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FeatureBeing the boss of Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw still remembers his first day at BioWare - and, 15 years later - his last. A lot happened in between.

Mass Effect

Pause for effect.

Key events

Narrative RPGs are arguably all about choices and your power over choices. Choosing a class and a background lays the groundwork for the whole experience of a game and provides a springboard for roleplaying. In the first Mass Effect, for example, you're given two key choices at the beginning of the game that effectively select which version of Commander Shepard you want to inhabit. You decide the personal history and the psychology of Shepard. You decide whether they grew up as the nomadic child of navy officers or on the streets, and whether they matured into a scarred survivor, renowned war hero or a ruthlessly efficient commander.

FeatureBeing the boss of Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw still remembers his first day at BioWare - and, 15 years later - his last. A lot happened in between.

Mike Laidlaw can still remember his first day at BioWare, even though it was over 15 years ago. He even remembers the date he answered the phone and found out he had got the job: 23rd December 2002. Laidlaw was used to answering the phone; at the time he was working at Bell, Canada's largest telecommunications company, in the province of Ontario. When Laidlaw first joined Bell's call centre, he worked the phones. Later, he got promoted to lead a team on the phones, "which was somehow way worse than being on the phones," Laidlaw told me last March, the day after his star turn at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. "I went in and said, I'm sorry, I'm quitting. I'm not coming in tomorrow. They said, 'you can't quit two days before Christmas! If you quit you'll never work here again!' I said, 'that is pretty much the plan, yes.' So I walked out, and a bunch of people high-fived me because - yay! - I got out."

I remember not being very taken by Mass Effect's main theme, the first time I heard it. Next to what I'd read about the game, a tale of alien liaisons and sizzling gun battles amid the stars, the title music seemed dreary, the wrong kind of spaced-out. A decade later, I listen to it while crossing a certain footbridge in London, on my way to the abandoned mall food court where I'm writing this. Somebody has scrawled "change" plus a few choice sentiments about austerity policies on the wall at one end. The council has repainted that bridge a few times in the years I've lived nearby - right now it's an incongruous green and purple pattern, like a coral reef hammered flat - and every time, that unknown soul has returned to scribble the message anew. A gesture of defiance, or ironic futility? I couldn't tell you, but as the languid drone of Vigil's Theme fills my skull, I read the words again, ponder their relevance to Mass Effect's storyline and find myself ludicrously close to tears.

Remember 2005 British TV comedy series Extras, written by The Office duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant? The one where Gervais played an actor stuck making a living as an extra, and where a string of guest stars like Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson appeared? The late, great David Bowie even popped up in Series 2. Good, wasn't it?

BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

Tapestry tool to archive your choices now live.

BioWare has celebrated a decade of Mass Effect by releasing a new video featuring developers involved in the much-loved, now much-missed space franchise.

Editor's note: Jordan Erica Webber is co-author with Eurogamer contributor Daniel Griliopoulos of the weighty tome Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us: (about life, philosophy and everything), out this month. We've asked her to write a few thoughts on video games as works of philosophy. Beware: there are spoilers for Soma, the Mass Effect and Fallout series ahead.

BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn quits, just months after Mass Effect Andromeda launch

BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn is leaving the acclaimed RPG studio after 17 years with the company.

His departure comes roughly four months after the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda, a game that debuted to lackluster sales and disappointing critical reception. Our Edwin Evans-Thirlwell called it "probably BioWare's worst RPG yet" in his review, and the tepid reaction to the game has put the sci-fi series "on ice".

Interestingly, Flynn's role will be replaced by the Mass Effect series' project director Casey Hudson, who left the company back in 2014 and accepted a position as project director at Microsoft Studios the following year, where he was to work on HoloLens projects.

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Whether you're traversing an expansive open world, climbing crumbling ruins or sneaking between shadowy city corners, the landscapes and environments we see in games have never been better. Gone are the days of miracle-growing trees popping up at certain draw distances. Instead, we have places and environments deliberately and carefully designed, and landscapes so realistic we can relate to them, be astonished by them, even yearn for them. Naturally, ever-improving graphical capabilities have a lot to do with this, because as environments get more realistic, we increasingly experience them as 'real', but there can be, and often is, so much more to it than just the technical ability to crank up the aesthetics.

