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Mass Effect 3: Omega review

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Face-Off: Mass Effect 3

6th March 2012

Mass Effect 3 Review

Narrative RPGs are arguably all about choices and your power over choices. Choosing a class and a background lays the groundwork for the whole experience of a game and provides a springboard for roleplaying. In the first Mass Effect, for example, you're given two key choices at the beginning of the game that effectively select which version of Commander Shepard you want to inhabit. You decide the personal history and the psychology of Shepard. You decide whether they grew up as the nomadic child of navy officers or on the streets, and whether they matured into a scarred survivor, renowned war hero or a ruthlessly efficient commander.

Remember 2005 British TV comedy series Extras, written by The Office duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant? The one where Gervais played an actor stuck making a living as an extra, and where a string of guest stars like Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson appeared? The late, great David Bowie even popped up in Series 2. Good, wasn't it?

BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

Tapestry tool to archive your choices now live.

BioWare has celebrated a decade of Mass Effect by releasing a new video featuring developers involved in the much-loved, now much-missed space franchise.

Editor's note: Jordan Erica Webber is co-author with Eurogamer contributor Daniel Griliopoulos of the weighty tome Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us: (about life, philosophy and everything), out this month. We've asked her to write a few thoughts on video games as works of philosophy. Beware: there are spoilers for Soma, the Mass Effect and Fallout series ahead.

BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn quits, just months after Mass Effect Andromeda launch

BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn is leaving the acclaimed RPG studio after 17 years with the company.

His departure comes roughly four months after the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda, a game that debuted to lackluster sales and disappointing critical reception. Our Edwin Evans-Thirlwell called it "probably BioWare's worst RPG yet" in his review, and the tepid reaction to the game has put the sci-fi series "on ice".

Interestingly, Flynn's role will be replaced by the Mass Effect series' project director Casey Hudson, who left the company back in 2014 and accepted a position as project director at Microsoft Studios the following year, where he was to work on HoloLens projects.

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Whether you're traversing an expansive open world, climbing crumbling ruins or sneaking between shadowy city corners, the landscapes and environments we see in games have never been better. Gone are the days of miracle-growing trees popping up at certain draw distances. Instead, we have places and environments deliberately and carefully designed, and landscapes so realistic we can relate to them, be astonished by them, even yearn for them. Naturally, ever-improving graphical capabilities have a lot to do with this, because as environments get more realistic, we increasingly experience them as 'real', but there can be, and often is, so much more to it than just the technical ability to crank up the aesthetics.

FeatureMass Effect's best mission

Curing the genophage.

Ask a Mass Effect fan to pick their favourite mission from the trilogy and you'll probably hear a range of responses. There's the Virmire level in Mass Effect 1, for example, where BioWare unexpectedly forced players to choose between two squadmates' lives. Then there's the superlative Suicide Mission finale of Mass Effect 2, perhaps the most intricately-plotted episode of the whole series. There are whole flowcharts to explain that one.

FeatureMass Effect: the story so far

Get up to speed for the trip to Andromeda.

On the eve of Mass Effect Andromeda's EA/Origin Access trial and just a week out from the game's launch, we decided it was time to refresh our memories of gaming's greatest sci-fi trilogy.

Sounds like we won't get a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

EA appears to have decided against releasing a Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

That's according to EA exec Peter Moore, who has poured cold water on the prospect in a new interview.

"Could we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes," he told IGN (around the 1hr 16 mark). Have a thousand people asked me that? Yes they have. Do we have... No."

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Origin Access adds Mass Effect Trilogy

Plus Trine 1 & 2 and Peggle.

Origin Access - the PC service granting players loads of EA games, discounts, and early access to upcoming title for £3.99 a month - has added the Mass Effect Trilogy to its Vault.

Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

UPDATE: Saves transfer via cloud. Small Preview list of games shared.

UPDATE: Microsoft's tech people confirmed to Eurogamer at E3 that Xbox 360 save files will transfer to Xbox One via the cloud. Old games you don't own will also be available to buy further down the line.

The small list of Xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One in the Preview programme was shared.

Banjo Kazooie: N n B

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BioWare turns 20 today

BioWare have the years gone?

Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare has turned 20 today, but it doesn't look a day older than 19.

Sex. Sexy sex. The place of it in games is something of a hot button issue in the industry right now, but more often than not when we do decide to discuss digital coupling, we keep returning to the very worst examples of it. Personally I'd love to see a bit more of the old rough n' tumble in games as a whole, but is it too much to ask that, if we're going to Do It, we at least do it right?

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

"If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

BioWare has discussed internally the idea of remastering the Mass Effect series for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A fan asked BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn on Twitter what he thought about a next-gen, 1080p, high-resolution texture, 60 frames-per-second version for PS4 and Xbox One.

Flynn's response: "We have discussed that internally. If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

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Should BioWare give up romances?

Dragon Age writer David Gaider mulls the answer.

Remember all that hullabaloo about revealing lesbian sex in Mass Effect? However ludicrous the criticism, it's the sort of steamy content BioWare fans have come expect - love stories, love scenes, and often quite daring and progressive ones (for video games, at least).

Fan-harassed writer Jennifer Hepler leaves BioWare

Questions whether abusive fans scare away talent.

Jennifer Hepler, the BioWare writer harassed by fans for her work on Dragon Age 2 - and for comments made years earlier about wishing to skip combat sections in games - this week left the famed RPG studio to work on a book and pursue some freelance work.

BioWare artist reveals cut Mass Effect ideas

See how Tali's face originally looked.

Veteran BioWare designer Matt Rhodes has posted an array of Mass Effect concept art from throughout the sci-fi trilogy which hints at early ideas for the series' characters and conclusion.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel review

Mass Effect 3: Citadel review

One for the team.

It's been a year since Mass Effect 3's release, and BioWare is finally ready to let go of its baby. Citadel is not just the last expansion for the game but a send-off for the entire trilogy, filled with lore, old faces, in-jokes and cameos. It's a witty and touching goodbye to the series' characters and a love letter to the game's hardcore fans.

For starters, there's Citadel's story campaign, a lengthy tale which sees Shepard targeted by the unlikeliest of foes. The story alone lasts several hours, with missions spread over a number of environments on the Citadel itself and a chance to see your entire squad on-screen fighting together.

Citadel is firmly centred on celebrating the bonds that Shepard shares with his crew-mates. This fan-pleasing angle is reflected from the offset, when Shepard's mentor, Anderson, grants the Commander his apartment after an enforced period of shore leave. The stylish city pad acts as a hub for the story, with all of your crew present to chat with between missions. It also comes stuffed with audio logs from an unfinished interview with Anderson and is the first of many environments chock-full of character moments and backstory.

