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Retro City Rampage will cost $15, and it's worth it

"The race to the bottom is a terrible, terrible thing."

Keenly-anticipated indie GTA pastiche Retro City Rampage will cost $15 when it launches on PC and console download services later this year, and it's worth every penny, so says developer Brian Provinciano.

Speaking in an interview with PocketNext, Provinciano explained that he refuses to join the game pricing "race to the bottom" and charge less than what he feels his game is worth.

"There are so many devices out there, and you can reach a huge market; it's unimagineable on other platforms," he said, referring to the burgeoning smartphone scene.

"Unfortunately, with that comes the downside of a race to the bottom: the 99 cents app problem. The race to the bottom is a terrible, terrible thing.

"With Retro City Rampage, I felt very strongly that it was a $15 game, and that's what I'm charging. In fact, it's bigger than Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and that launched at $40. And I've questioned, do I have to launch it at $15 because of the 'race to the base?' And I've tossed [and turned] about that, but no. It's a $15 game, at least."

Provinciano's comments echo Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata's controversial 2011 GDC keynote address in which he suggested that rock bottom App Store game pricing devalues developers' work and is a threat to the industry.

Retro City Rampage is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade this May.

"With Retro City Rampage, Provinciano's created a compelling mash-up that does so much more than pay homage," read Eurogamer's recent Retro City Rampage preview.

"In patching together moments gone and wrapping them up in retro aesthetic and bold design, this is one of the freshest and most thrilling games on the horizon."