FeatureMass Effect's best mission

Curing the genophage.

Ask a Mass Effect fan to pick their favourite mission from the trilogy and you'll probably hear a range of responses. There's the Virmire level in Mass Effect 1, for example, where BioWare unexpectedly forced players to choose between two squadmates' lives. Then there's the superlative Suicide Mission finale of Mass Effect 2, perhaps the most intricately-plotted episode of the whole series. There are whole flowcharts to explain that one.

FeatureMass Effect: the story so far

Get up to speed for the trip to Andromeda.

On the eve of Mass Effect Andromeda's EA/Origin Access trial and just a week out from the game's launch, we decided it was time to refresh our memories of gaming's greatest sci-fi trilogy.

Sounds like we won't get a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

EA appears to have decided against releasing a Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

That's according to EA exec Peter Moore, who has poured cold water on the prospect in a new interview.

"Could we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes," he told IGN (around the 1hr 16 mark). Have a thousand people asked me that? Yes they have. Do we have... No."

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Origin Access adds Mass Effect Trilogy

Plus Trine 1 & 2 and Peggle.

Origin Access - the PC service granting players loads of EA games, discounts, and early access to upcoming title for £3.99 a month - has added the Mass Effect Trilogy to its Vault.

Decorated writer Drew Karpyshyn returns to BioWare

Lead writer of Mass Effect 1 & 2 and KOTOR.

Writer Drew Karpyshyn has returned to BioWare. He left in 2012 - I interviewed him after his departure - to concentrate on his Chaos Born trilogy of fantasy books and, now that they're complete, he's decided to return.

Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

UPDATE: Saves transfer via cloud. Small Preview list of games shared.

UPDATE: Microsoft's tech people confirmed to Eurogamer at E3 that Xbox 360 save files will transfer to Xbox One via the cloud. Old games you don't own will also be available to buy further down the line.

The small list of Xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One in the Preview programme was shared.

Banjo Kazooie: N n B

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BioWare turns 20 today

BioWare have the years gone?

Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare has turned 20 today, but it doesn't look a day older than 19.

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

"If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

BioWare has discussed internally the idea of remastering the Mass Effect series for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A fan asked BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn on Twitter what he thought about a next-gen, 1080p, high-resolution texture, 60 frames-per-second version for PS4 and Xbox One.

Flynn's response: "We have discussed that internally. If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

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Should BioWare give up romances?

Dragon Age writer David Gaider mulls the answer.

Remember all that hullabaloo about revealing lesbian sex in Mass Effect? However ludicrous the criticism, it's the sort of steamy content BioWare fans have come expect - love stories, love scenes, and often quite daring and progressive ones (for video games, at least).

BioWare artist reveals cut Mass Effect ideas

See how Tali's face originally looked.

Veteran BioWare designer Matt Rhodes has posted an array of Mass Effect concept art from throughout the sci-fi trilogy which hints at early ideas for the series' characters and conclusion.

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Original Mass Effect to finally launch on PS3, five years later.

BioWare has announced the Mass Effect Trilogy Edition, a compilation of all three Mass Effect games in one big box.

That means that PlayStation 3 gamers can finally play the original Mass Effect (published, back in the day, by Microsoft), just five years after it originally hit Xbox 360.

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition will launch in North America on "N7 Day" - that's 7th November if you're not BioWare, likely meaning a Friday 9th November in the UK.

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The writer who left BioWare: Eurogamer interviews Drew Karpyshyn

On poor fiction, text versus graphics, KOTOR, the Mass Effect 3 ending and Children of Fire.

Drew Karpyshyn not only resembles Commander Shepard facially - he created him. Drew Karpyshyn was one of BioWare's greatest ever writers. He was lead writer of cherished Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic, and he was lead writer of Mass Effect 1, 2, and all the books in-between (not Deception). Along the way, Karpyshyn also influenced Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire and massive storied MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic - a job that meant he couldn't be a part of Mass Effect 3.

2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

2K Games boss Christoph Hartmann has gone and said something controversial. He's declared that only when games approach photorealistic graphics will they be able to broaden their genre-horizon and properly do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain - rather than the Mission Impossible experiences we get today.

FeatureMs. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

Profiling sci-fi's greatest accidental heroine.