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Watch the BAFTA Game Awards live on Eurogamer

UPDATE: Dishonored takes top honours, but Journey scoops up five awards.

UPDATE: The 2013 BAFTA winners are in and they're a doozy. Dishonored took top honours, winning best game overall, which is odd as it didn't win in any other awards. Conversely, Journey received a whopping five awards in various other categories.

BioWare says farewell to Mass Effect 3 in new Citadel DLC trailer

BioWare has unveiled a new trailer for Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the game's final expansion.

Due tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (or Wednesday for EU PS3 players), the game will see Shepard undertake one final mission on the Citadel while on shore leave, before partying with old friends.

A huge cast of returning characters from Mass Effect 1 and 2 will appear, there's a new hub area to explore and a set of mini-games to play with.

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BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the final single-player DLC

BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the final single-player DLC

And confirms previously-leaked multiplayer expansion Reckoning.

BioWare has announced Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the final single-player expansion for the game, and the final multiplayer expansion, Reckoning.

Citadel will be released on 5th March for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, priced $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Reckoning comes a week sooner - 26th February. Like all other multiplayer expansions, it will be free. European PlayStation versions will likely launch a day later. There's no mention of a Wii U version for either.

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BioWare announces Mass Effect version of Risk board game

Mass Effect maker BioWare has announced a version of strategy board game Risk themed around its space opera series of video games.

Risk's Mass Effect: Galaxy at War Edition will be available this autumn, BioWare revealed via its Facebook page.

"Oh yes, it's real, and it's coming this Fall!" the developer teased.

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Mass Effect 3 DLC leaked in new patch data

Mass Effect 3 DLC leaked in new patch data

New co-op mode linked to your single-player decisions.

Files relating to an upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC have been unearthed in a new patch for the game.

The title update, detailed by BioWare mere hours ago as a simple bug-fix update, has already been data-mined for clues as to the game's upcoming expansions.

Data for a major new multiplayer gameplay mode was uncovered, to be fully implemented in a forthcoming DLC. The mode will use save data from choices made throughout your single-player campaign, including paragon/renegade values, reputation points and overall progress.

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Greg Zeschuk reflects on leaving BioWare for beer

"You just get tired of it after a while."

"You just get tired of it after a while." He probably couldn't have put it better. He being Greg Zeschuk, one of the founders of BioWare, and one half of its famous and now retired doctor duo leadership.

BioWare: Mass Effect 4 due "late 2014 to mid-2015"

UPDATE: EA discounts comments, site investigating.

UPDATE #2: EA has this evening informed Eurogamer that GamerSyndrome's information did not come from EA or BioWare at all. We separately contacted GamerSyndrome who told us that the information came from an "unreliable source" and that the site was investigating the matter.

Mass Effect 3: Omega review

Mass Effect 3: Omega review

Aria sure you want to buy it?

BioWare is trying something different with Mass Effect 3: Omega. After Leviathan, a story-fuelled race around the galaxy that wrapped revelatory new lore around dazzling locations and likeable characters, Mass Effect fans get the opposite. Omega is a dark, hard-fought slog through the belly of the dingy Mass Effect 2 space station. It rambles, it gets lost, and it ultimately feels weightless.

Omega's story centres on angry asari Aria T'loak. She's on a mission to reclaim rule following a Cerberus coup (for full details, read the comics). Whether you'll be interested really depends on whether you like the character - this add-on is an entirely separate four-hour diversion from Mass Effect 3's main arc. At no point does anyone else you've met throughout the game's 40-plus hours matter a jot. This is a side-story, a complete digression. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - except that when it's over, everything feels exactly the same.

This may be why BioWare ultimately decided not to include a planned Omega mission in the main game. A different version of T'loak's quest to regain control exists in an early version of the game's script, despite BioWare's protestations that work on this downloadable content was not started until Mass Effect 3 shipped. Omega is perfect DLC fodder, on the surface similar to Mass Effect 2's Lair of the Shadow Broker. Both campaigns are hinted at within the main game and both feature a well-known character on a personal mission. Yet where Shadow Broker offered up new locations, plot progression and a nifty new base to hang around in, Omega offers none of the above.

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Face-Off: Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U

Nintendo's new console vs. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Over the last six years, developers have sought to find balance in their cross-platform development, weighing up the pluses and minuses of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and looking to strike a good balance between the two. Microsoft concentrates on a stronger graphics core while Sony has put its efforts into an advanced CPU, but on a general level most games these days work out pretty well overall on both machines. With Wii U, the balance in processing power shifts again: Nintendo has beefed up the graphics core beyond current-gen standards, but all the evidence points to a weaker CPU.

Bearing in mind the decisions the platform holder has made with the design of the Wii U, can the hardware handle Unreal Engine 3 - a middleware designed with the older HD console trade-offs very much in mind? There've been a number of alarming screenshots and video of the Wii U version of UE3 Batman: Arkham City, showing clear and obvious graphical drawbacks on the new Nintendo system - most notably low resolution shadowmaps. Numerous theories are circulating on why this may be an issue but the most plausible explanation involves the way Wii U memory is set-up. There's an enviable 1GB of RAM available for games applications (up from the 512MB found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), but it's significantly slower than the throughput of the GDDR3 found in the Microsoft console.

To mitigate the issue, the Wii U has 32MB of ultra-fast onboard eDRAM integrated into the AMD graphics core and the new hardware almost certainly renders out directly from that. We're not yet clear on how texture fetching works on the new console but conceivably the challenge becomes a matter of importing assets from the main RAM into the GPU eDRAM in an orderly fashion and keeping them contained in that space before exporting the whole framebuffer to the video output. Shadowmaps take up a lot of space which may explain why they have apparently been downscaled on Arkham City. This ties in with why we've yet to see any Wii U title with multi-sampling anti-aliasing - each pass would take up valuable eDRAM [Update: We spoke too soon here as Black Ops 2 appears to feature it]. So where does all of this leave Mass Effect 3 - one of the most visually complex of Unreal Engine 3 titles?

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Should Mass Effect 4 be a prequel or sequel?

Should Mass Effect 4 be a prequel or sequel?

BioWare wants your help deciding.

BioWare has asked fans whether Mass Effect 4 should be a sequel to the existing trilogy or take place before, Phantom Menace-style.

Mass Effect overlord Casey Hudson canvassed fans via his Twitter account last night.

"Parsing through your thoughts on the next #ME game. Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?", he wrote.

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Mass Effect movie gets new screenwriter

From the co-editor of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Legendary Entertainment is moving ahead with its silver screen adaptation of the Mass Effect series by hiring new screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl, Variety has reported.

