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Forza Horizon announced for 2012

Playground Games joins the Forza world for new game.

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Forza Horizon, a new game developed by Playground Games, has been announced, and will be coming to Xbox 360 this autumn.

Details on the game, announced at Microsoft's Spring Showcase, remain thin on the ground, although speculation has it down as an open world racer in the mold of Test Drive Unlimited.

Questions regarding the nature of Forza Horizon were swiftly dodged. "I don't believe it's against the ethos of Forza to do a lot of different things," said Greenwalt. When asked whether Horizon would offer a sim-based driving experience at 60fps - two things that have to date defined the series - his answer was equally vague.

"As far as individual features, really you've got to ask what the backbone is of the Forza series. For me, the backbone is that vision of car culture, getting people excited about cars, community and bringing people together. That's a big coral to run around."

Playground Games is an upstart outfit founded by former Codemasters employees Gavin Raeburn and Ralph Fulton. The pair are joined by veterans of the British racing development scene, with staff from Black Rock and Slightly Mad also working at the studio.

A teaser video, told with a cinematic, included scenes in a nightclub and a selection of supercars driving along an open road, suggesting the introduction of lifestyle elements as well as a more open-ended driving experience.

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