Her name is Commander Shepard, though her friends call her anything from Jane to Shiva to Lydia. She's one of the most popular heroines in gaming history; a three-time galaxy saviour who takes no crap and wouldn't be caught dead in a chainmail bikini. To most, she's a long-haired redhead, but she's been seen trying other colours and styles. To some, she's a diplomat, to others, a ruthless, trigger-happy bitch.

FeatureMass Effect: The Stories So Far

Reap the spoilers: a review of the wider universe of books, comics and add-ons...

Looking forward to Mass Effect 3? Of course you are. If you've only played the first two games, though, you've barely scratched the surface of BioWare's amazing sci-fi universe. There are books, comics and of course, a whole stack of downloadable add-ons that fill in the gaps, take you to places Shepard doesn't get to go, and explain details you may have missed - like exactly why everyone hates Cerberus so much. But which ones are worth your time, which are essential if you want to appreciate the full story, and which can be skipped? We've checked them all out. For you.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Careful What You Choose

Are choice-and-consequence systems making our games less interactive?

Five years ago it was cover systems. Thanks to Gears of War, it got to the point where you couldn't go to the bathroom without being invited to crouch behind something by a whopping red icon. Then for a while it was experience systems in multiplayer. They had been done before, of course, but we can blame Call of Duty 4 for catapulting them to front of mind. Nowadays even 2D platform games on your mobile phone have XP systems.

New Mass Effect novel announced

New Mass Effect novel announced

Deception due out later this year.

A fourth Mass Effect novel is on its way to bookshops, publisher Del Rey has announced.

Mass Effect: Deception will continue the story of enigmatic biotic Gillian Grayson, who was introduced in the second book in the series, Mass Effect: Ascension.

It's being written by one-man game tie-in factory William C. Dietz, who has also churned out books expanding the Resistance, Hitman, StarCraft and Halo universes.

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Clint Mansell making Mass Effect 3 music

BioWare hires Aronofsky's favourite.

Mass Effect 3 may sound very different to Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 - BioWare has hired Clint Mansell, whose best work has been done partnering with celebrated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler and Black Swan), to make the game's music.

BioWare reveals Mass Effect backstory

Check out first five pages of new comic.

BioWare has published a taster of the forthcoming Mass Effect Evolution comic series, which promises to flesh out the backstory of its RPG franchise.

Mass Effect's Citadel "like Manhattan"

Ripe for thousands of stories, says BioWare.

BioWare's gargantuan science fiction Mass Effect universe was designed from the beginning to provide opportunities to tell spin-off tales in comics and novels – but one area in particular could be ripe for further investigation: the Citadel.

EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

Doctors Ray and Greg to exec produce.

A big screen adaptation of hit RPG series Mass Effect is in the works at Legendary Pictures.

BioWare bosses Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will work as executive producers on the film, along with Casey Hudson - who executively produced the games. There's no script just yet but Mark Protosevich, who wrote I Am Legend and Thor, is in talks to produce one.

Legendary Pictures' previous offerings include 300, The Dark Night, The Hangover and Watchmen. The company will work with Warner Bros. to co-finance and distribute the Mass Effect movie.

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BioWare bosses apologise for Bazaar

Promise future events for "excluded" fans.

BioWare bosses Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have apologised for restricting the BioWare Bazaar competition to North American residents only (but not those in Florida or New York).

More Mass Effect games after third one

Zeschuk: universe too "valuable" to ditch.

BioWare co-founder Dr Greg Zeschuk has said the developer will continue to create games in the Mass Effect universe following the completion of the current trilogy.

FeatureRetrospective: Mass Effect

Lovin' an elevator.

Those poor old elevators. In case you haven't heard, one of Mass Effect's weirdest features has been officially shelved in favour of more load screens. Yes, the lifts were incredibly slow. For example, Mass Effect is a science-fiction RPG where male characters can fall in love with one of two female crewmates, and I chose Liara because the alternative, Ashley, hangs out in the Mako garage, and thanks to the lift sequence separating the garage from the rest of your spaceship this constituted an unworkable long-distance relationship. That slow. But at least they weren't load screens.

BioWare defends story structure

"Nothing wrong with it," says Weekes.

BioWare staff writer Patrick Weekes has defended the way the developer structures stories in its games, picking apart a tongue-in-cheek, fan-made "RPG Cliché Chart".

