March 2012 Archive

    1. Comet owner OpCapita reportedly buys GAME
    2. App of the Day: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint
    3. Game of the Week: Ridge Racer Unbounded
    4. Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?
    5. Tech Interview: WipEout 2048
    1. Sony quiet on SOCOM dev closure rumour
    2. Researchers claim hackers can pull credit card data from used Xbox 360s
    3. Disgaea dev announces three PS3-exclusive JRPGS for Europe
    4. Anomaly: Warzone Earth XBLA release date confirmed
    5. Dust 514 Preview: Worlds Collide
    6. Worms Revolution announced for PC and consoles
    7. Mortal Kombat Vita release date revealed
    8. Tesco claims it's "The Home of Gaming" in new ad
    9. Obsidian lined up to co-develop Wasteland 2
    10. EA explains why Euro 2012 FIFA add-on isn't a standalone game
    11. GTR and Race Pro creator SimBin making free-to-play platform
    12. Awesomenauts release date announced
    13. Blockbuster doing midnight Star Wars Kinect launch
    14. Out of the Lion's Den: Why the Creators of Fable Left to Go it Alone
    15. GAME and Gamestation websites are back online
    16. Epic Mickey 2 PC, Mac confirmed
    17. Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business
    18. App of the Day: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force=Mass x Acceleration)
    19. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition confirmed for Mac OS X
    20. "Current generation can't cope" with Total War says CA
    21. CCP delivers verdict on Eve Online Council chairman
    22. Inside The Creative Assembly
    23. Why the Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition costs more outside of the US
    24. Jordan Mechner finds original Apple 2 Prince of Persia source code
    25. Silent Hill HD Collection Review
    26. Has the Art World Finally Fallen for Video Games?
    1. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC release confirmed
    2. Co-founder Kellee Santiago leaves Journey dev Thatgamecompany
    3. Kickstarter thanks Double Fine for massive bump in business
    4. I Am Alive hogs Xbox Live Arcade top spot
    5. Raspberry Pi launch delayed
    6. Def Jam Rapstar developers sued over disputed song rights
    7. THQ: Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium is no longer an MMO
    8. Auto Club Revolution open beta gets underway
    9. PlayStation Orbis design sketches show PS Eye-like device - report
    10. Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed 3 PC works better with a controller
    11. Crytek announces first iOS effort Fibble: Flick 'n' Roll
    12. Bleszinski, Molyneux, Livingstone to mentor at Make Something Unreal competition
    13. These 211 GAME stores are still open for business
    14. These 122 Gamestation stores are still open for business
    15. GAME administrators reactivate Reward Cards
    16. Journey becomes fastest selling US PSN game ever
    17. Yoshinori Ono steps down as Street Fighter producer following health scare
    18. Ridge Racer Unbounded Review
    19. Worldwide What Would Molydeux? game jam this weekend
    20. App of the Day: Swordigo
    21. GAME administration to end tomorrow with RBS as buyer - report
    22. Fez given Xbox Live Arcade release date
    23. UEFA Euro 2012 game a paid digital expansion for FIFA 12
    24. Sins of a Dark Age Preview: An Open-Armed Strategy Game
    25. CCP to review Fanfest content after harassment controversy
    1. Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U "has so much more to offer"
    2. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron release date announced
    3. Kickstarter launched to localise Japan-only RPGs
    4. Japan chart: Kid Icarus soars, Ninja Gaiden 3 stumbles
    5. FBI licences Unreal Engine 3
    6. PlayStation 4 codenamed Orbis, has anti-pre-owned system - report
    7. New SimCity will require always-on internet connection
    8. Former Fable developer unveils Rogue Star
    9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Review
    10. Free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim in "next few years" - Ngmoco
    11. Indie Steampunk adventure game Echo Bazaar becomes Fallen London
    12. Brian Fargo rips into destructive publisher/developer relationships
    13. Sony Xperia S Review
    14. Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries devs reveal Facebook game
    15. Space Channel 5 dev making Vita rhythm game Orgarhythm
    16. Sony launches PlayMemories on PlayStation 3
    17. Shoot Many Robots PC release date announced
    18. App of the Day: Fireball SE
    19. Mistborn author collaborating on Mistborn RPG
    20. Battlefield 3 PC patch launches tomorrow
    21. The Problem with Android
    22. Silicon Knights: "used games are cannibalising the industry"
    1. Halo Reach designer launches Kickstarter, botches it, tries again
    2. OMGPOP dev explains why he walked away from Zynga takeover
    3. First Asura's Wrath DLC out tomorrow
    4. Forza 4 Alpine Allstars DLC pack detailed
    5. Legend of Grimrock PC release date announced
    6. Xbox 360 entertainment app usage surpasses online gaming
    7. Battlefield 3 "shortcut" item unlocks go on sale
    8. Sniper: Ghost Warrior dev announces World of Mercenaries
    9. Sainsbury's increases new game stock, launches sale
    10. Eurogamer Modern Warfare 3 DLC community nights
    11. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview: A True X-COM Sequel?