Huge free Mass Effect 3 expansion sees return of the Collectors

Huge free Mass Effect 3 expansion sees return of the Collectors

Retaliation multiplayer DLC available next week.

A huge new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion will see the return of the Collectors - the enemy race Shepard fought in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation will be available to download for free from 9th October (likely meaning a 10th October release date here on PlayStation 3).

It is the biggest multiplayer DLC pack yet, with six new maps (triple the usual quota) and 16 new characters, including the Krogan Shaman Adept, Asari Huntress Infiltrator, Turian Havoc Soldier and Batarian Brawler Vanguard.

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Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Original Mass Effect to finally launch on PS3, five years later.

BioWare has announced the Mass Effect Trilogy Edition, a compilation of all three Mass Effect games in one big box.

That means that PlayStation 3 gamers can finally play the original Mass Effect (published, back in the day, by Microsoft), just five years after it originally hit Xbox 360.

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition will launch in North America on "N7 Day" - that's 7th November if you're not BioWare, likely meaning a Friday 9th November in the UK.

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FeatureWii U: How are the ports shaping up?

Donlan checks out the first wave of multi-platform releases, including Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed 3.

Console transitions can be awkward affairs at the very best of times. They're even weirder when the platform release dates don't overlap very cleanly - and when one of the machines comes with an inventive set of features.

BioWare details future: a new IP for next-gen, more Mass Effect, more Dragon Age

With the door closed on founding fathers Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, whose departure BioWare announced last night, the company has moved quickly to confirm a number of future projects in production.

The most exciting being what sounded like a new IP for next-generation machines.

"Casey [Hudson, Mass Effect series boss] and his leads are putting together their vision for an all-new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology," wrote Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare Edmonton and Montreal.

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FeatureHow Powerful is the Wii U Really?

And why, for many developers, it doesn't matter.

How powerful is the Wii U really? Is it less powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360? Is it as powerful? More powerful? And how will it compare to the next generation? What quality of graphics will we see from Wii U games?

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

Plenty more fish in the sea.

Imagine you've just watched Return of the Jedi. You've seen the end of a good film, the finale of a great trilogy and, whatever you may think of its denouement, it is over.

Now imagine George Lucas popping up in your living room five months later brandishing a VCR. He's got a deleted scene you simply must see. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan feels a bit like that deleted scene.

But, all credit to BioWare, Leviathan offers a generous amount of content to coax you back. At the centre of it all is the mystery surrounding the Reapers' origins and the tease of something that was once even more powerful. In the Mass Effect universe, these are true revelations - revelations that BioWare chose to omit from the main game. Like the day-one DLC From Ashes (and, arguably, the Extended Cut), these story threads are so tightly woven into the narrative that it's almost frustrating they were ever separated at all.

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The writer who left BioWare: Eurogamer interviews Drew Karpyshyn

On poor fiction, text versus graphics, KOTOR, the Mass Effect 3 ending and Children of Fire.

Drew Karpyshyn not only resembles Commander Shepard facially - he created him. Drew Karpyshyn was one of BioWare's greatest ever writers. He was lead writer of cherished Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic, and he was lead writer of Mass Effect 1, 2, and all the books in-between (not Deception). Along the way, Karpyshyn also influenced Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire and massive storied MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic - a job that meant he couldn't be a part of Mass Effect 3.

2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

2K Games boss Christoph Hartmann has gone and said something controversial. He's declared that only when games approach photorealistic graphics will they be able to broaden their genre-horizon and properly do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain - rather than the Mission Impossible experiences we get today.

Mass Effect 3 anime prequel gets trailer

Mass Effect 3 anime prequel gets trailer

From legendary Ghost in the Shell studio.

BioWare has revealed the first trailer for Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, an anime prequel to Mass Effect 3.

The film will detail the earlier career of N7-wannabe James Vega, the beefcake soldier who hung around your cargo bay and you never took out on missions.

Paragon Lost is being created by prolific anime studio Production I.G, the talent behind the Ghost in the Shell series and hundreds of other video game and movie projects, including most of the Tales series.

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Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC confirmed by voice actor

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC confirmed by voice actor

Spoiler-filled Reaper add-on outed.

Mass Effect 3's rumoured Leviathan DLC has been confirmed by voice actor Anthony Skordi.

The actor confirmed to Eurogamer he would play the Reaper named Leviathan in the unannounced add-on.

The news ties in with previously-leaked script details spotted within the code of the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.

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Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Xbox 360 release date

Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC Xbox 360 release date

Leaked multiplayer add-on confirmed.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion pack Earth has been confirmed for release next week on Xbox Live.

Earth, the game's third multiplayer DLC, will be available to download for free on 17th July. PC and PlayStation 3 dates have yet to be announced.

The news comes from Microsoft community man Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. Developer BioWare has yet to formally announce the content.

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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC release date announced

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC release date announced

Plus, new BioWare Q&A offers behind-the-scenes detail.

Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC launches for PC and Xbox 360 on 26th June and on 4th July for PlayStation 3, publisher EA has announced.

The free add-on will "expand upon the events at the end of" BioWare's RPG sequel, "through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes."

"To experience the Extended Cut, load a save game from before the attack on the Cerberus Base and play through to the end of the game," explained a brief FAQ on the game's official site.

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EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

"It cheapens intellectual property."

Digital sales platform Steam has a reputation for its 75 per cent sales - and many gamers love them. But for rival Origin and its maker EA, that's not the right approach.

Origin boss David DeMartini told Gamesindustry International that random deep-discounting of games "cheapens" IP, and promised not to copy the practice.

"We won't be doing that," he said, bluntly. "Obviously they think it's the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property.

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Mass Effect 3 headed to Wii U

Third-party support headed up by BioWare's RPG.

Mass Effect 3 has been confirmed for Nintendo's yet-to-be-released Wii U console, and it heads up an impressive third-party line-up.

Mass Effect 3 update 1.03 patch notes

Mass Effect 3 update 1.03 patch notes

New "anti-AFK" system to boot multiplayer cheaters.

Mass Effect 3 will receive a huge list of fixes in the upcoming 1.03 Patch, due today on PC. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers get the download on Thursday 31st May.

The list includes a multitude of multiplayer changes, most notably a system that kicks players who have become inactive for more than two minutes.

BioWare's "Anti-AFK system" is designed to penalise players who are deliberately not taking part in the match. Removed players are booted back to the game's menu with zero experience and zero credits.

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Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC release date announced

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC release date announced

Free multiplayer expansion adds maps, weapons, characters.

A new Mass Effect 3 DLC pack, titled Rebellion, is available to download free of charge next week, BioWare has announced.

The pack, which includes a batch of new multiplayer content, is available from 29th May on PC and Xbox 360, and 30th May on PlayStation 3.

