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Jaffe: "I couldn't care less about next-gen"

Twisted Metal man calls for focus on functionality, not specs.

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe is in no rush for the next-generation of console hardware to arrive.

Speaking in an interview with Edge, Jaffe explained that he's been around the block enough times to realise that gameplay innovation is more important than beefier tech specs.

"I couldn't care less about next-gen," he said.

"I started at Sony Imagesoft doing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, and I went through that to PS1, then PS2, PS3, Vita… You go through the cycle enough and you realise today's 'Oh my f****** God' is tomorrow's 'Ehh, whatever'.

"Ultimately, this is all going to be yesterday's news and it's about the experience, the game. Unless we're talking about holodecks, or AI that's so amazing it can actually write a compelling story around you procedurally based on your choices, I'm not interested."

Jaffe added that new hardware will likely cause budgets to increase meaning more innovative, risky titles are less likely to get the greenlight.

Instead, he hopes that platform holders focus on improving functionality and reducing loading times to provide a more seamless, accessible gameplay experience.

"I'm no longer that excited about next-gen technology; it means budgets go up.

"It sucks. The biggest thing I want is what you get from the PSP and the 3DS - it's always on, there's a sleep mode and I can just hit a button and I'm right back where I was and I don't have to go through all the boot-up s***."