    12. App of the Day: Assassin's Creed: Recollection
    13. relaunched to sell newer PC games
    14. Ubisoft ready to take advantage of Wii U digital strategy
    15. Jacked Review - The Unauthorised GTA Story?
    16. Battlefield 3 patch reveals rent-a-server prices
    17. GAME Ireland staff launch sit-in protest over redundancies
    18. Slightly Mad's Project CARS raises €500,000 from crowd funding
    19. ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion
    20. Eve Online Council chairman may resign over harassment of suicidal player
    21. Assassin's Creed 3 special editions announced
    22. PEGI rates Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy, Super Hang-On for Xbox 360
    23. Angry Birds creator Rovio buys Unstoppable Gorg developer
    24. Epic Mickey 2 3DS is a follow-up to Mega Drive game Castle of Illusion
    25. Bleszinski wants Gears of War to be more Nolan Batman, less Schumacher Batman
    26. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Review
    27. Robert Bowling quits Infinity Ward, Call of Duty
    1. South Park: Tenorman's Revenge release date announced
    2. Why GAME collapsed
    3. EA pins its console success on 3DO, Amiga flops
    4. GAME suspends use of Reward Cards and gift cards, cancels refunds and exchanges
    5. New Spy vs Spy game teased
    6. Minecraft revenue totals $80 million since launch
    7. GAME administrators close 277 stores, make over 2000 redundant
    8. Spector "desperate" to port Epic Mickey 1 to PS3, 360
    9. Assassin's Creed 3 Preview: Everything is Permitted
    10. Game Gear games Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble and Shinobi head 3DS eShop update
    11. Bit.Trip Saga Review
    12. offline as administrators shut stores
    13. Angry Birds Space sees incredible early success
    14. CCP launches investigation after Eve Online FanFest panel accused of mocking suicidal player
    15. Retro Racing dev "gutted" after game disappears from the App Store
    16. App of the Day: Sushi Go Round
    17. Ninja Gaiden 3 Review
    18. GAME administrator "hopeful" a sale is "achievable"
    19. Syndicate dev's next game is F2P Cold Mercury
    20. Namco Bandai drops Naruto Shippuden Card Edition in UK
    21. UK top 40: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City debuts in second
    22. Assassin's Creed 3 Wii U details revealed
    23. Darksiders 2 dev: Wii U hardware "on par" with current gen
    24. Papo & Yo Preview: A Personal Puzzler
    25. BioShock movie again "on hold" as director quits project
    26. Phantasy Star Online 2 free to play and download
    27. RBS "leading a plan" to buy a stake in GAME
    28. CCP presents its vision of the future for Eve Online and Dust 514
    29. Fresh World of Darkness details revealed
    1. App of the Day: Armed and Gorgeous HD
    2. Retrospective: Wasteland
    1. Face-Off: Gaikai vs. OnLive
    2. Game of the Week: Sine Mora
    3. Saturday Soapbox: Gameplayed
    4. App of the Day: Super Lemonade Factory
    1. Prey 2 cancelled - report
    2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review
    3. Original Silent Hill developer disappointed at "poor" HD re-release
    4. Eve's Inferno expansion releases on 22nd May
    5. Angry Birds Space won't release on Windows Phone
    6. 1000 Diablo 3 Beta Keys!