First and foremost, there are two new maps. Firebase Jade overlooks a jungle reservoir surrounded by huge waterfalls, while Firebase Goddess is a circular stage set in the middle a Thessian metropolis.

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Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC details leak

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC details leak

Vorcha race enter the fight.

The next slice of Mass Effect 3 DLC will be named Rebellion, Sony's Hong Kong website has revealed.

Rebellion will be the second expansion for the game's multiplayer modes, following last month's Resurgance Pack.

Sony's now-removed listing for the DLC (spotted by Kotaku) detailed its contents: two new maps, three new weapons and six fresh character classes.

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The Big GAME Shutdown: An Insider's Account

"In the course of those couple of hours, most of the people I've ever worked with were gone."

"Once the boxes had gone, he [the administrator] did a walk around the store. He was asking us what we planned on doing next. If I'm honest, I was a bit short with him. He was saying, 'What are you going to do now - have you got any plans?' And I was like, 'I've just lost my job. I've been doing this job for two-thirds of my working life, if not more than that, working in a game shop. And suddenly I haven't got that option. So no, I don't know what I'm going to do now. First things first, I'm going to make sure I get the money that I'm owed. But I don't know, I don't know what I'm going to do.'

Opening month US Mass Effect 3 sales double ME2's

The results for March video game sales in the US are in: Mass Effect 3 won! And by quite a distance.

BioWare's trilogy-ending space RPG sold double what Mass Effect 2 managed during its opening month of January 2010, number-cruncher NPD revealed.

Remember, however, that Mass Effect 2 launched on two machines, PC and Xbox 360, and Mass Effect 3 launched on three: PC, PS3, Xbox 360.

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Mass Effect 3 patch causing widespread crashes

Mass Effect 3 patch causing widespread crashes

Users unable to load title screen, play campaign or online.

Mass Effect 3's latest title update can cause the game to crash upon loading, rendering the title unplayable for those affected.

The issue appears to be centred around the Xbox 360 version of the game, although some PlayStation 3 users report similar problems.

Some players who have installed the 4MB download are then been unable to load Mass Effect 3's main menu. The game will often enter an endless load cycle while attempting to contact EA's servers or simply crash the console completely.

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Pro-EA LGBT petition hijacked by bots

Hackers add as many as 5000 signatures.

A petition launched earlier this week by LGBT campaign outfit AllOut offering support to publisher EA over its decision to stand firm after religious groups called for gay-friendly content be removed from its games has been hijacked by bots. Podcast 108: Ridge Racer Unbounded/Smash the Homophobes Special

We dissect the self-inflicted "fun button" saga and talk about EA's stout defence of BioWare's wooden sex scenes.

Outside of a few evergreen titles like Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, F1 and Mario Kart, the racing game genre has been in a state of chaos and decline for a few years now, with great games like Blur and Split/Second pitching up to fanfare from genre fans and then disappearing into bargain bins a few days later. We love them, but the audience just doesn't seem to be out there.

Mass Effect 3 patch out on PS3 and Xbox 360 today

Mass Effect 3 patch out on PS3 and Xbox 360 today

Patch notes revealed, face bug fix included.

The Mass Effect 3 patch launches today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, BioWare has announced.

It launched on PC yesterday.

It fixes the bug that prevented players from importing character faces generated in Mass Effect 1 through Mass Effect 2 and into Mass Effect 3.

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BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

UPDATE: no new endings will be added to the game.

UPDATE: BioWare has published its Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut FAQ, and in it confirmed that no new endings will be added to the game.

"BioWare strongly believes in the team's artistic vision for the end of this arc of the Mass Effect franchise," the studio said. "The extended cut DLC will expand on the existing endings, but no further ending DLC is planned."

What it will do is expand on the ending "by creating additional cinematics and epilogue scenes to the existing ending sequences". "The goal of these new scenes is to provide additional clarity and closure to Mass Effect 3," BioWare explained.

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Confirmed: GAME saved

Confirmed: GAME saved

"No plans" for further store closures, says new owner.

Administrator PwC has confirmed OpCapita's purchase of GAME UK.

Baker Acquisitions Limited, an entity advised by private investment company OpCapita, has picked up GAME's UK assets, including all 333 UK GAME and Gamestation stores that remained open during administration.

The acquisition brings the UK business out of administration, which it has been in since last Monday. Baker said today it will provide GAME with "the capital it needs to trade on a normalised basis", and that the jobs of nearly 3200 GAME employees have been saved.

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GAME Ireland staff launch sit-in protest over redundancies

GAME Ireland staff launch sit-in protest over redundancies

"Just had an administrator at our door, ain't getting our keys!"

Staff at GAME stores in Ireland have launched a sit-in protest over redundancy pay.

Game Monaghan staff member Ben Lamb O'Sullivan posted images of the team on his Facebook page - reproduced below - that show the closed store from the outside and the inside.

Staff are protesting over the lack of notice given for the redundancies. They believe they are entitled to 30 days notice of redundancy, which they have not received.

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Why GAME collapsed

PwC cites "unfortunate" proximity of stores and "ambitious" overseas expansion.

Administrators at PwC have blamed GAME Group's collapse on its "ambitious" overseas expansion and the "unfortunate" close proximity of its stores.

GAME suspends use of Reward Cards and gift cards, cancels refunds and exchanges

GAME suspends use of Reward Cards and gift cards, cancels refunds and exchanges

"No refunds can be given for any pre-order deposits paid."

GAME has suspended the use of Reward Cards and gift cards and cancelled refunds and exchanges.

It's changed the way it operates as a number of GAME and Gamestation stores across the UK were closed today.

Reward points can be earned in the stores that remain open, but not redeemed "until further notice", the shop said.

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Next Mass Effect 3 patch will fix face import problem

The next Mass Effect 3 patch will fix the game's face import problem, BioWare has announced.

The problem prevents users from importing character faces from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 into the game. It means Mass Effect 3 is incompatible with faces built on the Mass Effect 1 editor.

Chris Priestly, BioWare's community coordinator, said the problem was to do with an error with how codes were detected when transferred from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2 and then on into Mass Effect 3 or importing a Mass Effect 2 saved game with New Game +.

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Saturday Soapbox: Gameplayed

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Gameplayed

This time, game plays YOU.

"Keep walking, asshole, before I shove this nightstick where the sun don't shine."

Rude, abrasive, unnecessary. It's all of these things, but I'd let it go, just because it's a hell of a lot of hassle to do anything about it.

But I do a double take. This is a policeman. A PoliceMAN. I'm Johnny Motherf***ing Klebitz. I'm part of The Lost and the Damned, whose entire purpose is to F*** the MAN. I'm not going to let this slide.

