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BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats

Less than 1% of successful matches on Gold difficulty.

BioWare has revealed reams of player data relating to Mass Effect 3's enjoyable online multiplayer mode.

Did you know that less than one per cent of all matches completed succesfully were on the game's hardest difficulty, Gold?

A third of all matches fail altogether, with no one left alive to be extracted at the end of your mission.

Players have already notched 1800 years of combined play time in under two weeks since Mass Effect 3 launched. 83 billion multiplayer credits have been earned.

2 million deadly Phantom foes have been killed, while 618,000 Battlefield 3 Soldier Kits have been used - a special bonus for owners of the BF3 Online Pass.

Soldier is the most popular class, chosen by 18 per cent of players. Close behind are Vanguard (17 per cent) and Infiltrator (16 per cent).

The most popular non-human race is Turian. 6.43 per cent of people play as Garrus' calibration-loving kin.

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