    7. Cult toon Adventure Time gets DS tie-in
    8. Major Forza 4 update goes live
    9. Ubisoft wants to offer PC gamers so much value the need for DRM "goes away"
    10. Operation Raccoon City dev: "I think we accomplished what Capcom wanted us to do"
    11. CCP sets UK Eve Online subscription at £10 a month
    12. Darksiders 2 is a Wii U launch title, developer claims
    13. Next Mass Effect 3 patch will fix face import problem
    14. Final Fantasy 13-2 Mass Effect 3 DLC EU release date, price
    15. App of the Day: Gluddle
    16. Sine Mora Review
    17. Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes Preview: MOBA Beta Blues
    18. App of the Day: Angry Birds Space
    19. PS3 Epic Mickey 2 supports Move
    20. PlayStation 3 turns five today in Europe
    21. Win a Vita with Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors
    22. Fable: The Journey Preview: Molyneux's Final Folly
    23. Max Payne 3 PC supports DirectX 11, 3D
    24. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai Review
    25. Capcom: survival horror market too small for Resident Evil
    26. Retake Mass Effect 3 protest claims victory after BioWare vows to address controversial ending
    1. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition confirmed for iPad
    2. Major Canabalt expansion under consideration
    3. Slant Six details Strata Scavenger, hints at new project for "major publisher"
    4. Orbital strikes from Eve Online will be available with Dust 514
    5. Notch planning sandbox space game inspired by Elite, Firefly
    6. Alan Wake dev starts work on next-gen project
    7. Max Payne 3 multiplayer "crews" carry over to Grand Theft Auto 5
    8. GameStop: next Xbox with anti used game tech "unlikely"
    9. Tales of Xillia trademark hints at European release
    10. Minecraft XBLA, Trials Evolution, Fable Heroes release dates
    11. Foosball 2012 announced for PS3, Vita
    12. Sony makes LittleBigPlanet Karting official with debut trailer
    13. Your Shape for Wii U listing spotted
    14. Bizarre Final Fantasy music spin-off confirmed for Europe
    15. CCP talking to Gaikai, OnLive about cloud-based Eve Online
    16. App of the Day: Rayforce
    17. Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS StreetPass details
    18. Digital and physical games bought online make up 45% of UK games market
    19. End of Nations closed beta release date in the spring
    20. iOS turn-based strategy game Hunters 2 out today
    21. Mass Effect 3 publisher EA hopes GAME will rise from the ashes
    22. Silent Hill: Downpour Review
    23. World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria beta invites sent out
    24. Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel
    25. Armored Core 5 Review
    26. Ubisoft: I Am Alive "one of our most polarising games ever"
    27. Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep
    28. Bayonetta invades PlatinumGames' Anarchy Reigns
    29. Developers cautiously optimistic over UK game industry tax breaks
    1. Escape Plan is the most downloaded Vita game in the US
    2. Zynga buys out Draw Something developer
    3. Japan chart: Mass Effect 3 sells 8142 copies
    4. Massive Total War: Shogun 2 patch incoming
    5. Podcast 105: WOW Pandas!
    6. Starhawk gets split-screen multiplayer
    7. Angry Birds-themed play parks coming to UK
    8. Rockstar boss buys Truman Capote's New York mansion
    9. Modern Warfare 3 bans threatened for DLC glitch exploiters
    10. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two revealed
    11. Alienware R3 Laptop Reviews: The Ultimate in Mobile Gaming?
    12. Pre-order to get Far Cry 3: The Lost Expeditions Edition
    13. Mass Effect 3 playable on Eurogamer now via Gaikai
    14. BioWare vows to answer Mass Effect 3 ending questions
    15. Mass Effect 3 DLC coming to Final Fantasy 13-2
    16. BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer changes
    17. GAME confirms intention to enter administration
    18. Assassin's Creed Double Edition on EU PlayStation Store
    19. Chancellor George Osborne confirms UK video games tax credits
    20. Sky unveils internet service Now TV for consoles
    21. Raccoon City developer announces next project
    22. ArenaNet details micro-transactions in Guild Wars 2
    23. Wrecked Revenge Revisited release date announced
    24. Activision: combating Call of Duty cheaters is a "struggle"
    25. Near-irrefutable evidence of Dark Souls PC arises
    26. Mass Effect 3 ending controversy saddens BioShock creator
    27. GAME suspends trading of its shares on the stock exchange
    1. US politicians want cigarette-style warning stickers on games
    2. Rumoured GAME rescue package outlined
    3. Hybrid XBLA beta sign-up underway
    4. Dragon's Lair XBLA to offer Kinect controls
    5. LA Noire: Touch Edition announced for OnLive
    6. I Am Alive PSN release date announced
    7. Why BioShock Vita was announced before development had started
    8. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review
    9. Zuma's Revenge announced for Xbox Live Arcade
    10. Dragon's Dogma can sell 10 million worldwide, reckons Capcom
    11. Title Update 4 will be rolled out today for Gears of War 3
    12. Konami makes Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition official
    13. Tomb Raider dev making Soul Reaver reboot - rumour
    14. Disney to reveal 3DS game Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion next week - report
    15. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City companion app released