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FeatureThe Other Mass Effect 3: The Game You Didn't Play

Watch the choices you didn't make.

Spoiler note: Mass Effect 3's story is divided into three acts and doles out major moral choices at the conclusion of each. This article discusses these choices in detail, although is written so it can be read in sections. The article's first section discusses the choices made up to and including the mission on the krogan homeworld of Tuchanka. The article's second section details those found at the end of the second act, concerning the quarian-geth war. The final section discusses the game's ending.

Japan chart: Mass Effect 3 sells 8142 copies

Japan chart: Mass Effect 3 sells 8142 copies

Pokémon spin-off takes top spot, Vita still in doldrums.

The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 3 debuted at number 20 on the weekly Japanese sales chart, shifting just over 8000 copies.

That might not seem like much, but it's well up on the 5885 that Mass Effect 2 managed in its debut week last year.

DS franchise spin-off Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition took the top spot with 172,027 copies sold, followed by Sega's PSP strategy RPG Shining Blade with 122,257.

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BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer changes

BioWare has posted a list of changes made yesterday to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

The alterations look to be server side, and tend to only insignificantly tweak damage/shield/health. But there are some meatier changes to class abilities.

The first Mass Effect 3 update was 6th March, then on 13th March, then on 20th March.

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GAME confirms intention to enter administration

GAME confirms intention to enter administration

Will continue to trade in the short term.

GAME has confirmed its intention to enter administration.

In a statement, the specialist retailer said its efforts to save the company had so far failed.

"Further to this morning's announcement of the suspension of trading in shares of GAME Group plc, the board has concluded that its discussions with all stakeholders and other parties have not made sufficient progress in the time available to offer a realistic prospect for a solvent solution for the business," the company said. "The board has therefore today filed a notice of intention to appoint an administrator."

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FeatureMs. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

Profiling sci-fi's greatest accidental heroine.

Her name is Commander Shepard, though her friends call her anything from Jane to Shiva to Lydia. She's one of the most popular heroines in gaming history; a three-time galaxy saviour who takes no crap and wouldn't be caught dead in a chainmail bikini. To most, she's a long-haired redhead, but she's been seen trying other colours and styles. To some, she's a diplomat, to others, a ruthless, trigger-happy bitch.

BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats

BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats

Less than 1% of successful matches on Gold difficulty.

BioWare has revealed reams of player data relating to Mass Effect 3's enjoyable online multiplayer mode.

Did you know that less than one per cent of all matches completed succesfully were on the game's hardest difficulty, Gold?

A third of all matches fail altogether, with no one left alive to be extracted at the end of your mission.

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FeatureAn interview with comedian Dara O Briain

"I would like to be able to fondle the dragon by wearing a glove."

Dara O Briain is the fast talking Irish comedian known to us for his passion for video games, a hobby he sends up frequently during his renowned stand-up routines. O Briain also hosts satirical telly show Mock the Week, and this evening he'll host the GAME British Academy Video Game Awards (BAFTA) - a post he's filled every year since 2009.

Cancelled Mass Effect competitive FPS detailed

Cancelled Mass Effect competitive FPS detailed

Mass Effect: Team Assault morphed into ME3 multiplayer.

BioWare was at one point planning a standalone competitive FPS called Mass Effect: Team Assault, the developer has revealed.

The news, as reported by Kotaku, comes from The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 iPad app which has just gone live on the App Store.

"The goal was simple," explained presenter Geoff Keighley, "to create a standalone multiplayer experience in the Mass Effect universe that would mix the play styles of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1943 - and likely be released as a downloadable game."

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One trilogy to rule them all?

No one told me they videoed it! No one! The podcast, videoed?! How was I to know? Not that I mind of course. You may remember my starring role in Sacred 2: The Video Game (there wasn't a film, I'm trying to elevate its prestige). But you couldn't sleep with me in Sacred 2. It wasn't Mass Effect 3.

EA: GAME collapse a

EA: GAME collapse a "temporary dislocation", won't harm Mass Effect 3 sales

Other shops will fill the hole, reckons Riccitiello.

GAME Group's perilous situation won't stop EA selling every copy of Mass Effect 3 made, publisher boss John Riccitiello has declared.

"I'm really confident that the consumer that wants to buy Mass Effect or Madden or FIFA or whatever, if a particular retailer is gone, other retailers will absorb the business," said Riccitiello at an investment conference last week (reported by MCV).

"In the fullness of time, I am extremely confident that, whether it's UK or France, or United States et cetera, the retail marketplace will absorb that business.

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UK Top 40: Mass Effect 3 outsells ME1, ME2 launch weeks combined

Stop the presses! Mass Effect 3 is the UK's new all-formats chart number one.

But exactly how well did it do? Chart-Track doesn't publicly reveal sales figures, but mentioned Mass Effect 3 was comfortably the biggest game launch of the year so far. It has already outsold the previous four number ones (SSX, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, UFC3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning).

BioWare's third entry in its space opera trilogy outsold the launch weeks of Mass Effect 1 and 2 combined, although release dates on separate platforms were previously staggered.

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What is human? It's a question that was beloved of dear old Phil Dick, and it's one that underpins Quantic Dream's animated short Kara, the PS3-powered tech demo that stopped GDC in its tracks earlier this week.

Mass Effect 3 sells nearly 900k in US in 24 hours

Mass Effect 3 sells nearly 900k in US in 24 hours

EA suggests SWTOR expansion announcement soon.

Mass Effect 3 sold nearly 900,000 copies in the US in its first 24 hours on sale, EA has revealed.

To be exact, 890,000, EA boss John Riccitiello told an audience at the Wedbush Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference, attended by VentureBeat.

"We anticipated it doing well, so we're happy," he said.

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Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect 3 Review

The end of all things.

Her name is simply Soldier. She looks to be in her mid-twenties, pretty with short dark hair. She's pleading with a clerk outside the human embassy on the Citadel, the vast and ancient space station that houses the Galactic Council.

Soldier married an Asari, you see, but both have been called into active service. Soldier wants to track down her wife's family, so their daughter can be sent to stay with them rather than be taken into care. Soldier's family won't take the little girl. They disowned her for marrying outside of her species. The desk clerk - another Asari - is sympathetic but held back by bureaucracy. Ever since the Reapers attacked Earth, the Citadel has been flooded with refugees. The paperwork is going to take some time.

Almost without realising it, I check in on Soldier every time I'm at the Citadel. I loiter and eavesdrop to see how she's getting on, if they've managed to cut through the red tape and get her daughter to safety. Eventually, I overhear the Asari clerk happily telling Soldier that everything has been arranged. Soldier is overjoyed. So am I, in a weird sort of way. I never even interacted with Soldier, but her story felt important all the same. It's a little splash of happiness in a story painted in thick strokes of dread and hopelessness.