ME2 characters and new details revealed

ME2 characters and new details revealed

Shepard "much bigger and more powerful".

BioWare has unveiled some of the new characters, locations, weapons and story details for Mass Effect 2.

You'll play as Shepard again for at least a portion of the game, according to an OXM preview read by NeoGAF. He will be "much bigger and more powerful" and "presented in a darker, grittier style".

We'll be able to recruit a new character called Thane, a smooth, suave assassin shown breaking another person's neck from behind in a screenshot. Plenty of characters will return from Mass Effect 1, such as Joker (voiced by Seth Green), and we'll also meet many new faces, such as a Krogan called Grunt and a tough and wiry Salarian scientist. There's to be an entirely new Drell race, too.

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BioWare making Mass Effect for iPhone

Graphic novel-style prequel to ME2.

BioWare has revealed Mass Effect: Jacob's Story for iPhone, a two-hour "animated presentation" that will introduce the characters and story of Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect to get arena DLC next

Plus: sequel will be "much darker".

BioWare has said the next downloadable addition to Mass Effect will be a Fight Club-style arena. Expect less of a focus on story, and more on gambling and good old-fashioned dust-ups.

Microsoft reduces DLC prices

Up to 60 per cent off certain bundles.

Microsoft has significantly lowered the price of many popular DLC bundles on Xbox Live as part of a special promotion called Extended Play Download Days.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Pause for effect.

Given that Kristan wrote a three-page review of the Xbox 360 version back in November, and the PC version is basically identical, I'm left with a whole review to dwell on the important questions about Mass Effect.

For instance, why did BioWare model its adorably rubbish Mako ground-attack truck on early-eighties toy Big Trak: the Fully Programmable Electronic Vehicle? Almost everything about Mass Effect can be explained with a little thought (Why is the combat a bit shonky? They haven't had a crack at an action game since MDK2. Why is it so talky? Well, it's a BioWare game, innit. Why do you have to buy stuff from the bloke in the basement of your ship rather than just court-martialling the little dipstick? Because BioWare cannot resist the tropes of the RPG genre). But the Big Trak homage is completely inexplicable. Perhaps Big Trak is worshipped as a totemic creature in Edmonton? Perhaps Greg and Ray were always denied one as kids and decided Mass Effect would be their late Christmas? Perhaps they were aiming for a Halo Warthog clone and just missed?

Thankfully the origins of Mako are only a peripheral issue when considering this epic space-action RPG.

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Bioware wants to innovate in MMOs

Plus: Muzyka on Sonic and Mass Effect.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Bioware chief Ray Muzyka has said that the EA studio intends to bring innovation to massively multiplayaer gaming with its first MMO.

Mass Effect DLC free on PC at launch

Mass Effect DLC free on PC at launch

BioWare brought down the price.

BioWare has said PC owners of Mass Effect will get Bring Down the Sky content for free when the game is released on 6th June.

You will need to register your game and join the BioWare online community to do so.

Bring Down the Sky was the rather disappointing content pack released on Xbox Live in early March.

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Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky

Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky

Bring down the score.

There was justifiable excitement surrounding the arrival of BioWare's first salvo of additional content for the flawed-but-worthy Mass Effect. While it could still benefit from some serious tightening in the technical department, clearly there was enough scope and character to the galaxy that fans were itching for an excuse to dive back in.

The return of the exiled Batarian race, and a plot to crash a giant asteroid into Terra Nova, delivers just that excuse. Only available during the mid-section of the game, when you have the helm of the Normandy and can fly to the Asgard system, Commander Shepard and his crew have just four hours to prevent disaster and find out who is behind this Michael Bay-inspired terrorist attack. It's mildly annoying for those who have finished game to have to play through Eden Prime and the Citadel again to access what you've paid for, but it's hard to complain - you can see how this is the only way such add-ons can work.

We tend to measure the worth of our RPGs in terms of hours spent scouring them for every last experience point, so eyebrows were certainly raised at the fact that Bring Down The Sky lasts - at best - an hour and a half. Such brevity would be fine if it were crammed with unmissable storytelling and innovative action, but what's most disappointing is that not only does this new mini-story fail to deliver much in the way of narrative excitement during that time, but that most of the gameplay revolves around sluggish Mako tank combat, hopping and blasting the stupid amount of gun turrets surrounding the three thrusters being used to propel the asteroid. That disappointment deepens when you realise that the three outposts controlling the thrusters all use the same old base map you'll have grown sick of during the rest of the game. Of all the things I hoped would be changed for the downloadable content, the off-putting map repetition was top of the list. So, boo.