    16. App of the Day: The Hacker
    17. Batman: Arkham City PC patch fixes save corruption
    18. Blizzard acknowledges Star Wars: The Old Republic's impact on WOW
    19. Assassin's Creed: Revelations £49.99 on EU PlayStation Store this week
    20. Microsoft patents Gaming Helmet for Xbox
    21. Rocksmith UK trademark battle unresolved: band responds to game's release date
    22. New iPad sells three million in three days
    23. Bit.Trip Runner 2 release date delayed until November
    24. One BioShock Infinite level contains three times more dialogue than all of BioShock 1
    25. BBC iPlayer on Xbox goes live today
    1. Binary Domain gets PC release
    2. Braben: Used sales are killing single player games
    3. Dragon's Lair coming to Xbox Live Arcade - report
    4. Capcom chasing Street Figher X Tekken hackers who unlock DLC characters
    5. Blizzard hasn't given up getting WOW running on iPhone
    6. New film 100 Yen explores arcade gaming in Japan
    7. Torchlight 2 dev shrugs off Diablo 3 release date
    8. Baldur's Gate 3 is "our long-term goal", says Beamdog
    9. BioWare moves Dragon Age team fully onto The Next Thing
    10. GAME needs to raise £180 million in a week to avoid administration
    11. EA closes MMA servers, despite Online Pass
    12. Kid Icarus: Uprising Review
    13. Microsoft hiring for "a major Xbox AAAA console title"
    14. App of the Day: Draw Something
    15. Dr. Mario released on 3DS eShop this week
    16. BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats
    17. UK Top 40: FIFA Street boots Mass Effect 3 off top spot
    18. Mass Effect 3 ending: BioWare admits fans needed "more closure"
    19. Fan-made Wing Commander Saga project not EA-sanctioned
    20. WOW: Mists of Pandaria Preview: Blizzard's Eastern Promises
    1. Supercharge Your Gaming Audio
    2. App of the Day: Incoboto
    3. Retrospective: Daikatana
    1. Kojima: "I will make games until the day I die"
    2. Game of the Week: Journey
    3. Saturday Soapbox: What's In A Box?
    4. Portal 2 wins Best Game BAFTA
    5. Tech Analysis: Metal Gear Solid Remastered
    6. App of the Day: Ragdoll Blaster 3
    1. Kojima: Japanese developers lack global outlook, technological skills
    2. Codemasters unveils F1 2012
    3. Street Fighter x Tekken on-disc DLC character bundle costs 1600MSP/$20
    4. Jordan Mechner's Last Express for iOS later this year
    5. Another World 20th Anniversary edition out now on Android
    6. EA-sanctioned Wing Commander Saga project release date
    7. GAME store closure letters go out to customers
    8. Blades of Time Review
    9. App of the Day: League of Evil 2
    10. Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles announced
    11. Angry Birds dev sponsors Formula 1 star Heikki Kovalainen
    12. Sonic 4: Episode 2 syncs Xbox, Windows Phone play
    13. Crytek on Homefront 2: "everybody knows the IP"
    14. The Cult of Psychonauts
    15. Notch: EA's Origin is a good thing
    16. Watchdog investigates FIFA Ultimate Team 12 disconnections
    17. El Shaddai New Project 2012 teased
    18. BioWare promises to discuss Mass Effect 3 ending when more have finished game
    19. Elder Scrolls Online reveal in May - report
    20. FIFA Street Review
    1. Closure PSN release date announced
    2. Capcom announces first Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City DLC
    3. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition announced
    4. Microsoft confirms next Xbox will not be at E3 this year
    5. Cancelled Mass Effect competitive FPS detailed
    6. Skyrim update 1.5 PC beta announced
    7. DICE explains why new Battlefield 3 DLC has taken so long
    8. New NeoGeo handheld confirmed
    9. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review
    10. Activision "excited to do right" by PC players with COD Elite
    11. Activision: Elite "needs to be in" the next Call of Duty
    12. Pioneering MMO Second Life plots a comeback
    13. Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC dated for PS3
    14. Rayman Origins 3DS delayed
    15. Ubisoft guitar game Rocksmith finally gets UK release date
    16. The Walking Dead due out next month
    17. Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes Preview: Men of Steel
    18. Ratchet & Clank HD Collection release date leaked
    19. Square Enix trademarks Mini Ninjas: Hiro's Adventure
    20. Podcast 104: Mass Effect 3!
    21. Yakuza: Dead Souls Review
    22. App of the Day: MotoHeroz
    23. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances Preview: Casual Commandos
    24. Diablo 3 release date announced
    25. Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances enters open beta
    26. Obsidian Fallout New Vegas deal with Bethesda meant bonus payment only with 85+ Metacritic
