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Sounds like we won't get a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

Our hopes have been Wrex.

EA appears to have decided against releasing a Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

That's according to EA exec Peter Moore, who has poured cold water on the prospect in a new interview.

"Could we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes," he told IGN (around the 1hr 16 mark). Have a thousand people asked me that? Yes they have. Do we have... No."

"We just feel like we want to go forward. There's a little thing called Mass Effect Andromeda that we're totally focused on at BioWare, and it's going to be magnificent. Anything that distracts from that...

Last month fellow EA exec Patrick Soderlund appeared to signal a softening of the company's attitude to remasters based upon the success other big publishers had conjured up with their own re-releases.

But whether or not other EA games are relaunched in the future (Burnout Paradise would be lovely, thank you pls), Moore appears adamant Mass Effect won't be one of them.

"Do we have teams lying around that are doing nothing right now, that can go and? No, we don't. We want to focus on the future."

The possibility of a Mass Effect 1-3 re-release has been floating around for some time - and there's certainly fan demand.

Developer BioWare has seriously considered the project, too - back in 2014 it revealed it had internally discussed the project and in November that year boss Aaryn Flynn even polled fans on what features they would want included.

But everything we've heard about Mass Effect: Andromeda - and how it will be marketed - suggests a clean break with the original trilogy.

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Andromeda is removed from Shepard's Mass Effect trilogy in space and time. It's set in the Andromeda galaxy, obviously, and some time after the events of Mass Effect 3 - although your choice of trilogy ending won't affect the game.

A clean break narratively, while retaining familiar elements to the franchise (krogan, the Mako, hot alien romance), ensures Andromeda has the best chance of starting afresh. Here's everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda so far.

I caught up with Peter a few weeks ago at Gamescom, where we had an enjoyable chat about EA's future, new consoles, and the end of video games press conferences.

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