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Mass Effect 3 Vault console armour DLC details

Mass Effect 3 Vault console armour DLC details

Dress up your console, get multiplayer gear.

Mass Effect 3's chunky Vault console casing allows you to dress your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in Commander Shepard's battle armour. It also comes with free Mass Effect 3 "DLC".

We knew this already, but now the nature of this extra in-game content is clear.

Far from being exclusive missions or spoilerific squad-mates, the Vault's "Reinforcement Packs" instead offer gamers more of the randomly selected upgrade packs that everyone can buy in the game's co-op mode.

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Revealed: GAME's memo to staff on Mass Effect 3 cancellation

Revealed: GAME's memo to staff on Mass Effect 3 cancellation

Cancels pre-orders for FIFA Street, Tiger Woods 13, Sims 3 Showtime.

Eurogamer has been sent the internal memo emailed to GAME and Gamestation staff this morning which broke the news that the company will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 at any of its stores.

The first half of the email is for store managers explaining the situation, while the latter includes a list of instructions for how to break the news to pre-order customers who have already given GAME their money.

GAME will not stock EA titles as the company is "committed to only stocking products on which we could get the right credit terms", something it has apparently failed to do for Mass Effect 3.

Read more Podcast #102: Vita Launch Special Podcast #102: Vita Launch Special

Plus: Mass Effect 3 day-one DLC outrage, various bad jokes.

PlayStation Vita launched in Europe last week. You probably noticed. Now, after a few days soaking up sales, we can report what we had always hoped: not only is Vita the handheld gamers deserve, but it is the one we need right now. In your face, Batman!

UK hardware sales figures are Chart Track's proprietary information, unfortunately, so until Sony talks about them publicly we can't say how many it sold in week one, but we can say it was healthier than some critics predicted, and the sight of two Vita games - Uncharted: Golden Abyss and FIFA Football - atop the UK charts is illustrative of lots of interest. Not only that, but Chart Track doesn't account for digital sales, and this is a fully digital console, so they are potentially a lot greater.

The Vita launch, our impressions of the European software line-up and general feeling about its prospects understandably form the backdrop to this week's 102nd-ever Podcast, "starring" host Tom Champion, myself and Oli Welsh.

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EA launches Mass Effect 3 into space from London this morning

EA launches Mass Effect 3 into space from London this morning

Be at the landing zone to get a copy early.

It is one of the most elaborate video game marketing stunts in recent memory.

But this time it has some value - the chance to win a copy of one of this year's most anticipated games weeks before it goes on sale.

EA will this morning (11.30am) launch BioWare science fiction shooter Mass Effect 3 into space from London - and it wants fans to track it down.

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Gotham City Impostors tops XBLA chart

Mass Effect 3 demo 10th most played game last week.

Downloadable multiplayer FPS Gotham City Impostors is sitting pretty at the top of the Xbox Live Arcade chart in its second week on sale, Microsoft has announced.

BioWare: we finished Mass Effect 3 before working on DLC

"I've read all 96 pages of this thread..."

The Xbox Live leak of Mass Effect 3 DLC From Ashes posed a dangerous question: did BioWare snip the extra squad member from the full, finished game in order to have something to offer Collector's Edition owners - and something to sell - on launch day?

Mass Effect 3 DLC bundled with Razer peripherals

Keyboard, headset, controller include multiplayer extras.

Not content with bundling Mass Effect 3 DLC with toys and books, developer BioWare has announced you'll also be able to pick up extra content for its forthcoming space RPG with a range of Razer peripherals.

Digital FoundryMass Effect 3 Demos Analysed

PS3 suffers in frame-rate comparisons.

The concluding chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy is remarkable in that it's the first to be released simultaneously on all major HD platforms, with BioWare releasing Xbox 360, PS3 and PC demos earlier this week. Feedback we received from readers suggested that the PS3 build fails to match its Xbox 360 sibling, exhibiting major frame-rate issues - something we decided to put to the test.

BioWare details Mass Effect 3 upgrades guide

BioWare details Mass Effect 3 upgrades guide

Time for some calibrations.

BioWare has posted a helpful guide on how to "maximise" Mass Effect 3's upgradable powers.

Mass Effect 3 senior designer Manveer Heir provided detailed information on the mathematical formulae BioWare uses to calculate how bonuses are applied to players' stats via the developer's forum.

BioWare's systems remain similar to those used in Mass Effect 2, Heir notes, although were previously kept hidden from the players. Until now.

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Five new Mass Effect 3 gameplay trailers

Five new Mass Effect 3 gameplay trailers

Story, customisation, enemies, action, co-op.

BioWare has blasted out five fresh Mass Effect 3 videos, showing off the game's story choices and in-game customisation, enemies, action sections and its co-op multiplayer offering.

First up, a look at how Shepard shapes the story of Mass Effect 3 through good and evil (Paragon and Renegade) dialogue options - and how the consequences of these play out.

Next, a glance at the game's multiplayer and the races you can play. Choose a sniper-loving Turian like good old shipmate Garrus, or paint yourself blue to join Liara T'Soni's biotic bunch, the Asari.

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Mass Effect Infiltrator, Datapad iOS games incoming

Recieve texts from your Mass Effect 3 crewmates.

Mass Effect 3 will be supported by two iOS apps, BioWare has revealed. Mass Effect Infiltrator is a third-person shooter, while Mass Effect Datapad allows players to stay in touch with their crewmates on-the-go.

No more Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Editions will be made before launch

No more Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Editions will be made before launch

You can still get the digital edition, says BioWare.

No more Mass Effect 3 Collector's Editions will be made before the game's launch, BioWare has confirmed.

The Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition, which costs £70 in the UK, is sold out on a number of US shop websites.

On, for example, a note on the Xbox 360 version product page reads: "Due to high demand (and possibly the imminent Reaper invasion), we have unfortunately run out of our pre-order allocation for Mass Effect 3 - Collector's Edition for Xbox 360.

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Mass Effect 3 Achievements list leaks

But do you need Kinect?

The list of Mass Effect 3 Achievements has leaked, as usual courtesy of Xbox360Achievements. Presumably Trophies for the PlayStation 3 version will be identical.

Mass Effect 3 Preview: The Good Shepard?

FeatureMass Effect 3 Preview: The Good Shepard?

BioWare sets the galaxy on fire.

The townsfolk have been listening to Shepard pulling the old "Commander who shouted 'Reaper!'" ruse for some time now. First she (he, if you're feeling obtuse) shouted 'Reaper!' when she discovered that the caretakers of the Galaxy were about to sweep up all known galactic civilizations. Then, in Mass Effect 2, she shouted 'Reaper!' after she'd fought against a big icky monster that had been made from human body parts, and had all/most/some of her underlings killed in the process.

