the Battle Bundle includes the Battle Pass "and instantly unlocks 25 tiers".

After years of waiting, For Honor fans finally have crossplay.