    27. SoulCalibur 5 March title update announced
    28. App of the Day: Dungeon Village
    29. Forza dev hiring for "Next Generation of games"
    30. Undead Labs' Jeff Strain
    31. Undead Labs' zombie MMO announced
    32. Zombies are the new Nazis, says Strain
    33. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter shoots past $900k goal in 48 hours
    34. Capcom's Svensson: tokens will replace discs five years from now
    35. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure release date announced
    36. GeoPOT! PlayStation 3 hacker arrested
    37. PlayStation trophies unchanged following MS XBLA achievements hike
    38. Tickets go on sale for Final Fantasy 25th Distant Worlds anniversary concert
    39. Why Microsoft signed up Phil Harrison
    1. Japan chart: Vita sales creep up
    2. GAME buy-out rumour round-up
    3. PSN security chief details strategy to see off hackers
    4. EA exploring subscription model for future Battlefield titles
    5. Sega, Rebellion, Team 17 sign up for Origin
    6. House of the Dead 4 PSN release date announced
    7. XBLA Monster World collection spotted
    8. Sega transfers GAME-exclusive Yakuza: Dead Souls DLC to other shops
    9. Molyneux: industry wasn't ready for Milo & Kate
    10. Redundancies at Obsidian, next-gen project axed - report
    11. Lottery winner takes to Kickstarter to fund pie-in-the-sky MMO
    12. Deep Silver confirms Risen 2 console release delay
    13. Deadlight Preview: XBLA's Shining Light
    14. Nintendo confirms you won't be able to buy Kid Icarus: Uprising from GAME/Gamestation
    15. Dynasty Warriors Next Review
    16. Smallville, Walking Dead stars join Lollipop Chainsaw
    17. Yesterday release date announced
    18. PlayStation Store arrives on Sony Xperia S smartphone
    19. FIFA Street £49.99 on EU PlayStation Store
    20. GAME won't stock Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath
    21. GAME won't stock Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    22. Levine confident BioShock Infinite will stand out during busy October
    23. BBC iPlayer heads to Xbox Live next week
    24. Xbox 10th anniversary in Europe today
    25. Journey's Jenova Chen: "people are tired of the same things"
    26. Epic calls on PS4 and next Xbox to deliver "the maximum amount of computing power economically possible"
    27. Capcom "embarrassed" by Resident Evil: Revelaitons
    28. BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore
    29. Jet Set Radio HD details revealed
    30. Capcom explains Street Fighter x Tekken Xbox 360 local co-op online omission
    31. Takashi Iizuka outlines vision for Sonic on PS4, next Xbox
    32. The Amazing Spider-Man Preview: Peter Parkour
    33. Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter total tops $3.3m
    34. Shoot Many Robots Review
    1. New DLC incoming for The Gunstringer
    2. Jaffe: "I couldn't care less about next-gen"
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play this weekend
    4. Guerrilla and Crytek staffing up for next-gen titles - report
    5. UK's first 4G network could launch this year
    6. Former Sony man Phil Harrison made boss of Microsoft's European Game Studios
    7. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase deals, Collector's and Digital Deluxe Editions
    8. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter crowdfunding gets underway
    9. Alan Wake sells two million on PC, Xbox 360
    10. Widespread reports of Xbox 360 Achievements being wiped
    11. Capcom announces Resident Evil: Chronicles HD for PS3
    12. Game: Modern Warfare 3 our most pre-ordered game ever
    13. Game Group suffers from "extraordinary" economic times
    14. Game Group's share price nose dives
    15. Game Group interview: is it really that bad?
    16. GAME outs new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed 13
    17. GAME-has-been-hacked rumour "entirely false"
    18. GAME website removing PC games is a mistake
    19. GAME in trouble as doubt cast on ability to stock new games
    20. GAME confirms talks with lenders have begun, hints at overseas sell-off
    21. GAME agrees new deal with lenders
    22. GAME confirms layoffs at head office
    23. GAME confirms it's not stocking Tekken 3DS
    24. GAME PlayStation Vita midnight launch plans announced
    25. GAME won't stock Ubisoft Vita launch games
    26. GAME scraps The Last Story Special Edition days before launch
    27. GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"
    28. Free Mass Effect 3: Datapad iOS app now live
    29. Codemasters confirms F1 console, mobile, online plans
    30. App of the Day: Mass Effect: Infiltrator
    31. Video and game renter Choices UK enters Administration
    32. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Preview: An All-Encompassing Expansion