Did the intergalactic townspeople listen though? Did they pay attention to this particular Shepard, and her sad tale of a sexy secretary being mulched and, as a consequence, all her fish dying? Of course they didn't. The Earth people were too busy worrying about what their Cerberus faction were up to, the Krogans were whinging about the Genophage putting the kibosh on procreation and the Quarians were preoccupied by wondering what their own faces looked like. Typical. The cretins even stripped her of her rank for something she did in the DLC. Tch.

So now the Reapers have finally showed up, guess who has to clean up all this mess? That's right: muggins here. Good old reliable Commander Shepard - back to save the day with a brand new sexy space adventure.

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Mass Effect 3 cover-camping a no-no on Hardcore, Insanity

"You'd better be doing everything well, or you'll die."

Apparently I'll need to do more when playing Mass Effect 3 on Hardcore or Insanity difficulties than cower behind cover and pop up every so often to fling a biotic ability or loose a round of ammo, safe in the knowledge that my Krogan ally-plus-one have taken care of everything else.

Mass Effect 3 action figures to come with exclusive DLC

Mass Effect 3 action figures to come with exclusive DLC

"Could include powerful new weapons and new characters."

Mass Effect action figures due to go on sale in the US later this year will come with download codes for exclusive DLC.

As spotted on NeoGAF, a retail listing on BigBadToyStore shows eight separate figures available individually ($17.99) or in packs of four ($67.99).

The accompanying blurb reads:

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Mass Effect 3 PC system requirements

Drell-core processor?

Can your PC run Mass Effect 3? BioWare has released a list of PC system requirements needed to run the demo of its sci-fi role-player, which will likely remain the same for the full game.

Mass Effect 3 demo coming next month

Play through BioWare sequel's opening sequence.

A demo for forthcoming action RPG sequel Mass Effect 3 launches on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on 14th February, developer BioWare has announced.

Retailer-exclusive Mass Effect 3 items detailed

Retailer-exclusive Mass Effect 3 items detailed

Origin, GameStop offer in-game extras.

A handful of retailer-exclusive Mass Effect 3 items have been announced.

According to GameInformer, purchase the PC version through EA's own Origin store and you'll snag the AT-12 Raider Shotgun.

"The AT-12 Raider Shotgun fires a large pellet spread, ensuring maximum coverage for close-range targets. Designed for superior rapid fire, the AT-12 allows for optimal recovery time between shot," states the announcement.

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Mass Effect 3 features cancelled ME2 Citadel quest

Mass Effect 3 features cancelled ME2 Citadel quest

Plus, lead writer discusses writing around ME2's ending.

Mass Effect 3 will feature a Citadel mission originally intended for Mass Effect 2, according to the game's lead writer.

Speaking in an interview with OXM, Mac Walters explained that BioWare had planned to include more Citadel content in Mass Effect 2 but then changed direction, leaving a number of mission ideas on the cutting room floor.

However, at least one of those threads will be resurrected in the impending threequel.

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New Mass Effect 3 co-op details

New Mass Effect 3 co-op details

Playable races "you may not expect".

A bountiful space-cache of Mass Effect 3 co-op details has been opened.

They come from the mouth of Mass Effect 3 producer Jesse Houston, who was interviewed by BioWare's social media coordinator "Erika".

The only answers out of place below are those about PC DRM and whether decisions in ME1 and ME2 affect Galactic Readiness in ME3. Galactic Readiness, remember, is what you can contribute towards by playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer co-op.

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Mass Effect 3 beta leak reveals campaign game modes

Mass Effect 3 beta leak reveals campaign game modes

Action Mode, Story Mode and RPG Mode spotted.

Mass Effect 3's three campaign modes were revealed over the weekend after an early version of the game was accidentally published to some Xbox 360 owners.

Microsoft published the Mass Effect 3 beta to those who were in the new Xbox Live dashboard preview. The beta was quickly removed, but not before gamers published spoiler-filled gameplay videos via NeoGAF.

Revealed are three ways to play Mass Effect 3's campaign: Action Mode, Story Mode and RPG Mode.

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Preview

Mass Effect 3 is all about long-term plans finally coming to fruition. After two games of steadily inching ever closer to their target, the Reapers have finally found Earth, and while the single-player campaign will dart about orchestrating the beginning, middle, and end of a planet-wide conflict that's been thousands of years in the making, elsewhere on the start menu, other promises are being fulfilled too.

That's because Mass Effect 3 is finally taking the plunge with multiplayer - a bold move for BioWare, which hasn't tangled with anything other than a solo campaign since, what, Neverwinter Nights? After an hour with the game last week, though, the delivery looks a little less bold. This is definitely entertaining stuff, but it's also pretty standard co-op fare.

With the single-player eating up man hours over at BioWare Edmonton, and the Austin studio toiling to piece an entire galaxy of Star Wars treats together for the Christmas launch of The Old Republic, Mass Effect multiplayer's being handled in the main by the freshly-minted BioWare Montreal, a team that's been up and running for about a year. The end result appears to be a series of four-player co-op missions where you form an elite squad with your friends and fight for control of territory throughout the stars.

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EA details Mass Effect 3 Online Pass

EA details Mass Effect 3 Online Pass

Multiplayer, BioWare Social Network.

The recently announced Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode is accessed via the Online Pass code included in every new copy of the game, EA has announced.

The new Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War system, unveiled this week, is activated once the code found in the Online Pass is entered. Buy the game second hand, and you'll have to buy the Online Pass to access the Galaxy at War.

Players use Galaxy at War in both the single-player campaign and "through a suite of Mass Effect games and applications". They will be on iOS devices and Facebook, as revealed earlier today.

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More Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details

More Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details

Level-cap! War Assets! Drell! iOS/Facebook!

Progress made in Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer can be viewed on iOS devices, Facebook "and more".

You'll see a colour-coded map that will chart each area your squad has successfully defended, according to a deluge of information from OXM mined by StickSkills.

It sounds as though you'll visit these war-torn areas during the single-player campaign, and that multiplayer co-op enables you to take up arms and defend them.

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First Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details

First Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details

BioWare moves to calm concerned fans.

BioWare has revealed the first details on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and moved to calm concerned fans worried by its inclusion.

As revealed by Eurogamer in June, Mass Effect 3's multiplayer is a standalone, four-player co-op experience that is separate from single-player.

Today, following confirmation of the mode's existence by an Australian magazine, BioWare went into further detail.

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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed

Australian magazine outs new feature.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer - the worst kept secret in video games - has been confirmed.

