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BioWare reveals unused Mass Effect concept art

Asari there's not more.

Last night, BioWare team members took to Twitter to mark N7 Day - the annual celebration of all things Mass Effect.

And while there was no announcement of that Trilogy remaster, we did get a look at some previously-unseen Mass Effect concept art. Expand and drink in the newly-revealed images below:

Each of these pictures look like they're from the original trilogy era, and show the Normandy and Mako in various environments. Also, space cows.

Of particular interest is the aquatic planet in the final image. This looks to be Kahje - the homeworld of the hanar, and the adopted planet of the drell.

We never got to see Kahje in the games themselves, though Thane talks about it a lot. A domed city like the one seen here is eventually visited by Liara in spin-off comic Homeworlds.

All in all, this year's N7 Day was a muted affair (and the less said about those expensive Mass Effect-style Anthem cosmetics, the better).

Perhaps the most positive thing for fans was continued suggestion Mass Effect is just resting, not dead - even if BioWare's main focus is elsewhere. Pop back into cryo-sleep and we'll wake you up after Dragon Age 4 launches in a couple of years.

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