    33. Face-Off: Mass Effect 3
    34. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC spotted
    35. GAME to close 35 stores
    36. GAME cancels The Last Story pre-orders, refunds deposits
    37. GAME stocking Ubisoft's Vita launch titles from tomorrow
    38. What would happen if GAME died?
    39. GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX
    40. GAME Group not stocking Mario Party 9
    41. Revealed: GAME's memo to staff on Mass Effect 3 cancellation
    42. GAME Mass Effect 3 cash refund confusion cleared up
    43. GAME "may" stock Mass Effect 3 in the future
    44. GameStop wants to buy GAME - report
    45. Capcom: GAME's woes won't impact Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    46. GAME could face £2.5m of lost profit by not stocking Mass Effect 3
    47. Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"
    48. GAME and Gamestation having a "firesale" on pre-owned stock
    49. GameStop wants to buy GAME's shops in Spain and Portugal - report
    50. GAME firesale extends to hardware, "Spring Clean" promotion launched
    51. GAME "has two weeks to turn its fortunes around"
    52. GAME unsure over future as it reportedly puts itself up for sale
    53. GAME won't stock Ninja Gaiden 3 or Warriors Orochi 3
    54. DC Universe Battle For Earth DLC release date announced
    55. Sega unveils Total War Battles: Shogun
    56. Sonic 4 Episode 2's new physics based on Mega Drive games
    57. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Preview: Blue Again?
    1. Epic VP: "I'd be shocked if Wii U doesn't do well"
    2. Notch: funding Dungeon Keeper 3 "would be fun"
    3. Mad Dog McCree targets 3DS re-release
    4. Retro City Rampage will cost $15, and it's worth it
    5. Notch: trying to follow Minecraft could prove "pointless and hollow"
    6. Xbox Live Arcade games Achievement limit to double
    7. Bethesda and Mojang settle: Scrolls will be Scrolls
    8. 5th Cell: Gaming's creative "golden age" is on the way
    9. MW3 Content Pack 3 Preview: Elite Beat Agents
    10. Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms
    11. Activision clarifies Call of Duty Elite 2.0 talk
    12. Risen 2 release date delayed - report
    13. Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand patched on PS3 tomorrow
    14. Doom maker John Romero has "plans" for old-school FPS
    15. Ex-Mass Effect dev pleads: "judge DLC based on what it is"
    16. Skyrim: The Creation Kit Experience
    17. EA: GAME collapse a "temporary dislocation", won't harm Mass Effect 3 sales
    18. EA beefs up FIFA Ultimate Team security with new update
    19. App of the Day: Box Cat
    20. Peter Molyneux leaves Fable in "safe hands", say its creators
    21. NES Metroid on Nintendo 3DS eShop this week
    22. UK Top 40: Mass Effect 3 outsells ME1, ME2 launch weeks combined
    23. Mass Effect 3 day-one DLC character already in game files
    24. Blizzard: no PVP at Diablo 3 launch
    25. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview: Revenge of the Fallen