Australian magazine

">PC Powerplay announced the feature on its website alongside an image of the cover of its November issue.

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BioWare: EA doesn't tell us what to do

"We still have huge autonomy," say Docs.

BioWare still has "huge autonomy" in what it does, co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk have promised Eurogamer. To say that EA now calls the shots "is not actually remotely true".

EA: our games won't be Origin exclusive

EA: our games won't be Origin exclusive

Gabe Newell comments on Steam ban.

EA has promised gamers it won't make digital versions of its games exclusive to Origin.

This is not part of what the mega publisher is trying to do with its recently launched digital platform, EA said.

"When we were talking about it's best for the consumer that competition is a good thing, for the consumer also choice is a good thing," EA's European boss Jens Uwe Intat told Eurogamer.

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BioWare: why sequels are good

BioWare: why sequels are good

"From a gamer's perspective it's a positive."

Some criticised game show E3 2011 for its focus on sequels, but for one game developer they're a good thing.

That developer is BioWare, creator of Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, the third game in the science-fiction shooter role-playing series.

"There are a couple of reasons why sequels are actually good in the games business," BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk told Eurogamer.

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FeatureMass Effect 3

Don’t fear the Reaper.

The story of Mass Effect is about more than Commander Shepard's race to save the galaxy from the threat of the Reapers. It's also about how BioWare's game has gone from an RPG with shooter elements to a third-person shooter with light RPG touches.

Origin: exclusive ME3, BF3 game content

Origin: exclusive ME3, BF3 game content

EA launches Steam rival today.

Sign up to Origin, EA's Steam rival, and you'll get "exclusive game content" for games such as Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3.

EA is yet to reveal exactly what that exclusive game content is, however.

Exclusive limited edition copies of Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 will be available from Origin. Future additions will include access to the latest online betas as well as demos and try before you buy opportunities, EA said.

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Mass Effect 3 Kinect support rumoured

EA image suggests E3 reveal.

Will you be able to play upcoming science fiction role-playing game Mass Effect 3 with motion-sensing add-on Kinect? A new image – discovered on publisher EA's own website – suggests so.

New Mass Effect 3 details

New Mass Effect 3 details

Spoilers at the bottom.

A slew of Mass Effect 3 magazine coverage has been absorbed and summarised by the internet.

Non-spoiler information first, courtesy of Xbox World magazine and NeoGAF.

Mass Effect 3 develops melee fighting and each character class will have a special move. An Engineer will use an Omni-tool fire lash attack, for example, while an Adept will throw people back and stun them.

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Mass Effect 3 delayed until Q1 2012

BioWare ensuring it "exceeds expectations".

Mass Effect 3 will be in your hands some time in the first quarter of 2012, not later this year as originally announced, says developer BioWare.

Mass Effect 3 details - no multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 details - no multiplayer

Expanded RPG elements, weapon mods.

There will be no multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, BioWare has apparently revealed.

Multiplayer will, however, be considered for future games and spin-offs, according to new details lifted from the latest issue of Game Informer (read by NeoGAF).

Mass Effect 3 will offer more than one bad ending and more than one good ending, depending on the turns your personal story makes. Your choice of companions also affects the outcome.

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New Mass Effect novel announced

New Mass Effect novel announced

Deception due out later this year.

A fourth Mass Effect novel is on its way to bookshops, publisher Del Rey has announced.

Mass Effect: Deception will continue the story of enigmatic biotic Gillian Grayson, who was introduced in the second book in the series, Mass Effect: Ascension.

It's being written by one-man game tie-in factory William C. Dietz, who has also churned out books expanding the Resistance, Hitman, StarCraft and Halo universes.

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BioWare toying with Mass Effect 3 HUD

Senior designer loves Dead Space interface.

BioWare is thinking about how it can improve the heads up display for third-person science fiction shooter Mass Effect 3 – and Dead Space may provide some answers.

Mass Effect composer explains ME3 split

Jack Wall: It was "time to move on".

Earlier today we learned that Requiem For a Dream composer Clint Mansell is scoring Mass Effect 3, taking over from series mainstay Jack Wall. Why the change? Well, it was just time to move on, Wall has revealed.

Clint Mansell making Mass Effect 3 music

BioWare hires Aronofsky's favourite.

Mass Effect 3 may sound very different to Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 - BioWare has hired Clint Mansell, whose best work has been done partnering with celebrated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler and Black Swan), to make the game's music.

Mass Effect's Citadel "like Manhattan"

Ripe for thousands of stories, says BioWare.

BioWare's gargantuan science fiction Mass Effect universe was designed from the beginning to provide opportunities to tell spin-off tales in comics and novels – but one area in particular could be ripe for further investigation: the Citadel.

BioWare Docs videogame Hall of Famers

Join Miyamoto, Suzuki, Molyneux, Carmack.

BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have been inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame alongside videogame greats such as Shigeru Miyamoto, Peter Molyneux and Yu Suzuki.

EA Store confirms Mass Effect 3

EA Store confirms Mass Effect 3

Save Earth from "terrifying machines".

Oops. Someone is about to get hauled in front of HR. The EA Store has seemingly just ended weeks of speculation and confirmed the existence of Mass Effect 3.

A product listing on EA's online shop spotted by Joystiq showed Mass Effect 3 as clear as day, along with a descriptive blurb that read: "Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race.

"As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth."

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FeatureBioWare's Greg Zeschuk

Doctor in the house.

Bonnie and Clyde. Morecambe and Wise. Zeschuk and Muzyka. Only two of them sound like words made up by someone trying to cheat at Scrabble, but all of them are known for being highly successful partnerships. Whether you're all about murderous crime sprees, dancing with Angela Rippon or setting up Canadian development studios focused on producing globally successful role-playing videogames in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, it takes two to make an impact.

EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

Doctors Ray and Greg to exec produce.

A big screen adaptation of hit RPG series Mass Effect is in the works at Legendary Pictures.

BioWare bosses Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will work as executive producers on the film, along with Casey Hudson - who executively produced the games. There's no script just yet but Mark Protosevich, who wrote I Am Legend and Thor, is in talks to produce one.

Legendary Pictures' previous offerings include 300, The Dark Night, The Hangover and Watchmen. The company will work with Warner Bros. to co-finance and distribute the Mass Effect movie.

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BioWare bosses apologise for Bazaar

Promise future events for "excluded" fans.

BioWare bosses Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have apologised for restricting the BioWare Bazaar competition to North American residents only (but not those in Florida or New York).

More Mass Effect games after third one

Zeschuk: universe too "valuable" to ditch.

BioWare co-founder Dr Greg Zeschuk has said the developer will continue to create games in the Mass Effect universe following the completion of the current trilogy.