Mass Effect


Feature | Plotting a course: how Mass Effect 3 brought the trilogy to a close

BioWare talks scrapped Reaper boss, switched missions, and picking up the pieces after ME2's Suicide Mission.

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah announce departure from BioWare

"They will always be an essential part of the studio's history", says EA.

Feature | Syd Mead's artistic legacy lives on through video games

From Aliens to Cyberpunk via the Mass Effect arc.

Feature | Being the boss of Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw still remembers his first day at BioWare - and, 15 years later - his last. A lot happened in between.

BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

Tapestry tool to archive your choices now live.

EA: "I see no reason why we shouldn't come back to Mass Effect"

Soderlund offers hope alongside confirmation series is shelved.

Feature | Mass Effect: the story so far

Get up to speed for the trip to Andromeda.

Mass Effect is getting four spin-off novels bridging the gap to Andromeda

N. K. Jemisin is penning the first, due this August.

Origin Access adds Mass Effect Trilogy

Plus Trine 1 & 2 and Peggle.

EA lambasts Donald Trump for using Mass Effect audio in campaign ad

UPDATE: Video removed due to copyright violation.

Decorated writer Drew Karpyshyn returns to BioWare

Lead writer of Mass Effect 1 & 2 and KOTOR.

Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

"PS3 is such a unique architecture…"

Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

UPDATE: Saves transfer via cloud. Small Preview list of games shared.

BioWare turns 20 today

BioWare have the years gone?

BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

"Organic implementation" with all DLC "definitely what I have in mind."

Mass Effect and KOTOR project director Casey Hudson leaves BioWare

"BioWare is as magical a place today as it was when I started."

New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect

Looks like the BBC has been doing calibrations.

Epoch: Returns - a game inspired by Mass Effect 1's planetary exploration

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled.

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

"If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

Should BioWare give up romances?

Dragon Age writer David Gaider mulls the answer.

BioWare artist reveals cut Mass Effect ideas

See how Tali's face originally looked.

More romance in BioWare games or less? Writer discusses

"...wish fulfllment on a level that reduced the characters into romantic playthings, sex dolls."

BioWare's "increasingly toxic" forum repels Dragon Age writer David Gaider

"Perhaps there is something to be said about whether the games BioWare makes still satisfy our core fans."

Mass Effect Trilogy includes DLC, amount depends on platform

PC gets more than Xbox 360. PS3 release date now "TBA".

Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Original Mass Effect to finally launch on PS3, five years later.

The writer who left BioWare: Eurogamer interviews Drew Karpyshyn

On poor fiction, text versus graphics, KOTOR, the Mass Effect 3 ending and Children of Fire.

2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

Feature | Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

Profiling sci-fi's greatest accidental heroine.

Feature | Mass Effect: The Stories So Far

Reap the spoilers: a review of the wider universe of books, comics and add-ons...

BioWare responds to Mass Effect: Deception outcry

Changes coming to correct "errors and oversights".

Origin sale offers Mass Effect 1 and Dead Space 1 for 3

Sequels not much more expensive either.

Updated Mass Effect Liara statue has smaller breasts

BioWare listens to fan feedback on bishoujo figurine.

BioWare wants Liara statue feedback

Busty figurine proving divisive.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Careful What You Choose

Are choice-and-consequence systems making our games less interactive?

Mass Effect 3 box has lady Shepard

'FemShep' a cover girl at last.

Mass Effect anime film for summer 2012

Will fans of Shepard flock to see it?

New Mass Effect novel announced

Deception due out later this year.

Clint Mansell making Mass Effect 3 music

BioWare hires Aronofsky's favourite.

BioWare reveals Mass Effect backstory

Check out first five pages of new comic.

Mass Effect's Citadel "like Manhattan"

Ripe for thousands of stories, says BioWare.

EA sells off Mass Effect movie rights

Doctors Ray and Greg to exec produce.

