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Leatherface won't be leaving Dead by Daylight

Friday the 13th not so unlucky.

No, Leatherface won't be leaving Dead by Daylight, despite rumours to the contrary.

A previous tweet from Twitter account DbDLeaks implied that Leatherface would be leaving the horror game due to Friday the 13th licensing issues.

However, developer Behaviour Interactive has debunked the rumour with a statement to Eurogamer.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | Forged in Fog | Spotlight Trailer
Dead by Daylight | Forged in Fog | Spotlight Trailer

"Thank you for taking the time to address the rumours about Leatherface leaving our game. I am glad to share with you that The Cannibal is indeed staying a part of the Dead by Daylight Experience," a Behaviour Interactive spokesperson told me. "He's hooked on us!"

That's alongside a tweet from the official game account showing Leatherface still in action.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Blue Wizard's Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle will be delisted later this month due to licensing issues.

It was feared that the Dead by Daylight Killer would suffer the same fate, but that's now proved incorrect.