    26. Levine: "talking about BioShock Infinite Move support is like talking about music"
    1. Retrospective: Flight Simulator 98
    2. App of the Day: Hoggy
    1. Game of the Week: Mass Effect 3
    2. Face-Off: Street Fighter x Tekken
    3. When Is a Game Not a Game?
    4. App of the Day: Dariusburst Second Prologue
    1. EA ships 3.5 million copies of Mass Effect 3 around the world
    2. Konami reveals more Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita details
    3. BioWare working to fix Mass Effect 3 face import problem
    4. Mass Effect 3 sells nearly 900k in US in 24 hours
    5. Tribes: Ascend release date announced
    6. 2012 BAFTA Video Game Award nominations list
    7. Sony announces new PS Vita games for Japan
    8. Next Xbox won't have a disc drive - report
    9. Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Review
    10. App of the Day: Ziggurat
    11. Sony "removed" PSN barriers for free-to-play MMO Dust 514
    12. Valve: no Steam Box "any time soon"
    13. Sony: US Vita launch met with "overwhelming enthusiasm"
    14. leaks Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights
    15. Tony Hawk explains why Ride was "rushed"
    16. Prison Architect Preview: The Key to Success
    17. Mass Effect 3: where's the cheapest price?
    18. Capcom looking to improve Street Fighter x Tekken online sound problems
    19. Introducing Quantic Dream's Kara
    20. Lollipop Chainsaw Preview: Suda's Teen Dreams
    21. Assassin's Creed 3 will be "back to basics"
    22. Bastion dev: DLC can compromise atmosphere and immersion
    23. Original Fallout concept included time-travel, sentient dinosaurs, fantasy planets
    1. Wright, Meier, Bleszinski and Romero on the future
    2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition Preview
    3. Kawata agrees with Inafune: "We Japanese developers need to re-evaluate"
    4. Assassin's Creed Recollection now on iPhone
    5. Gaikai-stream MMOs LOTRO and DDO from their websites
    6. CD Projekt recommends installing Witcher 2 360 to hard drive
    7. The Witcher 2 360 'Dark Edition' sells out in UK
    8. Angry Birds Space release date
    9. Uncharted 3 co-op Shade Survival mode release date, price announced
    10. Game of the Week: SSX
    11. Podcast 103: Halo 4! Assassin's Creed 3! SSX 5!
    12. Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning DLC out mid-May
    13. Microsoft Flight Review
    14. New BioShock Infinite enemy revealed in gameplay video
    15. App of the Day: Waking Mars
    16. 665 people worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic
    17. Epic aims for Samaritan quality visuals in Flash
    18. Japan chart: Vita sales slump continues
    19. Valve: Team Fortress 2 F2P switch a resounding success
    20. Sony has shipped 10.5m PlayStation Move units
    21. Guerrilla suggests Killzone 4 may be a PS3 game
    22. Mega Man creator laments "tragic state of Japanese games industry"
    23. Gabe Newell is worth $1.5 billion
    24. Mass Effect 3: PS3 frame-rate issues persist in final game
    25. Former Heavy Rain designer now in charge of Rainbow Six Patriots
    26. Frobisher Says Review
    27. The Portal 2 that never was
    28. Nintendo reveals rejected Super Mario 3D Land ideas
    1. Epic announces Infinity Blade: Dungeons
    2. Apple unveils its new iPad
    3. Apple announces new Apple TV, iOS 5.1
    4. Schafer: Double Fine Adventure is a "chinchilla-based snuff game"
    5. Mass Effect 3 £49.99 on EU PlayStation Store
    6. Nintendo announces Wii U developer tech
    7. Sorcery release date announced
    8. Unit 13 Review
    9. Street Fighter x Tekken on Xbox 360 does not support local co-op when online
    10. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Review
    11. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters out in June, first of three add-ons
    12. Peter Molyneux exits Microsoft, Lionhead
    13. Silent Hill HD Collection release date
    14. Blizzard tempts WOW players back with Scroll of Resurrection
    15. App of the Day: Chickens Can't Fly
    16. Imminent Apple announcement for iPad HD, which isn't iPad 3 - report
    17. Mass Effect: Infiltrator's in-app purchases revealed
    18. 343 confirms Halo 4 is native 720p
    19. New SimCity 2013 details: system requirements, multiplayer, engine
    20. VEVO music video app launches on Xbox 360
    21. New SimCity unveiled at GDC, due next year
    22. Sony announces PlayStation 3 exclusive Datura
    23. Quantic Dream's next project to be unveiled tonight
    24. Fez creator Phil Fish declares: modern Japanese games "just suck"
    25. Medal of Honor: Warfighter release date announced
    26. Bastion's axed gardening feature revealed
    27. Epic's Chinese studio shows third-person shooter Mercenary Ops
    28. Planetside 2 Preview: The Classic Online Shooter Returns
    29. Super Crate Box dev calls for action on game cloning
    30. "Egocentric" indies should accept mainstream, GDC told
    1. Alleged LulzSec leader Sabu helps US government arrest hackers
    2. Lollipop Chainsaw release date announced
    3. I Am Alive Review
    4. Mega Man X, Kid Icarus on Wii, eShop this week
    5. 3DS sells twice as many as DS did in its first year in the US
    6. EA responds to "unfortunate" GAME stock issue
    7. Twisted Metal Review
    8. Firaxis: XCOM is a "very, very big budget game"
    9. App of the Day: 100 Trials
    10. I Am Alive companion app hits iTunes store
    11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cross-platform play ditched
