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Undead Labs' zombie MMO announced

Guild Wars creator Jeff Strain the brain.

Jeff Strain, creator of Guild Wars and former Blizzard employee, has founded a new company called Undead Labs and begun work on a zombie MMO.

The game will be for consoles only, Strain told us in an interview published today - although whether that will be both PS3 and Xbox 360, or perhaps one and not the other, is unclear.

The idea of the game will be to work alongside fellow humans to rebuild towns and civilisation and protect them from the relentless zombie horde. Strain hinted that there may be times when players control zombies, but stopped short of an explanation.

Strain said we're unlikely to see the MMO before 2012, and told us this unusually early announcement was done to send ripples throughout the gaming community in the hope of luring the zombie-obsessed developers towards Undead Labs. If you're one of those you had better let Strain know.

You can read our full and detailed interview with Jeff Strain now, in which he talks about shooting zombies in real-life, influencing children to eat brains and how zombies are today's "guilt-free meat-puppets".