BioWare bosses apologise for Bazaar

Promise future events for "excluded" fans.

BioWare countdown reveals competition

North American gamers bid on loot.

BioWare "think of games as franchises"

Sequels are fun to make, says Muzyka.

More Mass Effect games after third one

Zeschuk: universe too "valuable" to ditch.

BioWare defends story structure

"Nothing wrong with it," says Weekes.

BioWare fixing Pinnacle Station bug

DLC conflict brings down the fun.

New Mass Effect DLC detailed

Pinnacle Station to feature 13 scenarios.

New Mass Effect Achievements appear

Arena/Fight Club DLC imminent.

Mass Effect flies high in Japanese chart

As sales drop further across the board.

ME2 characters and new details revealed

Shepard "much bigger and more powerful".

ME2 will "really beat up the hero"

BioWare offers more on "dark act".

BioWare making Mass Effect for iPhone

Graphic novel-style prequel to ME2.

Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4 now 20 quid

They're joining the Xbox Classics range.

Mass Effect joins Classic range in March

Extra disc of content and only 20 quid.

Mass Effect to get arena DLC next

Plus: sequel will be "much darker".

Movie man buys Mass Effect rights

Could BioWare's RPG make it in Hollywood?

Microsoft reduces DLC prices

Up to 60 per cent off certain bundles.

BioWare keen on more Mass Effect DLC

Zeschuk drops hints like he drops rats.

BioWare considering Mass Effect for DS

Maybe Jade Empire and Dragon Age too.

Mass Effect DLC released on PC

Bring Down the Sky for free.

BioWare to beat piracy with DLC

"Make them want to buy a PC title" - Muzyka

Review | Mass Effect

Pause for effect.

BioWare keen on more licensed IP

Muzyka stokes Star Wars fires.

Mass Effect PC requires net connection

Online authentication every 10 days.

Bioware wants to innovate in MMOs

Plus: Muzyka on Sonic and Mass Effect.

Mass Effect DLC free on PC at launch

BioWare brought down the price.

Mass Effect PC delayed a little

Late May for US, here in early June.

Spore, Dead Space showing in London

Plus: Science Museum to test Wii Fit.

Feature | Mass Effect

"BioWare hates ports."

Mass Effect

Better resolutions, hot keys, inventory.

Mass Effect 2 will be a "richer" experience

BioWare wants meaningful side-quests.

European Mass Effect PC date "soon"

Out in the US on 6th May.

Mass Effect confirmed for PC

Polished up for keyboard audience.

Marvel Universe MMO canned

Plus: Banjo 3 for Xmas?

More Mass Effect content in March

Hour and a half of fresh adventure.

Fox snaps back at Electronic Arts

Come and have a go if you think etc.

EA responds to Fox News nonsense

"A new level of recklessness."

Feature | Mass Effect Tourist Guide

Part 3: Massively effective. Er, spoilers, obv.

Feature | Mass Effect Tourist Guide

Part 2: Starry, starry nights.

Feature | Mass Effect Tourist Guide

Part one of our inter-stellar walkthrough.

EGTV: More Mass Effect

Thieving monkeys exposed.

Review | Mass Effect

Science friction.

Mass Effect special edition details

Two aliens and a spaceship.

Feature | BioWare's Greg Zeschuk

More on Mass Effect from the boss himself.

Mass Effect to include sex scene

BBFC undresses blockbuster.

Mass Effect

Hands-on with BioWare's latest.

Feature | 360: 2007's Most Wanted

What will you be getting for Christmas?

E3: Mass Effect in November

BioWare RPG finally firms up.

Mass Effect demo at GDC

Sci-fi romp on show.

Mass Effect video on Live

Developer walkthrough.

DLC plans for Mass Effect

Between-game content.

Mass Effect playable at E3

Plus more details.

Mass Effect details, trailer

X05: News of Bioware's RPG.

Bioware's Mass Effect for X360

X05: First in a trilogy.