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FeatureMass Effect

"BioWare hates ports."

The first thing to establish about Mass Effect on PC is that it's not a port. "This is a conversion," explained BioWare demonstrator Chris Priestly. "BioWare hates ports." Considerable effort has been expended on adapting the science-fiction role-playing game from console to desktop. Not only does it have the well-documented control, inventory, and hot-key changes, but it also has gameplay improvements informed by community feedback on the 360 original. There are shorter loading times and faster elevators, and there's less texture-popping. Mass Effect PC also supports higher resolutions; Priestly illustrated this by focusing on Liara, whose freckles were apparently more visible (we were also shown the infamous sex scene so we could see for ourselves how ludicrous The Allegations were, which we found a little bizarre).

Mass Effect

Better resolutions, hot keys, inventory.

Better resolutions, hot keys, inventory.

Mass Effect confirmed for PC

Mass Effect confirmed for PC

Polished up for keyboard audience.

Electronic Arts has ended speculation by confirming that it will release science-fiction role-playing game Mass Effect on PC.

It aims to be available across the USA in May, and will come with brushed-up controls to suit a keyboard.

This means you can assign your skills and abilities to hot-keys so you have less need to bring up the menu and pause combat. You can also re-map the controls as you see fit, enjoy a new user interface and inventory system, as well as high resolution visuals - although we're not sure if this means "higher than on Xbox 360".

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FeatureMass Effect Tourist Guide

Part 3: Massively effective. Er, spoilers, obv.

Please note! While it should go without saying, it seldom does in the world of the Internet: reading a guide to the final sections of a game is likely to spoil it for you if you haven't reached them on your own.

FeatureMass Effect Tourist Guide

Part 2: Starry, starry nights.

"I'm the tyranny of evil men," scowled Samuel L. Jackson, rather memorably. "But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be a shepherd". He could have saved himself a lot of silly bother by simply waiting fourteen years for Mass Effect to come out, since you can't help but be a shepherd in this one. Commander Shepard, to be precise (oh it's a perfect segue) and it's his/her adventure we're continuing today.

FeatureMass Effect Tourist Guide

Part one of our inter-stellar walkthrough.

Saving the galaxy from a rogue Spectre agent and his army of mechanical zealots is the sort of undertaking that can, understandably, command a lot of your concentration. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't set aside a little "me-time" along the way. Sample local customs. Try a hobby, like cross stitch, electronics jamming or assault rifle training. Salvage the reputation of psychic space prostitute. That sort of thing. With that in mind, here's a different sort of game guide.

EGTV: More Mass Effect

Thieving monkeys exposed.

Back from the rim and duly debriefed, Commander Kristan deemed his voyage on Bioware's hype-powered 360 battlecruiser Mass Effect an impressive eight out of ten experience for sci-fi action-adventurers. You can join in the 'healthy post-review debate' right here, if you dare.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Science friction.

When cuddly old Bob Hoskins said that it was 'good to talk', he was trying, in his loveable Cockney kind of way, to get us to rack up enormous phone bills. He wasn't advocating that using endless exposition was the best way to get you into space fairing action RPG epic. He'd probably politely tell them to 'shut iiiiit'.

My goodness, does Mass Effect love to talk - or at least it certainly does in the first few hours, as BioWare cranks up the cinematic dial up to 11 and sets a course for the heart of sci-fi-rama. A word of warning before we get underway: if you're not someone with Babylon 5 or even Firefly box sets displayed proudly on your shelves, early encounters with this earnest 'save the galaxy' quest might feel like hard work.

But even if the thought of another galaxy saving plot has your eyes rolling, it's a credit to the talents of BioWare that, eventually, not only will you start to tolerate it, but actually start to really enjoy this blend of narrative-heavy adventuring. Whether you've got the patience to spend the time chatting between the action segments is another matter. It's certainly not a game that promises instant thrills, that's for sure. You'll need to approach the game with the relaxed mentality of someone who enjoys a good story as much as they appreciate blowing things up. If you're the sort of person who twitches every time a cut-scene comes up in a game, this definitely isn't for you.