    12. Dear Esther creator at next GameCityNights
    13. Ridge Racer Unbounded US delay doesn't apply to Europe
    14. No plans for more Sega-published Marvel video games
    15. Mass Effect 3 doesn't allow ME2 imported saves from cloud
    16. Mass Effect 3 Review
    17. New Inversion release date announced, delay confirmed
    18. Molyneux: "is Call of Duty all this industry really is?"
    19. Mafia 2 dev helping Rockstar with Grand Theft Auto 5 - report
    20. Assassin's Creed 3 has online co-op
    21. Capcom defends, explains Street Fighter x Tekken on disc DLC
    22. Assassin's Creed 3 trailer: blow-by-blow analysis
    23. Superbrothers dev: Chasing Angry Birds is a "really bad business decision"
    24. Major Jetpack Joyride update rockets in
    1. GDC indie: "Motion control is the slapstick comedy of computer games"
    2. Assassin's Creed 3 "most ambitious" Ubisoft game ever
    3. Mass Effect 3 day one DLC From Ashes has Achievements
    4. Sony confirms Journey goes live for EU PS Plus subscribers a week early
    5. Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive support Razer Hydra PC motion controller
    6. Fable Heroes Preview: Little Big Fable
    7. Halo 4 Preview: Remaster Chief
    8. Forza looking to hit 'annual cadence'
    9. Halo 4 perks system introduced
    10. Paid-for Forza 4 expansion introduces Porsche
    11. SWTOR Game Update 1.2 'Legacy' announced
    12. Forza Horizon announced for 2012
    13. Fable Heroes officially unveiled
    14. Minecraft will launch on Xbox without Kinect
    15. All Darksiders pre-orders upgraded to Limited Editions
    16. Kinect-exclusive Wreckateer announced
    17. Control Nemesis in Xbox 360 exclusive Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer mode
    18. Fable: The Journey release date
    19. Forza 4 Pirelli Car Pack introduces title update
    20. App of the Day: Flight of the Fireflies
    21. Xbox 360 Street Fighter x Tekken footage suggests Vita-exclusive characters on disc
    22. All Zombies Must Die! Steam release date announced
    23. New evidence of Valve's Steam Box console/PC
    24. GamesIndustry International launches
    25. UK Top 40: SSX boards chart top spot
    26. Stargate Atlantis star inadvertently confirms Army of Four
    27. Darkstalkers 4 in development since last year - report
    28. Street Fighter x Tekken Review
    29. Fable Heroes Xbox Live Arcade game revealed
    30. "Real risk" bosses may pull the plug on GAME, insiders claim
    31. First in-game Halo 4 screenshots revealed
    32. PS3 MMO Dust 514 will now be free to download and play
    33. Dust 514 Vita will be a companion app
    1. App of the Day: Dungeon Raid
    2. Retrospective: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
    1. It's time to kick back against gaming bigots
    2. Face-Off: SSX
    1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition chisels out 1 million Android sales
    2. Sony reveals which PS3 game has been Platinum'd the most
    3. Faulty Vita Facebook app returns to PlayStation Store
    4. First Assassin's Creed 3 details - report
    5. Nintendo prevailing against "patent trolls"
    6. Crytek to show off "next-gen DX11 visuals" at GDC
    7. Payday: The Heist free to play on Steam this weekend
    8. Where to get FIFA Street pre-order extras in the UK
    9. Jagex suspends sci-fi Stellar Dawn MMO
    10. Mass Effect: The Stories So Far
    11. Sega announces new mobile Total War Battles series
    12. Hideo Kojima shows off impressive Fox Engine screenshots
    13. Mass Effect 3's Reputation system is different
    14. Proteus Preview: A Musical Odyssey
    15. Rebellion discusses NeverDead's "challenging" development
    16. Videoed London riots PSP robbers found guilty
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    19. London riots PSP student mugger faces "long prison sentence"
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    22. EA bins Battlefield 3: Aftershock iOS game
    23. SBK Generations announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360
    24. Capcom producer eager for more 3DS Resident Evil
    25. id Software responds to Doom 4 art leak
    26. Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review
    27. Ex-God of War director joins Tomb Raider developer
    28. Gaikai streamed demos coming to the GAME website in the spring
    29. SWTOR vendors to sell ultra-rare white Lightsaber crystals
    30. Angry Birds Land coming to Finnish theme park
    31. App of the Day: Prince of Persia HD
    32. Ratchet & Clank HD Collection spotted
    33. Journey Review
    34. Prince of Persia creator unearths fan letter from teenage John Romero
    35. Sheep Sharing
    1. Stan Lee is a playable character in The Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Zynga announces its own games portal
    3. Mysterious Capcom/Namco/Sega 3DS collaboration teased
    4. Official Assassin's Creed 3 box art confirms American Revolution setting
    5. New Forza Motorsport 4 DLC announced
    6. Capcom reveals new DmC screens, Dante backstory
    7. XBLA shooter Hybrid to get beta test
    8. lists, pulls Trials Evolution release date
    9. Super Monkey Ball creator promoted in Sega reshuffle
    10. What is the Trine 2 EU PSN release date?
    11. PS3 BioShock Infinite includes BioShock 1 on Blu-ray disc
    12. Nexuiz Review
    13. BioShock Infinite release date announced
    14. PS Vita sold 61k units during UK launch - analyst
    15. Key Fable staff leave Lionhead to form new studio
    16. Major Spanish/Portuguese shop lists Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    17. Unlock exclusive Pokémon for Video Game Championships
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    20. Should More Indie Developers Be Saying 'Just Pirate It'?
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    22. PS4 ditching Cell-like CPU for AMD PC-like innards - report
    23. Sony postpones tonight's PSN maintenance
    24. Team Meat looking to bring Binding of Isaac to PlayStation
    25. Dragon's Dogma demo confirmed for Europe