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FeatureXbox 360: 12 Games of Christmas

Play these with mince wine.

It is now dark when we walk home and birds are either dropping out of trees in frozen lumps or going somewhere much nicer for their holidays. And, as always happens, the shops are hoisting their Christmas decorations up and getting us all worried about buying presents because we never know what they want is it socks or aftershave. So, we thought we would join in.

Mass Effect special edition details

Mass Effect special edition details

Two aliens and a spaceship.

Microsoft and BioWare have opened up the Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition box to show us all what's inside.

First out is an essential guide to the universe known as a Galactic Codex. In here you will find all sorts of details about aliens and places you should visit as you save humanity. You can get a taste of what to expect on the Galactic Codex part of the official site.

Next to be wrestled from the box of memorabilia is an art book made up of concept sketches of the future, which have helped BioWare piece together a convincing sci-fi world. Some will be good, others may have been drawn by me.

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FeatureBioWare's Greg Zeschuk

More on Mass Effect from the boss himself.

Mass Effect is fast becoming one of the most anticipated games of this year. It's not surprising when you consider it's being developed by BioWare, the same studio which brought us Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. Not to mention the fact that it's looking superb, as we found out when we got the chance to go hands-on at a special preview event recently.

Mass Effect

Hands-on with BioWare's latest.

Being disappointed during a game demo isn't usually a good sign, but there are exceptions to the rule. We're at a preview event for Mass Effect - BioWare's hotly anticipated science-fiction RPG about buccaneering around the galaxy - and they've just revealed a plot spoiler. We're already looking forward to playing it and now they've gone and spoiled it by telling us all about the [Deletedeletedelete. Now you've spoiled it for me! Witch! - Ed]

Feature360: 2007's Most Wanted

What will you be getting for Christmas?

A Most Wanted list you say? Cripes, whatever next: a Tips and Cheats pamphlet to go with Eurogamer's promotional Pacman Beach Ball cover mount? Still, it's the summer, there are precious few games around and, with an awful lot of new titles coming up towards the end of the year you might quite reasonably want to know which ones to keep an eye on.

E3: Mass Effect in November

BioWare RPG finally firms up.

First-party 360 sci-fi opus Mass Effect will be released in November, Microsoft confirmed at its E3 press conference early today.

MS quiet on Mass Effect date

Rumoured for June.

Microsoft has stayed close-mouthed over recent outbursts that Mass Effect will launch in Europe on 22nd June, telling Eurogamer this afternoon that it has nothing to announce.

Mass Effect demo at GDC

Sci-fi romp on show.

BioWare has confirmed to Eurogamer it will be showing demos of Mass Effect at next week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Mass Effect video on Live

Developer walkthrough.

Those of you keeping an eye on Bioware's latest, Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Mass Effect, can now watch a demo walkthrough video.

DLC plans for Mass Effect

Between-game content.

Bioware's continued saying exciting things about Mass Effect, it's real-time action-RPG for Xbox 360 - revealing that it plans to keep things ticking over between instalments in the trilogy by releasing premium content on Marketplace.

Mass Effect playable at E3

Plus more details.

Bioware's revealed a bit more about Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect - including the fact that it'll be playable at E3 in May.

Mass Effect details, trailer

Mass Effect details, trailer

X05: News of Bioware's RPG.

Jade Empire and KOTOR developer BioWare has revealed the first details of Mass Effect, the new Xbox 360 title announced at the X05 event just last night.

Billed as a "science fiction action-RPG", the game puts you in the role of Specter, the leader of an elite strike force. You and your team have been tasked with fighting off the advancing armies of a legendary agent gone bad, and your journey will take you across many hostile alien worlds. And along the way, you'll find out that there's a much greater threat to deal with than anyone could have imagined...

It's all about choice-based gameplay, apparently, which means your decisions and actions will end up shaping the destiny of all life in the galaxy. In short, it's up to you whether you follow the noble path of righteousness or blat everyone you meet round the face. You can choose your character's appearance, too, and there's a whole range of equipment, weapons and armour to collect as you progress through the game. Combat, we're told, is of the real time squad-based tactical nature.

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